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What's so hot about transsexuals?

What makes transsexual females so enticing to certain men? 

I suppose I'm preaching to the choir on this issue but it's still a good question. Based upon my experience? Most people attracted to transsexual women appear to be born...rather than made. If you ask them? Many can even recall with vivid detail their first transsexual encounter. It could've been an intensive relationship or a quick glance at a photograph. Regardless of time or depth, most admirers agree their first encounter with a transsexual woman stirred a sensation in their loins like no other. From that onset...they were forever drawn to transgender-type females. 

Most beginners relate to the allure of something very different...the naughtiness, if you will. This attraction is actually quite similar to the obsession men have with bisexual and lesbian women: it's the uniqueness of the situation. Other men tend to be most attracted to women that are quite powerful looking - a female body builder-type physique. Lots of transsexual women also fall into this category. An attractive transsexual girl is certainly unique: tall, more powerful - yet feminine loins; and a taste in fashion that comprehends both masculine & feminine insights.  

As an admirer evolves and gains comfort with their attraction to transsexuals, they usually begin to comprehend this fascination runs much deeper than a mere sexual fantasy. It's rooted in the very essence of a transsexual persona: and themselves. The way these unique women meld the peculiarities of both genders can be intoxicating to some people. She seems to grasp things most genetic females will never learn. Thus, she understands you. Something...and we'll explore this more later, touches the very soul of the person wired to a transsexual. 

So with all these things being right...why's it feel so wrong to admit you're attracted to a transsexuals? 

Angel Bea

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