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Transsexuality Love

I'm a self-identified Transsexual woman who is not a prostitute, and I have a little more advice for would-be tranny chasers.

First off, you need to know the odds-there are a lot more of you than there are of us. For every tranny who posts an ad, there are 20 posted by men looking for trannies. Keep that in mind when composing your ads. 

If you're looking for a petite Asian with big tits and a cock like the tower of Pisa, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. That kind of tail usually costs money. I just suggest they head to Thailand for a week or two. In Bangkok (and Pattaya) there are districts that cater to individuals with such curiosities. Plus, you'll alienate us average, white transsexuals, and you don't want to do that! Remember, there aren't very many of us to go around.

And as for the three-way thing? Hell yes! Every adventurous, open-minded couple should try that. She-males make the best fuck toys imaginable! I speak from personal experience.

One final word on the "does this mean I'm gay?" question. For the most part, I would have to say no. 

Fucking me in the ass, sucking my cock, and then taking one up the pipe doesn't mean you're gay. It just means you're bent-in a very nice way. And I love that.

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