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Delightful Masturbation

When I masturbate, I slip my two fingers into my panties and rub vigorously at my clit. I picture a gorgeous blonde bombshell rubbing at it for me and her huge tits rocking in motion. Then I look out the window and sometimes my neighbor, a hot brunette with big tits and a hot ass, is masturbating opposite me. I get so turned on I can't help fisting myself.

I like to watch myself in a mirror and talk dirty to myself. I take off my pants and spread my legs wide so I can see my pussy, and then I say something like, ""Fuck yourself you dirty bitch. Shove those fingers in that pretty pink wet cunt."" This makes me really wet. After I've played with my clit for a little while I shove two fingers in my cunt and hit my G-spot over and over. I like to watch myself cum in a mirror. Sometimes I use a brush handle. I also like to flip over and hit it from behind. When I'm really horny I take either the brush handle or my fingers and shove them up my ass. I like to talk to myself when I do that, too, saying, ""You like that bitch? You like getting ass-fucked?"" Also if it's a brush or something in my ass I like to get up and walk around. I feel so naughty, I come easy.

Make homemade playdoh (the recipe can be found at almost every kid's website) and put it in a Ziploc bag as soon as it's done, while it's still warm. Lay the bag on the floor and hump it hard. Forming it into a large ball helps because pushing down into it will make it mold to fill in all around your clit and the warmth gives you an almost instant orgasm.

I have this large crucifix which has smooth edges. I use this like a dildo. The pleasure from the cold hard steel is awesome.

Take a 2 liter filled up pop and shake it very hard. Then put it under your pussy and take off the cap and let it explode all over your pussy, and feel the joy of cola.....

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