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Sweet Masturbation

I love my vibrators. I use a dildo shaped cone with the end propped against pillows that I insert a tiny bit into my pussy until it hits my G-spot, then I turn the vibration on slowly. I haven't touched my clit yet. After I start to feel wet, I turn on my "massager" I got at the local K-Mart for $19.95 and place it, full power, against my exposed clit. I gyrate against the inserted dildo, moving it around my G-spot and move the "massager" rapidly in circles on my clit. Nothin' like it!

I like to start by rubbing my breasts. Then I start to rub my clit. I slap it hard every now and then and it sends me into a electrifying orgasm.

I like to lay in bed. I use my fingers mostly. First I rub up and down my clit softly, then harder and harder. When I feel the orgasm coming on I start to tap on it kinda except really hard and fast. It always makes the orgasms come fast.

I use a drumstick to tap out a naughty beat on my sweet clit! You can tap as hard or soft as you want. It works great on your nipples too.

I sit on my chair at my computer and read these sexy masturbation stories. I wear only panties, and spread my legs wide, with my heels on the chair. I pat and pat and pat my pussy with my hand, gently slapping it. I get a rhythm going and get so horny. When I can't stand it, I move to my bed and rub my clit wildly with the firm palm of my hand until I come and come.

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