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Masturbate All juiced up

I start by taking off my pants and leaving my thong on (I especially enjoy the tight ones). Then I lie down, prop a pillow by my lower back, lift my legs, spread them wide open, and with my fingers very very wet I begin to tap at my clit. 

Do this slowly as your clit starts to throb. Insert your middle finger and ring finger in your pussy at the same time. Once you feel like cumming take them out and tap at the clit about five or six times. MMMMM ... just thinking about this now my pussy is so wet! Once you feel that excitement of cumming thrust the fingers in you and just feel those juices explode! Have fun ladies, I know I am!

Flexible fucker

I fuck really hard sometimes and other times I fuck soft. I am really flexible so I lick my cunt with my tongue. It's really nice.

Sexy smorgasbord

Try this one: Stick a pickle in a sock or condom. Then titty fuck yourself while you put a bottle of wine in your pussy and fuck that. It's like getting off twice at the same exact time! Or try eating yourself. I'm flexible enough to do this, and nothing tastes better than your own pussy juice! I've also fucked a cordless phone, shampoo bottles in the bathtub, soup cans, pop bottles, and the mouse to my computer.

Purring pussy
I like to get my fingers and shove them up my pussy, in and out, harder and harder. When I do this my pussy purrs for more. When I'm done I like to lick the pussy juice from my fingers.

Fingers do the walking

Laying on my back, I start out by softly touching my breasts. I then slowly make my way to my thighs. I slowly spread my legs as far as I can while I rub the insides of my thighs. By this time my body is aching with desire. With my middle finger I tease the lips of my clit by slowly going in circles being careful not to touch my clitoris. I then dip my middle finger into my aching vagina to see how wet I am. If I'm wet enough I slowly bring my finger up and start to slowly rub the very tip of my clitoris in a very circular motion. I do this until I'm screaming with pleasure. I occasionally bring my finger up to my lips to taste my perfection...

Hard Taste

I lie on my back and start playing with my nipples. I like to massage them. Then I slowly rub my body all the way down to my pussy. I start fingering myself until I cum. I lick my fingers and then start humping practically anything that won’t run away (i.e., the remote and the pillows). The taste of my own pussy and banging myself onto something hard is guaranteed to give the best orgasm ever!

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