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Sexy Greedy Transsexual.

She is thirsty, she wants my ass and I can see it, that woman, kissing me, like an animal, wanting to fuck me, wanting to penetrate me. She grabs the condom so quickly and wraps her cock so quickly. Goes back kissing my neck and I can just feel that dick sliding through my ass, smoothly, with manners. 

It hurts a little but I like the pain. And then it is deep inside me. It is deep. It opens my asshole and she begins to fuck me. That gentleness is gone and she starts to fuck me hard. Her thick penis pushing and pulling on my hole, with passionate violence, with dominance, and she is above me, looking at me. She puts her fingers on my cheeks, opens my mouth with her hand and spits on my tongue, then slaps me on the face. Kisses me. 

Fuck me. She says she wants to fuck me from behind, doggy style. I do whatever she wants me to do. She penetrates me, she sticks her bone, again, in my ass. Now she slaps my butt-cheeks from behind, while fucking me. She lays her upper body behind me, and I can feel her breasts against my back, and they're warm and sweaty, and one of her legs is around me, she licks my ear, she sticks her tongue inside my ear, she licks my neck, my back, the side of my face, she mumble some things, she makes some noises, she grabs my head and kisses me, all of that while fucking my ass with desire. 

She says she will cum, and I ask it on my face. I lay down, she sits on my chest and with two pumps of masturbate she unloads a big and thick cum on my face and mouth, and sticks her veiny, pulsing cock on my mouth. She sighs and lay besides me, kisses me and licks the cum on the rest of my face. I cum. I cum like I never came before. It's 6 or 7 strong and fast, distant thick loads on my face, her face, my body, her wall and her bed. 

We laugh about it. I'm dead. I'm dead like that was all I needed to do with my life. That was the peak of living. The sex, the life, the fluids, the passion, the warmth. Like a thunder or an eruption, like a storm, It's and exaggeration of energy and power. There's no more life and death. I'm just there cuddling with a beautiful sexy woman. 

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