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Masturbation Satisfaction

I like to tangle myself up in a long phone cord, the kind with the big coils. Then I put the coils inside my slit and rub back and forth... the friction feels great and I cum really hard!

I started doing this without knowing it would give me an orgasm. I'm a big fitness freak so I looked for ways to do pull ups and get upper body strength. I have this banister that is just big enough for me to fit my legs through, so I would hang on with my hands to the railing and cross my legs and do pull ups. When it gave me an orgasm, I used it for that too.

I get on all fours on my bed stick my butt way up in the air. I stick my finger on my clit and rock back and forth. When I'm close to cumming I stop and spank my butt really hard, then my finger goes back to my clit and I rock rock rock like I'm riding a dick, then I spank spank spank, then back to clitty then spank harder and harder then clitty, then ahhhh, orgasm.

My favorite way to masturbate is with the head of a bingo dauber and my fingers. I wet my clit and pussy with lotion, unscented, and then I slowly rub my clit with my right middle finger back and forth. Then I stick the bingo dauber head in and out while I rub. When I'm about to come I rub and stick faster and faster and start humping up and down until I come and scream out loud. It helps me to imagine another girl licking me and sticking a dildo in and out.

I start off by reading porn. Then I pretend I'm a stripper and take off my clothes. And I then imagine myself in bondage. I wrap my tits one at a time with duct tape (it makes them stand out), rub ice on my nipples till they are erect and then put little butterfly hair clips on them (my nipples). I then lie down under the faucet with my legs up in the air and spread and change the pressure of the water. That really f#*ks my mind out.

I like to take my tennis shoes, put them one on top of another and rub my clit hard against them in a fast circular motion. It gives a quick and breathtaking orgasm.

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