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Sexual Tips for Transsexual Women

Sex between two transgender women

I was once one that was sexually attracted to certain other transgender girls. Essentially, if a girl was conscious of her appearance, smooth bodied, and has that special air of confidence, she was very likely capture my attention. Almost all transgender women begin their journey with a sexual attraction towards other trans-women.

Why is that? 
It could be rooted in the fact we primarily enjoy & relate to transsexual pornography early in our journey. It’s only natural we would seek to make those visual fantasies a reality. It could be because we find what we’ve created sexually appealing & thus we enjoy the idea of being intimate with our own mirror. However, I think it’s mostly rooted in the fact we relate so directly with transsexuality & spent a lifetime being drawn to that image in our fantasies. 

Regardless of reasons, it’s very common. However, there’s a few points you should keep in mind before you consider exploring this aspect of your sexuality.

Quick points for new girls
Newer girls to the transgender lifestyle are often more promiscuous than more established trans-women due to the excitement they’re feeling over their new-found femininity. That’s natural. However, they often think all the other trans-girls are feeling exactly the same way. This is simply not the case. Just because you’re sisters in trans-femininity, doesn't give you a license to grab someone’s ass anymore than a stranger off the street.

Another issue along this same vein is confusing sincere friendship with sexual attraction. Lots of gals are peculiar about who does it for them sexually. For example: I, for one - have very unique tastes. That’s not because I think I’m inherently special: it’s just my wiring. On occasion, I had trans-girls whom I was friendly & playful misconstrue my attention for desire of intimacy. It doesn't take you long in your new femme role to learn what natal women mean about: how hard it is to make friends - who don't have a private agenda in mind.

Personally, I'll take a good friend over a lover any day of the week - the former is much more difficult to find. Be certain of the signals a trans-friend is sending before you do something that could ruin a special bond - it's simply not worth the risk.

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