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The Wannabe Crossdresser. #Sissy #Boipussy #Transsexual #Transwoman

Go out and buy everything you will need,
a wig, shoes, clothes, make-up (and lessons in how to use it), underwear, breast-forms (although you can stuff your bra with socks initially - as many of us did!) and all those other tranny essentials; or
Go to a reputable dressing or escorting service.
The advantage of
(1) is that once you have everything you need, you will be able to go out as often as you like, however there are some major downsides to this option. Firstly it takes a lot of patience, and time, to gather everything and get sufficiently profficient with make-up to feel comfortable enough to go out. Also, believe it or not, this is probably more expensive than 

(2) not least because you will end up getting numerous items of clothes and pairs of shoes that don’t fit or otherwise don’t work for you before you settle on an outfit you actually like. As for make-up, this can take years and years of practise to get right without someone to give you a helping hand.

What is a dressing service? If you’re not familiar with tranny terminology, you may not know what a dressing service actually is. Here’s our definition:
A dressing service is an individual or a company which provides services to help you with your transformation into a woman, whether this is a complete make-over or just additional help with make-up. Dressing is actually a shortened term for ‘cross-dressing’, rather than being short for 'dressing up’. As far as we know there are no 'undressing services’, though we’re sure there are plenty of people willing to do this bit for free!

Escorting is nothing to do with the usual understanding of 'escorts’ (and we don’t mean those made by Ford)! In the dressing service world it refers to someone (usually another t*girl) who will take you on a tranny night-out, show you the ropes and the venues and generally help you overcome those nerves. More of a chaperone than an escort really.

Can we recommend any dressing services? Yes! If you want a night out at a good tranny club or at the theater or to go for a meal, you can get no better than Jodie Lynn at The Boudour, Josie at Adam and Eve or Julia at TV AMC. These girls will put you right at ease and chances are you’ll end up on a night out with loads of other fun t*girls too. They can also offer a make-over and photography service so if you would rather take home some quality pictures of you all frocked up then they can do this as well. There are lot of other dressing services and links to trustworthy ones as well as to clubs and support groups on our links pages.

With a dressing service, all you need to do is turn up well shaven (how far you go with this is up to you) and if you have any special items you want to use (shoes, wigs, jewelry etc) you can bring them along but this is not essential as most decent dressing services will be able to provide the whole package. 

Expect to spend about an hour in make-up and another hour choosing an outfit (with expert advice) and then, after a cup of tea (or something stronger) to be taken to visit one or more tranny friendly venues with a group of other girls. At the end of the night you can either return to the dressing service HQ and take it all off, or book a hotel wherever you happen to be, go back there and change back to your normal self, and then drop the clothes and wigs back either then and there or first thing the next day.

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