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Transsexual Woman Behave as a Genetic Female

Walk upright (regardless of your height! - men often lean forward and often slouch.)

*Wear heels, ( - but not so high that they make you unstable...... maybe 2 inches at first. I've talked to several GG's about this and even they feel clumpy and inelegant in clunky heels)

*Don't set out to waggle your ass - that only happens on the catwalk.

*Men tend to splay their feet outwards and place them a few inches apart:-
Imagine a line about a half-inch wide...... as you step, keep your feet straight ahead, point your toes and try to put your feet down so that the instep touches the line.
 - to do this, you'll need to rotate your hips slightly and that will give you that feminine swing, but without overkill.Men walk from the thighs, women from the hips.

*Men walk onto their heel and roll that forward onto their toe - womens feet hit the ground much flatter, with the toe touching down only slightly later than the heel. ( except some women in trainers or very flat shoes who walk in the male style)

*Notice how women also swing their free (bagless) arm and by how much.
*Women often grip the strap of their shoulder-bag. Notice that when they make a fist, they tend to not curl their fingers in as much as men do, therefore leaving their fingernails visible - which is the best way when your nails are longer and nice if you've taken the trouble to paint them.

* Women not only gesture with their hands a lot more whilst talking but also do it more at face level, whereas men tend to keep their hands lower.

*Women use more facial expressions whilst talking and also a little more lip-movement.
( Speech Therapist's last exercise was to have me saying phrases like "Ruth's red-rose root was ruined" ...... the point being to not simply make the "R" sounds using only the tongue and with the lips fairly flat, but to include a slight lip protrusion as if going "oooo" .  She required me to make a similar lip movement on "We wish you well on your way to Weymouth) 

An important point with all of them though is to be subtle. It's just the natural way women do stuff - overdo it and you come across as either Camp or Caricature. 

Try to eliminate the male ways rather than overdo the female ways.
 - and as others have said, watch women.

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