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Transsexual Sex

Sex with a transsexual? I have never had any complaints yet. Yes for some it may seem strange at first but for a man and they understand and can actually comprehend that we are truly feminine, maybe even more so than Cis Women.

Personally I don't want to be your equal other than intellectually maybe. I want a man that is strong emotionally and physically. 

I want to feel cherished and admired for what I can do for my guy. No we are not gay in the sense of the word because we are not men. We other than genitalia may actually more feminine that what some guys can even handle. So when I have oral sex with a guy, I know exactly what feels the best for him. 

Sucking is good but sucking while working the tongue up and down with pressure on the sensitive parts and the most sensitive part before going back down seems to make them go wild. Tightening the "love tunnel" with the appropriate lube also makes most guys go wild. 

I can't help it but I can't be top, but no guy that I have had a relationship has ever been disappointed. Oral or anal.

But one good turn deserves another though. I love my nipples enticed with your tongue and light biting but not bitten off. Puhlease. 

Hell I have to wear bands aids to keep them down if I don't wear a bra. But it is getting harder and harder without wearing a bra.

Love, Angel

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