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Needing a Transsexual!

I flipped Cheryl over onto her back. Her eyes looked wild as if she knew it were her turn now. My cock was so hard by now. I lifted Cheryl's legs up by her ankles and I rested my mushroom at her opening.

"You are mine now, I am going to fuck you until you beg me to stop," I told her.

I quickly drove my prick past her rim. Cheryl let out this scream like she was being fucked by a wild animal. I pulled out and then pushed in all the way. Over and over, I gave Cheryl the longest strokes I could.

"Please Tom, harder!" Cheryl was pleading now with me.

I pushed in hard, my nut sacs were slamming against her cheeks. I knew I had a big load saved up and I wanted Cheryl to have every drop of me. I took Cheryl like she took me. It was a hot, passionate ass fucking I gave her. The time finally arrived. I couldn't hold back another minute. I felt my balls tense up and I erupted inside my shemale lover.

I sent hot geysers of cream into Cheryl's belly. She screamed when she felt it enter her stomach. That made me cum even more. I kept fucking my shemale lover until she had milked my cock dry of my love offering. I left my dick in Cheryl as we tried to calm down some.

"That is the kind of lovemaking I want to have with you Tom," Cheryl explained to me. "I want us to share cocks," she went on to say.

I never thought I would like to take a cock up my ass, but with my shemale lover Cheryl doing it, it felt so hot. I know this is just the start of some intense lovemaking with my new lover.

Sexuality Longevity for Sexual Bliss

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