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Valerie has Car Trouble

Valerie's Car Trouble

I was laying on my back as I asked him "I want to feel you deep inside of me babe please" as he slowly inserted the head of his cock into my ass hole letting it stretch as it felt so good that it took my breath away. I had my ankles on his back as he pushed his massive man hood deep inside of me until I moaned "Fuck me baby, You feel so thick and I want you to fuck me good baby." He was my prisoner as I had my asshole clamped tightly around his monster cock and he started fucking the shit out of me as his thighs were slapping my ass with a popping sound. He was hammering my asshole his hard meat was squishing deep inside my breathing as I rotated my asshole driving us both insane until he grabbed my hard cock and stroked it while fucking me. 

He was fucking me hard as my balls tightened and I said out loud "Oh god damned I'm cumming fuck me baby fuck yes fuck me harder" as the tip of the head of my cock shot off my warm load of cum all over my belly. I wanted his to cum all over me as he continued to fuck me harder and harder as I tightened my anal muscles as tight as I could get until his breath shook and he pulled out and shot his globs warm white load of cum all over my belly tits chin face and hair. I grabbed his hard cock with my hand put it in my awaiting mouth while I circle sucked on the tip of the heads milking as much cum out as I could get savoring the wonderful taste satisfying him like a true classy lady is supposed to do.

I took my own fingers and raked up as much of that warm sticky protein that I could and licked it all off of my fingers sipping it all down. Henry asked me if I wanted to go get a bite to eat as we both were getting dressed. "Thank you sweetie but I just had my dinner" as we kissed and headed to his emergency vehicle so I could go home.

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