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Transsexual Genital Configuration

Pre, Post and Non-Op Transsexual Genital Configuration

Nobody knows better than us the impact of being pre-op, post-op or non-op when it comes to finding potential love partners.

With the increased proliferation of tranny porn - there’s a large number of men and women with a desire to explore a connection with a transsexual woman. However, most those laypersons associate transsexual love - as sex with a woman who has and uses a functional penis. We all know how far that skewed vision is from our typical reality.
When it comes to finding the most potential partners? A fully functional, relatively attractive and passable non-op transsexual woman whose open-minded to her partner’s sexual desires is in the highest demand. However, as a card-carrying member of that group? 

I know: it’s mostly perverts and people seeking fantasy fulfillment.
Where you are and where you going with your genital configuration is a very personal decision. That choice shouldn’t be impacted by any future dating options. Rather, we just embrace our dating options will be affected by our final decisions.

Love Angel

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