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Transsexual Raine Day

Taylor Arnold says;

Handbags are definitely a must have for any woman. I keep makeup, tissues, my current color nail polish, a travel hairbrush, my ID, band-aids… and candy.

Always carry candy. The right handbag paired with the right outfit, and the right shoes… ( omg the shoes) can do so much for you. When my girlfriend and I go shopping, she puts her purse in the cart, but I feel the need to carry mine.

It affirms my femininity, and oddly enough, alters my walk because with it bouncing on my hip, it reminds me to sway and swoosh. 

I cant stress enough how perception from behind is. If you are seen from behind swishing your hips, and walking with confidence, you will be seen as “Woman” and it will boost your confidence. Good luck ladies, and remember, you are special. 

Transsexual Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath and be patient

Hormones are incredible, but they take time to work their magic. You’re not going to notice results overnight. I remember when I first started HRT, I couldn’t wait for the weeks and months to go by.

I looked forward to each new dose because it meant that I was one step closer to feeling comfortable in my own body. I fantasized about ways to fast-forward the next couple of years so that I could finally start enjoying life as my true self. But in constantly looking to the future, I often neglected all the amazing and wonderful things happening around me. I found it hard to simply be in the moment.
My girlfriend and I have recently started practicing mindfulness meditation, and it’s been a really useful tool to help me stay present. 

I’d recommend it to anyone looking to slow time down and experience life in the moment. A little anticipation can be a good thing, but our life will pass us by if we’re only focused on what lies ahead.

Dating Transgender Females

Merits of Dating Transgender Females

Getting a partner has turned into a mess that has left a lots of broke and broken for love. For men, getting a girlfriend has turned into a difficult assignment. It appears that for each well-proportioned woman, there are five other men and maybe even some lesbians chasing after her already. However, there is light at the finish of the tunnel, if just men would look somewhat outside their present field of vision. Transgender women are the light toward the end of that dating tunnel. Have you ever thought about dating a transgender? If you have not, then below are some merits of dating transgender females that might whet your interest:

Strong personality
A female transgender has a solid identity by all standards. The procedure of transitioning is not for the weak of heart. It takes courage and solid determination. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that the society frowns upon being transgender. As a result, transgenders have to develop a thick skin and learn to deal with prejudice. If you are searching a transgender woman with a solid personality, transgender dating site might offer that and a lot more.
Brilliant and Thoughtful

If highbrow and well-polished women float your boat, then you will delight greatly in dating a transgender female. It is said that transgender females are twice as likely as the average population to hold a college degree. Men love intelligent women who can hold their own in conversations.

Great sexual gratification
Female transgenders have been known to have voluptuous curves that would seduce even a priest. Their breasts are usually firm and “younger”; hence you do not have to worry about the breasts sagging and starting to have “conversations” with their tummies. You would be amazed by how transgender females get hotter and hotter over time if you started dating them at the early stages of transition. If she is pre-op, you will definitely have a good chance of having great anal sex.

No unwanted pregnancies

 Transgender females do not have a uterus, and therefore unwanted pregnancies are not even an issue.  If you would prefer not to have baby, you can simply date a transgender woman. Also, you don’t have to worry about shotgun weddings, as these types of weddings are usually associated with unplanned pregnancies.

Emotional stable
The emotional stability of the couple is very important for the well-being of the relationship. Transgender females are emotionally stable. Due to the fact that they have to stand against social discrimination, stereotypes, and bigotry, they cannot afford to be emotionally unstable.

Transsexual Nude in the swimming pool. transsexuality transgender femdom

Taking swimming class with your
little sissy clitty showing
was a lot like this!
When I was in junior high school, there was no excuse to miss swimming class unless you had a sick note from your parent to miss one class or a note from your doctor to miss multiple times. Back then, swimming class was once a week.
The pool was in the basement of the school under the gym floor. So there were no windows and I cannot remember for sure, but I would bet there was no window on the door either.
The gym teachers' rules were pretty much don't drown, keep your mouth shut and if you forget your swim trunks, that is no excuse and you must take class nakie! Yes, at one time, teachers got away with stuff like that. Sort of like paddling.
I have to say that I really feared having to take swimming class nakie in front of the real boys. At age 13 in 7th grade I had a 1-inch sissy clitty and by that age I had already started to shave my legs (nothing else needed to be shaved at that point). I also had skinny and really weak arms -- I was the kid who could not climb the rope in gym class! 
Mean boys also commented on those shaved
legs, of course, and in a mean way.

My mother was always great at keeping in mind the day my sisters and I had swimming class and my trunks and towel were always reading to go in my gym bag. By the way, the mothers of some of the other sissies always made sure they had an excuse not to take swimming or gym. I remember some sissies sitting out a lot. But my mother did not do that unless I was or had been legitimately sick.
So even though my mother always got me ready for swimming and gym, sure enough one day I forgot my gym back on swimming class day. I can't recall exactly what age I was, but I was in that junior high school between the ages of 13 and 15.

I would have taken measures to stop the
taunting, if you know what I mean.
I had to take class nakie. Once and only once. And all the mean boys in the class got to see my little sissy clitty and how I was all smooth like a girl. I took a lot of verbal abuse before, during and for some time after that class. It wasn't like I had never been called a pussy and a cunt and faggot before, but it really got a lot worse after the day I had to take class nakie. And the boys told many of the girls in school too about how little I had down below.

What really ceases to amaze me about all of that what the fact that some of the boys who abused me verbally were the same boys who were getting blow jobs from me and the other sissies. I guess they felt that they were making us give them blow jobs and so were dominating us.

Loving My Transsexual Life

I love the way I look in the morning when my makeup is fresh and my skin is soft and smooth. I love being able to have a conversation with almost any woman anywhere and feel like I fit right in, even if its talk about periods and hot flashes.  I love being free to show any emotion I please, anywhere I please. I love belonging to the “woman’s club.” And yes, I love shopping.

Oh my god yes! Shopping! I love shopping, even if it’s just for groceries. I don’t know if that’s exclusively a woman thing though.

I can add to the man thing you mentioned. If I were single, of course, I’ve always kind of wanted to be picked up and carried by a big strong man, …Or even just being playful and being carried piggyback, but in a romantic playful sort of way.

Before transition I really envied the interaction between girls. I always felt an outsider when amongst a group of them. They just treated me differently than they do each other. Once I went full-time I totally fell right into that. Now i think I kind of take it for granted. Then before surgery, I just really wanted my underwear to fit:)

Openness with feelings, and being involved with litttle gossip and conversation that I never was able to do as a male. A new ease in talking to people. OH YEAH, my second GREAT adolescence that's going the right way!!

For me i think of of the biggest things is that I that girl i see in the mirror SO much better than that ugly guy that used to be there (I wonder if her just got transferred to another mirror…). and I like the fact that I can now be social. I used to be so uncomfortable in social situations, but now I can follow my girly instincts and have a good time.

now as far as everything else …

Spandex in clothes is great

having to iron not so much

having a purse with all you stuff and not having to worry about leaving stuff in pockets is a win

but not having a pocket for those times you really need one, not good

Shoes Shoes Shoes!!!

now if they would just come in my size…

not being expected to keep up with sports.. so great

you know there really isn’t any down side to that one…

The clothes are more fun, the designs, the colors, the textures, etc but I think what I yearn for the most about being a girl is to be treated like one. I want to be a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a mother. 

I want to be able to be in a group of girls and be one of them because I identify alot more with them than I do with guys. I usually feel awkward in a group of guys somehow, like uncomfortable, when they start talking ‘guy talk’. But put me in a group of girls and I instantly click.

Drag queens, transsexuals, transgenders, cross-dressers, difference?

Drag queens, transsexuals, transgenders, cross-dressers, what’s the difference?

First, don’t say “transgenders”. Nouning-the-adjective places the category above the person. Say “transgender women/men/people”.

Transgender is an umbrella term that includes all significant deviation from the norms of gender and sex. Drag queens, transsexual people, cross-dressers, transvestic fetishists, people who identity as trans-masculine or trans-feminine, people who are genderqueer, etc. are all included.

Transsexual refers specifically to people who permanently transition from one sex to another, usually through one or more medical treatments such as hormone replacement therapy and/or genital reconstruction surgery, usually along with legal and social changes such as change of legal name and documentation, alternate gender presentation (clothing, make-up, etc.), voice training and so on.

The adjective “trans”, as in “trans woman”, usually means transsexual but sometimes means transgender. It’s usually clear from context. This article, for instance, has been about transsexual women.

Drag queens are men (typically but not always gay) who dress in an exaggeratedly, campily female way for the sake of performance or entertainment. There is typically very little emphasis placed on actually passing as female but instead on having a particularly ostentatious and fun outfit. This is an act of playing with gender roles, not an act based on expression of a deeper internal sense of self. A drag queen adopts a female persona but will (almost always) have a male gender identity.

Cross-dressers are men with a male gender identity who, for a variety of possible reasons, choose to occasionally dress in women’s clothing and accessories and present as female. The acts of cross-sex presentation are temporary and do not reflect their “true self”.

A transvestic fetishist is a cross-dresser who does so for sexual motivations, due to being aroused or getting an erotic thrill from the cross-sex presentation. They also maintain a male gender identity and the cross-sex presentation is temporary.

These distinctions are important. Seriously.

Sex With a Transgender Woman

Having Sex With a Transgender Woman: How to Make Love With Transsexual Females


Most men on this planet will not experience the transgender sex experience due to a combination of social conditioning and internalized inhibitions; they are missing out big time. 

Sex with a transgender woman is an exhilarating experience. The whole experience is further enhanced due to the novelty factor and the knowledge that most men will go to the grave without experiencing this “forbidden” pleasure.

There are two types of Trans women: ones who have had Vaginoplasty and those who have not. The sexual experience with both of them is different and, in their own way, exciting. Women who have had Vaginoplasty have a surgically implanted vagina that is fresh and may feel better than that of a cis-women. Many Trans women have had this surgery, and most contemplate having it.
Transgender Woman
Trans women who have had vaginoplasty have sex just like cis-women. Do not believe what they show in porn; Trans women are women and are not some dominatrix. They expect to be led into the bedroom. 

Trans women can be really shy, and therefore it is up to the man to lead in the bedroom. Also, men have to be gentle with these women, as they might not be used to their newly implanted vaginas.

Trans women who have not had vaginolasty usually make up for it with their stunner bodies. It is very possible that Trans women usually have better proportioned bodies than cis-women, which helps during lovemaking. Sex with Trans women who have not had the surgery is different, and it really helps if you are bisexual. If you are not, then this is the best chance for you to try. Anal sex rates among the top sexual fantasies of all men, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to indulge in that fantasy. It is, however, different from homosexual sex as you are having sex with a woman.
Sex with Trans women is a really passionate affair, and you get to connect with your animal side during the whole episode. Trans women may be extremely feminine during the date, but in bed they have a sexual appetite that very few cis-women can compete with. It is a raunchy and passionate affair. 

Most cis-women have a certain frigidity to them that does not allow them to totally open up during the lovemaking, but there is no such problem with Trans women.

While making love with a transgender woman, the most important thing to remember is to forget everything that you might have seen in transgender porn. There will be no dominatrix role play (at least not at first). Go about the lovemaking like you would normally, and allow the sexual tension to build up. Start by helping her get warmed up to you before making your move. Then take the lead and let love take its course.

What I like most as a Transsexual


Seriously, People talk to me now and I talk to them. As a woman I am not seen as a threat. 

The freedom to feel freely. The freedom to love freely. The freedom to emote freely.

Oh, yeah, the clothes … the accessories … the fragrances … the spa treatments … the sunbathing … the girl talk … the sandals … the shopping … the dining …. well, YOU KNOW!!! Uhhh, feelin’ good, lookin’ good, smellin’ good … hee hee!

To me, womanhood indicates less competition amongst peers. I see less of the “urinating contests” among women than I do men. Also, I feel that allowing for more personal vanity is more in line with my own identity, rather than the limited avenues for expression I find men allow themselves(generally speaking, that is). 

I’d rather be a part of a group of sisters that fuss at each other but still love each other(and aren’t afraid to say it like it is), than be part of any “brotherhood” where the guiding philosophy seems to be “Every man for himself, unless it’s to my advantage(and ONLY my advantage, not yours) to help you”. Yes, that’s stereotyping. 

Yes, that’s not how all men are. I understand that. On the other hand, why do women complain about men if there aren’t things about them that exasperate… well, anyone else, for that matter? Something at the core of masculinity is at odds with who I am so much, that I simply CANNOT move in men’s circle’s anymore. I tried, I honestly did. The end result for me is that, in the immortal words of my dear Lizzie here, “Girl world beats the hell outta guy world!” Why? Because it’s just not where I belong, and I never will understand why anyone would allow themselves to be caught in that kind of circus of competitiveness.

Bleah. I like glamour. And if it doesn’t make life better for me in some way, don’t bother me with it.

I really appreciate that I can express my emotions, good or bad, and ask for support when I need it. I also like a lot, getting and giving hugs to women, men whatever. I like being able to say “oh, that’s sooo cute”. 

I like that I can enjoy the full spectrum of color. I like that I can dress according to how I feel with few boundaries. I like flowers. I like taking care of myself. I like taking care of others. All without worrying what someone else might think.

A Good Sissy

By: Sissy Dude
Angel, you have the progression perfectly from fooling around wearing panties as a 'normal guy' to becoming the total sissy, who craves cock that I am now.

I started hanging out at a cd friendly bar in the city in which I then lived. I was still new so would wear panties, bra, woman's slacks and blouse with an androgynous sweater.

Matt came up to the bar and sat next to me, and bought me a drink. I was very nervous, but he was nice. After a while he placed his hand on my back and felt my bra, he smiled and said that maybe we should go some where to be alone. I said ok

We got into his car and drove to a secluded spot and he told me to take off my sweater, unbutton my blouse,and pull down my pants so he could see my bra and panties.After I did so he had me unzip his pants and I got to kiss and suck his beautiful,big cock. He came in my mouth in short order. I was so hot I knew I had to figure out a way to get him to fck me.

My girlish trick was to ask him over for dinner that weekend I am a great cook (I'd make some guy a great wife) He agreed and told me to dress well for dinner

He showed up. I was in my laciest bra and panties, silk blouse, miniskirt, had my longish hair done a little more blond and had full make up.

Cocktails, and dinner were great and we were on the couch after dinner. When he kissed me and I put my hand on his cock. He smiled and said "Let me show you how slutty girls like you get fcked" I almost fainted He led me to the bedroom pushed my skiry up around my waist and pulled my panties off. He pushed me to my knees i had his pants off and his cock hard

When he drove his cock nto my well-lubed hole I moaned and knew this is what I wantd for the rest of my life. He came inside while I moaned and screamed like a bitch in heat. It was wonderful Later that night he put me on my back and got to have my smooth legs way up in the air when he did me again

After that night I'd see him every once in a while when he was horny or maybe a little drunk, but I was always happy to be his slut anytime.

He made me understand that I am an effeminate sissy, and love being that

Tiny penis

Having a tiny penis!

This is just my opinion, but I find the idea of a sissy T-girl with a big cock to be a bit of a contradiction. What do you think?

I mean, I see pictures and videos of girls that are popularly known as "shemales" fucking not only real girls, but also guys! They do this because they have such big cocks!

I guess I just don't understand. To me, a T-girl should be a sissy, should be submissive, should always GIVE oral pleasure to men and women, and should be the one being fucked -- either with a real man's cock or a dominant woman's strap-on -- not the other way around!

To me, T-girls like Tayla here are perfect. Look at those breasts and the rest of her body and she is pretty and she is just so close to being a real girl because of her little penis or "sissy clitty."

She would make a wonderful wife for a dominant real woman! Or a man's wife too! T-girls, in my humble opinion, should aspire to be a wife, whether to a man or a woman. They should be submissive to their partner in every way.

I guess I just don't get the idea of a T-girl taking the dominant position. It just does not make sense to me. What do you think?

Dressed up and girly

Getting dressed up and girly By Sissy Dude

I have been away for the weekend and have been dying to come home and try on some of my new purchases. I definitely need to buy more! I need more and more girly girl panties, they feel so amazing against my smooth skin. I feel so aroused as i slowly pull them up around my ultra smooth legs and fit them snugly into place around my clit. They are a constant reminder of my girly status. I now wear panties full time and will slowly throw all of my male underwear away.

I took a few photos of me wearing a few items. I have only used lower body shots at present as I am still perfecting the rest of my look, plus I am not that confident yet! So hear goes!

I love my shear hold ups with lace trim, they make me feel so feminine. The garter belt just tips me over.

I love to get dressed up to receive cock, get very pretty then tease my pussy with the tip until I yearn for that cock to be inside me.

My new pretty pink lacy boy shorts. They feel amazing.

These very girly white panties just make me so horny, I want to suck cock in them then let my man slide them off me and have his way. 


This thong is just so naughty, I have my eye on another with very cute silver hearts that will frame my clitty and make me look so sassy. 


Well i hope you like my pics. I am abit shy but am starting to get alot more adventurous, especially the more sassy and sissy i become. I want to be a total girly girl but still have along way to go. My next mission is to buy some school girl outfits. I love the school girl look. So girly, so sexy, so naughty. I want to be fucked hard while wearing the cutest schoolgirl outfit.

I really like this simple very girly look

I am definitely going to buy this outfit and model myself in this.

Hmmhh, I can not wait,,, sassy sissy girly girl lauren x