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Transsexual; Alpha or Passive Persona?

Are you an Alpha or Passive Persona?

All of us tend to primarily be alpha or passive in our relationships. Alpha personas tend to prefer a first hand in all decisions - major or minor. Passive persona’s? They’re much more indifferent.

For purposes of friendship? Passive-passive and alpha-alpha tend to bond most quickly since they inherently get one another. However, when it comes to love? Alpha and passive tend to be the best match because of their complementary roles - essential to living and loving together for extended times.

Which one are you? Which type do you tend to match with best? 

Important question.

Are You Open-minded to your Partner’s Sexual Needs and Desires?

Of all the traits partners of transsexual women struggle in loving unions - open-mindedness to their partners sexual needs and desires was at the top of the list from a confidential survey I conducted.

This paradox is surprising. We ask the world to remain completely open minded regarding our sexuality and gender identity yet we often remain constrictive with the person closest to us. 

Sexual Open mindedness

Let’s face it: as transsexual women we tend to be hyper sensitive to any sexual action our partner requests that make us feel they’re trying to put us in a male role. That’s akin to how some minorities get overly sensitive to issues that imply they’re somehow less than the majority. That latter circumstance is challenging enough in real world situations. However, in a bedroom? It’s a prescription for disaster.

We made it through our gender transition. No act or action is going to take us back to being male. Sexual pleasure is a dynamic beast that’s supposed to be fun. I would strongly suggest more girls try crawling off the pillow princess routine and become more sensitive and open to their partners needs, desires and fantasies.

You’ll both have more fun, be more satisfied and end up closer in that process.

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