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Sissy Loved by A Man

I met my one and only Real Man. He didn't look much different from the others, except for being a bit taller, lean, and a bit muscular. He had lots of hair, and a small, clean moustache, which I didn't like (I didn't like hairy men until that very day...). He had a big cock. Bigger than mine, but not as big as my black guy. Because of these things, I had no particular expectations, I just thought it was going to be another one-night fling.

We got naked, he lubed me up, pushed me face down on edge of the bed, and stabbed me badly with his cock. At the time I thought it was the most painful thing that had ever happened to me. I tried not to make a big deal of it, but it was painful. He pulled out, gave me a few minutes, and then asked me if I wanted to leave. I said "no, let's try again". Bless my heart.

He put me on the edge of the bed again, this time facing up. He held my legs spread, and put his cock gently inside me. The pain was now dull, so it was more pleasant. Maybe because of the position, I felt him go deep in some place where no one had been before. It felt almost like I had another sphincter deep inside me that he was going through, and it felt very good. And when he started thrusting, first slowly, then faster and faster, I could feel him getting in and out of this special deep place, through this second "ring", and even gently hitting on some "wall" deep inside me. 

I loved this feeling, it was making me very horny. And he was in complete control. He was above me, using my legs to drive himself deep inside me, and he was spending himself. I could see his broad chest work out and hear him start to gently pant. For the first time, I felt like I could let go. Someone else was in control, and was doing a great job at it.

Then it happened. This wasn't anymore "entertainment". It was good sex. Very good. And my part in it was to be worked out like a sweet little bitch. I relaxed at a very deep level, and begun enjoying the ride more and more. I lost my erection, which had never happened before, as that had always been my main source of entertainment until that very day (anal ring stimulation coming a far second, and never before as deep as with my man, with this deeper "second ring"), but I kept getting hornier and hornier. I felt like wrapping my legs around my man, and I did, and I started gently pushing back against him. He looked very satisfied and really into me. He was grunting lightly and beginning to sweat, still ramming away.

I started to find him really cute, and I begun feeling attracted by him. That had never happened to me. I liked cocks, but I never was into men. But I was starting to feel for him, and he was fucking me, and he was fucking me really good. So I was having my first crush with the very man that was giving me the best sex ever, while he was doing it. I didn't want him to stop for any reason in the world, but if he had, I would have wanted very badly to kiss him on his hot lips and bite his hairy chest, and give him a long, slow blowjob. It was absolutely incredible.

With my cock now perfectly limp, I started feeling the butterflies in my stomach. They would come and go, and come back a little stronger. After a couple of minutes, the butterflies had become a little storm in my lower belly. It was coming and going in waves, and ever getting a little stronger and spreading to other areas, until it finally became an orgasmic wave, that would wash over my entire body, then go back to its source and come back again and stronger, giving me overwhelming, earth-shattering spasms of pleasure that seemed to last forever. I thought I was going mad with pleasure. I had lost every last bit of control and I was loudly sobbing and moaning in a sweet, girly voice I never knew I had, while my man, now a friend, a father and a god, was grunting and still relentlessly gripping my legs, my feet now up to his shoulders, pounding out my love hole and stretching the depth of my belly for his own pleasure.

At some point I heard him ask if it was time for us to cum. That was possibly the last thing I ever heard as a man who knows he is a man. Amidst my spasms of pleasure I moaned a "yes". He started pounding me faster, and roared like a fucking lion as he held himself balls deep inside me and pumped me full of cum. I felt his cum inside me, and I felt deeply happy, and grateful, and tamed and satisfied.

A man gave me multiple orgasms, deep sexual fulfilment and arousal and he gave me a place in bed. He made me fall in love with him, and he turned forever around anything I knew about my attraction to men, including changing my dislike of body hair in an attraction, and turning generally anything more typically masculine (body odor, belly fat) into something attractive. He did this to me with little more than his will.

Sexuality for Pleasure

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