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Crossdresser Masturbation Tips

Butt plugger
I love to rub my nipples and put a vibrating butt plug up my ass when I masturbate -- intense orgasm.

Wall banger
Lie with you legs up over you body (a wall is good to keep you propped up). Insert a dildo or something good for pleasuring your anus, and use the wall to push it in with the beat of your jerking hand, with your free hand pressing very hard behind you balls (between your balls and ass). It will feel intensely good. When you start to cum, press as hard as you can and push the dildo as far as it will go. You won't be able to control the pleasure you feel.

Stop 'n' go
Get yourself really hot and hard, and start having a good JO session. Lube your butt and a dildo up at the same time. Slowly work the dildo up your ass till it finds your prostate and start to massage it. Work your butt and your cock till you get to ""that point,"" then back off. Keep this up as long as you can...the stop and start method, and you will eventually explode with cum flying all over the place.

Girlfriend's panties do the trick
First, I get horny by reading stories just like these and looking at amateur pics. I then like to squeeze my nipples and sometimes put clothespins on them. I then begin to stroke my cock and apply lube to my ass. When I've relaxed I put a dildo into my ass. I like to look at nude and dirty photos of transsexuals and push the dildo further into my ass. My cock is now very big and red and I wank my cock while fucking my ass with the dildo and then cum into a pair of my girlfriend's panties.

Home alone
When I'm horny I go into my room and get naked, make sure no one is home, and get my dildo and put it up my ass and jack off. I like to swallow my cum as it shoots into my mouth.

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