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Prostate Massage

Her cock hit my prostate, my heavy balls released a built up load that covered my chest in hot, sticky spunk. It was one of the most incredible feelings that I’ve ever had in my life. To make matters better, when she saw me drop my load, she started fucking me harder. The sight of me blowing jizz all over my chest must’ve gotten her really worked up. She pounded my asshole with such force, my balls were completely drained afterwards. 

She beat my prostate like a punching bag and I couldn’t have been happier that she did. It was ten minutes of good hard fucking before she gave me the look. The look was the one of someone that was about to blow a massive load! I pushed my ravaged asshole away from her dick as I felt her starting to tense up, and flipped myself around in an attempt to get blasted with it. I lifted my hungry mouth right up to her dick.

She let out a long, loud shrill right before she proceeded to paint the back of my throat with her creamy shemale batter. I’m not going to lie, that fucking load was huge! In fact, I choked on it a little while trying to swallow it all down. It was worth it to me though, as I sucked every last drop of cum out of her bloated dong. I looked up at her while drinking her jizz from the tap, so to speak. 

She bent down after I had finished and gave me another long, passionate kiss. One that, I must say, is the most passionate and sexiest kiss I’ve ever had from anyone, man or woman.

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