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#Transsexual Story Time

I welcomed Heather into my apartment with a flourish of my arms. 

"Wow Matt, nice apartment" She sat on the couch while I made us another drink. We sat and talked for another 5 minutes, slowly leaning closer and closer to each other until I finally went in for the kiss. We made out and I fondled her boobs while she massaged my dick through my pants. She broke the kiss and slid down between my legs, unzipping my jeans as she went. She pulled my hard 8 inch cock out of my boxers and gently licked the tip. She licked my entire cock, coating it in saliva. The she stood up, bent over, pulled up her skirt and told me to fuck her ass. 

I couldn’t believe it. I usually had to date a girl for a long time before we had anal, but here she wanted anal first. I obliged and positioned myself at her rear entrance. I started slow but she told me to go faster and herder. I did. I was really getting into it now. I grabbed her tits and fondled them while I fucked her ass. After about 10 minutes I came in her ass, I was tired. As I tried to sit down, she pulled me to the bedroom. She pulled my shirt off me.

"Have you ever had a rim job?" she asked me.

"No I can’t say that j has. “I replied. She smiled and directed me to stand spread eagle at the foot of the bed and bend over it. I did so and j felt her mouth at the entrance to my ass. I felt her tying my feet to the bed posts but I didn’t care. I was tired from the fucking, and this rim job was amazing. Suddenly she stopped. She walked around to my front and tied my hands to the front posts, this struck me as odd, so when she had returned to behind me I looked back to see her removing her skirt. What I saw stunned me into silence. 

She had a cock. Not just some tiny little thing, no she was at least 10 inches. 

"Now you know my secret. Will you let me fuck you in the ass? Not that you can stop me of course, but I promise ill start slowly. And I’ll give you the best blowjob of your life after." 

I was still so shocked that all I could do was nod. I felt the tip at my ass she slowly pushed it in. "ahhhhh!" I screamed, but she didn’t slow down, in fact, I think she sped up. I cried out for her to slow down, but she just went harder every time I said something. 

Pretty soon she was going all out, fucking like there was no tomorrow. I was almost in tears from the pain. Finally she pulled out; I breathed a sigh of relief until I looked up and saw her aiming her rock hard cock at my face. I opened my mouth to yell at het but she just stuck her dick in my mouth. She groaned as she came
The End!.

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