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Transsexual Lust!

She pulled her fingers from my ass and her tongue very briefly returned, lubricating it further. I then felt her run the tip of her cock up and down my crack, smearing some of the pre-cum around. One hand on my hip and the other I imagine holding her cock, I felt it gently pressing at my ass.It was a slow process but my ass was used to taking cocks, so the head slipped in after a while. 

With the head past the ring of muscle, Veronica was free to take gentle thrusts and push her thick cock further into my ass. It hurt a little at first, not having sufficient lubricant around, but the pain soon faded until all I could feel was the pleasure of having my asshole stretched by Veronica's thick, hard cock. She managed to find a rhythm, thrusting firmly into my ass, her hips starting to bang against mine."You've got a tight ass," I heard her say from behind me. Placing both her hands on my hips, she drove her cock the rest of the way inside me and we both moaned loudly. As she fucked me from behind, I grabbed my cock and started jacking myself off, loving the dual stimulation I was receiving from Veronica and my hand. 

My fantasy was coming true. I was being fucked by a gorgeous trans woman with a thick cock, and I was loving it. But it was all getting too much for me. I felt my orgasm building up, my balls tightening as the cum was forced out."I'm going to cum!" I told her, feeling the warmth overwhelm my body. The tingle was starting from my cock and radiating out. "Cumming," 

I groaned as the first drops of pearly white cum dotted the quilt below. Veronica kept fucking me, her moans getting louder as I came. I wanted more than anything to feel her cum in my ass, so I started asking for it. "Please cum in my ass. Please," I said."Oh fuck," Veronica moaned. "Where do you want my cum?""In my ass," I told her."I'm gonna cum in your ass," she replied."Oh fuck yes," I said as I felt the first powerful jet hit my insides. I stayed hard as she came inside me, thoroughly coating me. It wasn't until she pulled her cock from my ass that we both started to soften. I lay down next to Veronica and kissed her deeply. "I hope you'll be ready for round two," I told her. "Because I'll be fucking you."

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