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Loving Becca.

Now fully inside Becca I had definitely lost any second thoughts on the matter. Barely waiting any time at all Brenda began moving. She was slow but gradually increased as she familiarized her self with me. In no time at all she was working my cock like it was nothing she wasn't already accustomed to, yet there was this feeling of something that she had been longing for. 
Her hands laying on my chest were gripping on to my chest roughly, her eyes closed in pure concentration, Brenda was using me.

"Don't make too much noise, we wouldn't want to wake Mandy up would we?" Brenda said giggling to herself before immediately moving to stir me up. I held nothing back and looked on with a firm look as I took charge.

Having a proper grip on Brenda by her round hips, I was easily able to hold her down as I began rapidly plowing her ass. A hand of hers was covering her mouth to muffle her voice while the other held tightly around my neck. As I picked up speed she had trouble holding on and keeping her cool, letting some moans slip by her.
 Being so focused on working her over I failed to notice her pulling me in close to her, she reached out to bringe me close enough to her for her arms to wrap around me. Brenda's legs curled up around mine tightly and her breathing became heavier. She was coming close and I could tell. Gripping Brenda by the legs, I held on tightly so I could move faster, doing so to the point where she held me close enough for her scream to be muffled by my chest as she reached anal climax, from my cock massaging her girly prostate

Brenda's moans got weaker as I slowed down. Reaching the limit myself I took the liberty of doing a few more strokes to finish it off. I grabbed hold of Brenda's thighs once again, shoting loads of cum in sweet boipussy. I fell back on my back exhausted and completely out of energy. As I began to pass out I heard Brenda giggling to herself on the other side. I looked down to see her playing with the cum, standing up before I fully lost my energy.

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