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Transsexual Masturbation

An ass-full

I love to stick dildos up my ass or something with a round head. I keep using bigger ones. I leave it in and go about my day. I wear panties that are tight enough in the back that it will hold the object in my ass for as long as I want. Everything you feels better, especially driving (with the vibrations and bumps). After a few hours of great pleasure, I slide the object in and out of my butt while jerking off.

Candle holder
I like to take a long, slim candle, put it in my ass and shove it in and out. At first I go slowly but then a little faster. While I do this I rub my clitty. It gives a GREAT orgasm!

Doctor's orders
I just visited the doctor and she put her finger in my butt and she moved it around. It felt good. Since then I tried it myself while using a vibrator on my clitty. Very nice.

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