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Loving a Transsexual

But believe me that we know what guys like and what turns them on. Looks is one. Hair is another. Makeup is yet again another. I personally do not wear flats but rather wedges or heels that accentuate the shape of my legs and butt. I wear sexy type bras that accentuate my B cub breasts even though I do have tranny nipples but have seen some cis women with nipples in the same position.

I am soft and warm. Willing and ready for the right guy and willing to make them feel like a King. I will do whatever they want if we know each other and I can trust them. Any fetish or whatever else they may want. Hell I have been told I give the best BJs because along with the suction, my tongue works way better than your hand ever will. Any position I am game for. You can just plain out screw me as hard and far as it can go with the proper lube of my choice. You can ride me hard or tender. I love both. I can ride you cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. Missionary or whatever you like best.

I can't speak for every trans woman but as for myself though. Yes sometimes it hurts anally but then we can relube. If you want to make it hurt then OK too. Just give me a couple of days to recover with just oral.

But as for me and my friends, we love you guys. We respect you guys and do not consider you even close to being gay. Since so many women are discarding their femininity, we are embracing it. A lot of us especially me want a real man.

Does this kind of help to figure out what is in a trans woman's mind and how some of us think?

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