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Sissy Discovery

If there is anything that I am 100% sure about sissies, it's that we love having our asses played with. Slapped, spanked, kissed, licked, fingered, fucked, anything! Almost nothing gets our clitties harder than someone taking care of our holes. 

So I took your cock from my lips, still rubbing it in my hand, and suck my finger for a few seconds before pushing you back and forcing my finger into your ass. You moan out in pleasure and your cock gets even harder as it twitches out of control. I push another finger into you then a small dribble of pre-cum drips from your cock and again you moan. Loudly, for a long time and girlishly, you moan in pleasure.

  You are a sissy! I think to myself. Well, I've never been with another sissy before. This could You stare at me, perplexed and a little shocked but I put my finger over your lips before you speak. Don't worry baby, just relax and let mummy make you feel good. You close your eyes and go back to the girlish moans that I love. I close my lips around yours as I take my fingers out of your ass. Do you want mummy to fuck you sissyI ask you. You blush and nod nervously, I think it's cute. I have to hear you say it baby...what do you want?

  I want mummy to fuck me with her huge gurl cock, please, you whisper to me, nervously as we stare deeply into each others eyes. I position my cock ready to push into you. I kiss you again as I slowly penetrate your virgin boipussy, popping your cherry.

  I rub the end of your cock, sending chills down your body and my finger gets coated in your pre-cum. It looks yummy. Mmmmm....tell me how it tastes.I use your own, creamy pre-cum to lube you up some more, rubbing it around your entrance while my cock stays inside, still rock hard.

    Mmmm god yes it tastes so good! You say, through constant moaning. You lick it completely off and hold with your tongue and pull me back down for another kiss. I start fucking your mouth with my tongue as I scrape off your precum off of your tongue, put it back in your mouth and make you swallow it. You flinch the pleasuring of me fucking you slowly.

    Okay, we need a position change I order I pull out of you, flip you onto your back, and go balls deep into you again. You moan, so loudly that you start to scream.I kiss you while starting to fuck you faster. I take your cock in my hand and it dribbles all over. I start to jerk you off while my tongue still collides with yours covers with pre-cum and fucking your ass hard.

     I think I might love you..... I say in my head while it spins constantly around this mess of sex.

  Still kissing you deeply, I start to move slowly, backwards and forward. I angle my cock to perfectly hit your g-spot every time. I continue to work over your cock as I fuck your mouth with my tongue, your body is stiffening from the pure pleasure and You start shaking tremendously and that only causes me to hold tighter in our loving embrace as I continue to fuck you senseless. You're lost in my fucking, You have no control over your body. I belong to you, you whisper, almost gone from pleasure.

  You wrap your legs around me as I fuck you hard and fast fucking your boi pussy and slamming your g-spot over. You're screaming into my mouth through kisses in pure bliss, your toes are curling, your nails digging into my back. I don.t care. I'm as lost as you. I'm working your ass over amazingly with my gurl cock, as I plunge deep in and out of you as my sissy balls slap on your ass.

  I really pound you hard on top of your giant teddy bear, we're in absolute ecstasy, from here on out you belong to me, and we both know it as as you hold me tighter in our loving embrace fucking you deep and hard, and you fall under the spell of that my cock has put you under in your once virgin ass.

 My gurl cock is amazing and enchanting and you can't break free now. You now know You'are under my control as your body goes rigid and I sense your desperation and loss of all control under my fabulous thick long fat cock.

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