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Everlasting Transsexual Love

Future Love mates.
Just remember though that since we both have the same equipment then we know what feels really good. We will use that to our advantage to make you feel maximum pleasure.

You like us and we really, really appreciate you but still want to be treated as women. I don't like feminism especially for the militant kind. Yes everyone should be treated with respect and equal as human beings but I cherish my femininity. I always have and never really denied it. My hair, my clothing, makeup, piercings and so on.

Not to mention shaving and hair removal which can be a pain in the ass but much like a big one up there it is so fucking pleasurable to elate my self with smooth skin, taking care of my hair and so on. Lotions clothing and so on along with makeup and plucking brows and bangs to appear more feminine. Jewelry and shoes play a big part. Most thing that I have beautiful legs because of definition. 

Hell a lot of guys are female leg models because of that. Some cis women have no definition in there legs. I am not talking blood vessels and veins but actually the shape of the legs if you have enough subcutaneous fat.

But as for me and my friends, we love you guys. We respect you guys and do not consider you even close to being gay. Since so many women are discarding their femininity, we are embracing it. A lot of us especially me want a real man.
Love, Angel

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