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Transsexual Conquest

A Transgender rocked my Sissy Butt

Then at some point she took off the condom and just started rubbing her dick on my hole. I started getting worked up and my body language must have sent her the signal that I did not mind bare backing. After a while, she had slid her raw, slick monster in my ass and started fucking me. I can honestly tell you that this was the best fuck of my life. I felt like I was in heaven. The huge piece of meat ramming my guts out. 

After a while she pulled it out and asked if I wanted to suck her. I told her not to wipe off her dick and immediately put my mouth on it. I sucked her for a few more minutes until she got rock hard and slid it up my ass again. She fucked me for a while ... then she whispered the sentence that I so desperately wanted to hear ... "Do you want to get bred by a tranny you slut?" Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah I moaned in ecstasy. I wanted her cum deep down inside me. "Do you want it on your ass or inside, slut?" ... "Deep, as deep as you can get my mistress!" ... 

And then I felt her giant monster get even bigger and thicker as it swelled up inside my ass ... the walls of my inside were stretched to the limit and the sound of her balls slapping against my hot hole was driving both of us crazy. Finally, she shot a huge load inside me! It was so big that although she came deep inside my guts, it was still oozing out of my hole.

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