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Trans Anal Love

Why do people always assume we event want it up the ass? Like.. do people not get it or something? Some women like it, some women think it's disgusting and would never try it... you know just like regular women.

If a guy I was dating just tried to put it in my butthole without talking about it first, I'd be the last he'd ever see of me. Yet this is some how acceptable from the POV of most men just because a woman is trans.

I'm really just sharing my frustration that a guy who figures out what I actually want him to do without hints is quite rare, while I don't expect that it's really nice when a guy has never heard of women like me before and so has no pre-conceived ideas about our bodies or how they work.

We are all different. Unfortunately internet porn has made out that we like certain things in bed.. look at react a certain way... when in reality if we've been on homrones for any length of time (15 years in my case)... the answer is "not necessarily"

to be blunt, our anuses are not physiologically different from non trans women.. yet some men, not say you do seem to think that trans women are some sort of magic anal sex machines.

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