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Sweet Warm Love Juice

Tyler leads me out of the club, my cock still dripping.

As he sits up, I bring my legs out from under me and link them behind his back so I'm sitting in his lap. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me into him, my breasts squeezing into his chest. My cock is squeezed against his and my belly. Our tongues dance again as I start to slowly rock my hips up and down. My cock rubs between us, creating sensations that I have never felt before. I rock faster and lean in closer, squeezing my cock tighter.

I rock faster still. The pleasure increases in intensity until I can feel it coursing through my legs. My ass starts to clench.

“I... I'm... gonna...” I begin, but the words are lost. “I can't... hold... back... much-longer.”

“Let it go, baby. Cum for me.”

Before he finishes his sentence I've reached the point of no return. I squeeze him as tight as I can, holding myself against him as my ass clenches around his cock. My cock is almost vibrating as my orgasm builds and builds. The pleasure is blinding. I'm usually a moaner when I cum, but this orgasm is different. No sound escapes my lips, I just slowly rock against Tyler, my breath escaping me in short gasps. I bite his shoulder as my orgasm hits its peak.

After an eternity, all the orgasmic tension in the muscles in my groin and ass finally releases. I can feel my cock twitching against Tyler as spurts of cum are released. I still make no sound. My ass contracts with tremendous force around Tyler, pushing spurt after spurt of cum from me. I squeeze Tyler as my body writhes in his lap. My eyes are clenched so tight that tears have formed in the corners. I finally let out a long, deep, guttural moan that reverberates around the room. I feel a warm trickle of cum running down my shaft and collect at the base of my cock, around my balls.

I lift my head from Tyler's shoulder. My body is still twitching as aftershock waves course through my groin. I lightly kiss him, and lay him back on the bed. I straddle him again, with my knees under me. I look down and see my cum smeared into his belly.

“You wanna cum in my ass?”

He doesn't answer. I can tell by the way his cock feels inside that he is on the verge. I lean forward until my breasts are on his chest and slowly begin to lift my ass up and down. I kiss him deeply.

“Don't thrust, baby,” I say. “Let me pull the cum out of you.”

The movement of my ass slows down. I lift up until his cock is nearly sliding out of my, then I slowly ease it all back inside. When he's all the way in I squeeze my ass around his cock and begin the process again, lifting up until he nearly slips out and then slowly taking him back inside. I don't speed up, even though I can see Tyler's frustration. I keep at that slow pace for minutes.

I hear Tyler's breath quicken, and he moans in my ear. I kiss him, but I still don't speed up. He begins to gasp.

He moans in my ear. I feel his cock harden inside me.

“I'm gonna cum....”

His cock grows, and Tyler squeezes his arms around me. Still, I do not speed up. Instead, I clench my ass as tight as I can. Squeezing him... squeezing... squeezing.


I feel his cock buck inside me as he cums. I squeeze him harder still as I feel his warm semen fill me. The walls of my ass contact, gathering his cum inside me. His body shakes beneath mine.

“ one has every made me cum that way before,” he says.

I kiss him again. I lift my ass until his cock slips out of me. Tyler's cum leaks from my ass.

We lay there, each in an orgasmic after glow. My head rests in his shoulder and he gently caresses my back with his fingertips.
“That was incredible,” I whisper. “My cock is still tingling.”

We don't move for half an hour.

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