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Transgender Lust

She said "come here, baby", grabbed me by the cock and we started to make out. Eventually, she started to undress me, and I began to touch her growing cock. She started to suck me and got herself into position so I could suck her at the same time. This was the first time a cock had ever been near me. I had no idea what to do. So I just gently put my mouth on it, and she seemed to enjoy it, saying "That's it, baby". 

Eventually, I wanted to try to take more. I went down on her cock, gagged myself, and nearly vomited lol. We had to take a break while I gathered myself. After a few minutes, we got back to it. Then she took off the rest of my clothes and ordered me to bend over the edge of the bed. I obliged. She took off her nighty, lubed me up, and began to work me over, BAREBACK! I was so horny I didn't even think about the ramifications. Her cock was very fat, and probably around 8 inches, keep in mind my asshole was a virgin. After a few painful minutes, she grabbed me, laid down on the bed, and told me to get on top. I slowly lowered myself onto her until I took her balls deep, and that is when the magic began. 

We passionately fucked, made out, and went to all different positions. She was dominating me and we both loved it. Feeling her cock go in and out of me was so intense, it was the greatest moment of my life. Eventually, she had me on my back, I was hard as a rock the entire time and so ready to cum. She asked where I wanted her to cum, and without thinking I said inside me.

I began to stroke my own cock, and she pumped away even harder. Without warning, I felt a warm sensation squirting into my hole. Once I realized she was cumming, looking into her eyes, I began to cum with her. 
We kissed passionately as we both emptied our cocks of the built up passion. I was in shock of what had just happened, but a good shock.

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