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Trans Anal Love

Why do people always assume we event want it up the ass? Like.. do people not get it or something? Some women like it, some women think it's disgusting and would never try it... you know just like regular women.

If a guy I was dating just tried to put it in my butthole without talking about it first, I'd be the last he'd ever see of me. Yet this is some how acceptable from the POV of most men just because a woman is trans.

I'm really just sharing my frustration that a guy who figures out what I actually want him to do without hints is quite rare, while I don't expect that it's really nice when a guy has never heard of women like me before and so has no pre-conceived ideas about our bodies or how they work.

We are all different. Unfortunately internet porn has made out that we like certain things in bed.. look at react a certain way... when in reality if we've been on homrones for any length of time (15 years in my case)... the answer is "not necessarily"

to be blunt, our anuses are not physiologically different from non trans women.. yet some men, not say you do seem to think that trans women are some sort of magic anal sex machines.

Sissy Anal Submission

When it comes to being a true "Sissy Cock Milker" the single act is getting your tight "boy pussy" fucked just like he would a genetic girl. It is also the final step to achieving total sissydom.

Face it, most of us sissys spend a day dressed in your slutty lingere and fetish dreaming of loading your pussy up with half a tube of KY Jelly then putting a cock shaped butt plug in that hot brown hole
You dress up and prance around.......lingere, makeup, wig, heels 
Pretty soon just getting dressed and stroking yourself wasn't enough......was it?

Or suck a realistic silicon cock while stroking your "clitty". Did sucking that dildo drive you over the edge?

Did you suck his cock first?
You did, didn't you? You sucked that studs dick hard all the while he told you what a good girl you were. You wanted to be his "blowjob queen".

How did you decide to final take that bareback cock up you ass and let a hot load of semen into your tummy. What drove you to make that final act of sissy submission? Did you think that taking that hot load of cum would make you more of a woman? 

I want to hear from you sissies how you finally broke down and realized that instead of fucking women that it was "you" who was going to be the "bitch". Tell me of your hottest, most humiliating ass fucking story and then stroke your little dick while you look at these hot photos and wish you were the "girl", in the picture.


Transsexual Genital Configuration

Pre, Post and Non-Op Transsexual Genital Configuration

Nobody knows better than us the impact of being pre-op, post-op or non-op when it comes to finding potential love partners.

With the increased proliferation of tranny porn - there’s a large number of men and women with a desire to explore a connection with a transsexual woman. However, most those laypersons associate transsexual love - as sex with a woman who has and uses a functional penis. We all know how far that skewed vision is from our typical reality.
When it comes to finding the most potential partners? A fully functional, relatively attractive and passable non-op transsexual woman whose open-minded to her partner’s sexual desires is in the highest demand. However, as a card-carrying member of that group? 

I know: it’s mostly perverts and people seeking fantasy fulfillment.
Where you are and where you going with your genital configuration is a very personal decision. That choice shouldn’t be impacted by any future dating options. Rather, we just embrace our dating options will be affected by our final decisions.

Love Angel

Transsexual; Alpha or Passive Persona?

Are you an Alpha or Passive Persona?

All of us tend to primarily be alpha or passive in our relationships. Alpha personas tend to prefer a first hand in all decisions - major or minor. Passive persona’s? They’re much more indifferent.

For purposes of friendship? Passive-passive and alpha-alpha tend to bond most quickly since they inherently get one another. However, when it comes to love? Alpha and passive tend to be the best match because of their complementary roles - essential to living and loving together for extended times.

Which one are you? Which type do you tend to match with best? 

Important question.

Are You Open-minded to your Partner’s Sexual Needs and Desires?

Of all the traits partners of transsexual women struggle in loving unions - open-mindedness to their partners sexual needs and desires was at the top of the list from a confidential survey I conducted.

This paradox is surprising. We ask the world to remain completely open minded regarding our sexuality and gender identity yet we often remain constrictive with the person closest to us. 

Sexual Open mindedness

Let’s face it: as transsexual women we tend to be hyper sensitive to any sexual action our partner requests that make us feel they’re trying to put us in a male role. That’s akin to how some minorities get overly sensitive to issues that imply they’re somehow less than the majority. That latter circumstance is challenging enough in real world situations. However, in a bedroom? It’s a prescription for disaster.

We made it through our gender transition. No act or action is going to take us back to being male. Sexual pleasure is a dynamic beast that’s supposed to be fun. I would strongly suggest more girls try crawling off the pillow princess routine and become more sensitive and open to their partners needs, desires and fantasies.

You’ll both have more fun, be more satisfied and end up closer in that process.

Transsexual Woman Behave as a Genetic Female

Walk upright (regardless of your height! - men often lean forward and often slouch.)

*Wear heels, ( - but not so high that they make you unstable...... maybe 2 inches at first. I've talked to several GG's about this and even they feel clumpy and inelegant in clunky heels)

*Don't set out to waggle your ass - that only happens on the catwalk.

*Men tend to splay their feet outwards and place them a few inches apart:-
Imagine a line about a half-inch wide...... as you step, keep your feet straight ahead, point your toes and try to put your feet down so that the instep touches the line.
 - to do this, you'll need to rotate your hips slightly and that will give you that feminine swing, but without overkill.Men walk from the thighs, women from the hips.

*Men walk onto their heel and roll that forward onto their toe - womens feet hit the ground much flatter, with the toe touching down only slightly later than the heel. ( except some women in trainers or very flat shoes who walk in the male style)

*Notice how women also swing their free (bagless) arm and by how much.
*Women often grip the strap of their shoulder-bag. Notice that when they make a fist, they tend to not curl their fingers in as much as men do, therefore leaving their fingernails visible - which is the best way when your nails are longer and nice if you've taken the trouble to paint them.

* Women not only gesture with their hands a lot more whilst talking but also do it more at face level, whereas men tend to keep their hands lower.

*Women use more facial expressions whilst talking and also a little more lip-movement.
( Speech Therapist's last exercise was to have me saying phrases like "Ruth's red-rose root was ruined" ...... the point being to not simply make the "R" sounds using only the tongue and with the lips fairly flat, but to include a slight lip protrusion as if going "oooo" .  She required me to make a similar lip movement on "We wish you well on your way to Weymouth) 

An important point with all of them though is to be subtle. It's just the natural way women do stuff - overdo it and you come across as either Camp or Caricature. 

Try to eliminate the male ways rather than overdo the female ways.
 - and as others have said, watch women.

TransFemme Feminizing Program

Feminizing Program: transgender, transsexual, tgirl

Introduction to the TransFemme Feminizing Program

Most individuals undertaking hormonal modulation or gender reassignment (hormone therapy) for male feminization can use a hormonal regimen with a high degree of safety. Regular monitoring of your health and blood work will assure that your good health is maintained.

As you explore transgender medical therapies through the Internet and other avenues, you should be prepared to discover a wide range of conflicting information and misinformation on the subject. Below is a list of general information and do’s and don’ts about male feminization.

Do not use any phytoestrogens (herbal hormones) as an appropriate feminizing therapy. Herbs do not achieve any measurable feminization and use of these non-pharmaceutical grade phytoestrogen products, especially in large doses, raises health safety concerns amongst many medical professionals. When herbal products are used for feminizing men, along with pharmaceutical or glandular hormone treatments, your overall feminization may be reduced as these preparations compete with TransFemme.

If purchasing medication through mail order and Internet businesses, deal with a known and reputable supplier. Do not buy products from foreign countries or products not made with the transgender customer in mind.

Do not overlook the necessary blood monitoring and medical oversight. Proper medical management not only avoids unnecessary health risks, but assures that you are sufficiently feminizing. It is common for individuals who self-medicate to be on a less than adequate feminizing regime.

Follow instructions: Take your dosing regimen seriously; arbitrarily increasing doses may put you at risk, and as well, forgetting to take prescribed dosing may slow your progress.
Don’t settle for less with regard to your health. You may come into contact with self proclaimed authority figures on the Internet who casually and wrongly suggest to you that medical monitoring is unnecessary, this is untrue and bad advice.

If you decide to manage your own feminizing therapies, at the very least, seek periodic check-ups at a local walk-in clinic.
If you decide to undergo hormone treatment, think through any desires you may have for having children as prolonged hormone therapy will likely render you irreversibly sterile.
Hormonal feminization is the subject of endocrinology, a specialized branch of internal medicine which is concerned with the study of the glands and hormones of the body and their related disorders.

Expectations For Feminizing Men
The goal of male to female feminizing hormone modulation therapy is the mental, emotional, physical and hormonal gender reassignment of the individual. Given the proper regimen and sufficient time, the likely expectation is a profound and comprehensive change in gender appearance and feeling as the transition and process of male feminization takes place.
This feminization of men process concentrates on manipulation of sex hormones, also called sex steroids; and as the process of hormonal gender reassignment involves profound biological changes as well as changes in one’s appearance, having a doctor you work with and a general understanding of the biochemistry of sex hormones makes sense. Height, voice, and bone size cannot be changed with the use of hormonal modulation treatments. When you want your voice feminized you may need vocal surgery and voice coaching.

Unless the orchiectomy is performed by a skilled surgeon the scrotum (which is often used to give depth to the new vagina) may be too small and scarred for use.
Most TransFemme customers given enough time see their testicles become smaller and less obtrusive so they can be hidden in bathing suits and clothing easily. Think of your testicles as your external ovaries, you need them!

If you decide to have castration surgery with or without future SRS, realize this procedure is major surgery! There are physicians who are willing to perform castration for less money and under less than optimum conditions in an office environment, but this may not be your best or safest option for feminizing men.

What's so hot about transsexuals?

What makes transsexual females so enticing to certain men? 

I suppose I'm preaching to the choir on this issue but it's still a good question. Based upon my experience? Most people attracted to transsexual women appear to be born...rather than made. If you ask them? Many can even recall with vivid detail their first transsexual encounter. It could've been an intensive relationship or a quick glance at a photograph. Regardless of time or depth, most admirers agree their first encounter with a transsexual woman stirred a sensation in their loins like no other. From that onset...they were forever drawn to transgender-type females. 

Most beginners relate to the allure of something very different...the naughtiness, if you will. This attraction is actually quite similar to the obsession men have with bisexual and lesbian women: it's the uniqueness of the situation. Other men tend to be most attracted to women that are quite powerful looking - a female body builder-type physique. Lots of transsexual women also fall into this category. An attractive transsexual girl is certainly unique: tall, more powerful - yet feminine loins; and a taste in fashion that comprehends both masculine & feminine insights.  

As an admirer evolves and gains comfort with their attraction to transsexuals, they usually begin to comprehend this fascination runs much deeper than a mere sexual fantasy. It's rooted in the very essence of a transsexual persona: and themselves. The way these unique women meld the peculiarities of both genders can be intoxicating to some people. She seems to grasp things most genetic females will never learn. Thus, she understands you. Something...and we'll explore this more later, touches the very soul of the person wired to a transsexual. 

So with all these things being right...why's it feel so wrong to admit you're attracted to a transsexuals? 

Angel Bea

#Transsexual Story Time

I welcomed Heather into my apartment with a flourish of my arms. 

"Wow Matt, nice apartment" She sat on the couch while I made us another drink. We sat and talked for another 5 minutes, slowly leaning closer and closer to each other until I finally went in for the kiss. We made out and I fondled her boobs while she massaged my dick through my pants. She broke the kiss and slid down between my legs, unzipping my jeans as she went. She pulled my hard 8 inch cock out of my boxers and gently licked the tip. She licked my entire cock, coating it in saliva. The she stood up, bent over, pulled up her skirt and told me to fuck her ass. 

I couldn’t believe it. I usually had to date a girl for a long time before we had anal, but here she wanted anal first. I obliged and positioned myself at her rear entrance. I started slow but she told me to go faster and herder. I did. I was really getting into it now. I grabbed her tits and fondled them while I fucked her ass. After about 10 minutes I came in her ass, I was tired. As I tried to sit down, she pulled me to the bedroom. She pulled my shirt off me.

"Have you ever had a rim job?" she asked me.

"No I can’t say that j has. “I replied. She smiled and directed me to stand spread eagle at the foot of the bed and bend over it. I did so and j felt her mouth at the entrance to my ass. I felt her tying my feet to the bed posts but I didn’t care. I was tired from the fucking, and this rim job was amazing. Suddenly she stopped. She walked around to my front and tied my hands to the front posts, this struck me as odd, so when she had returned to behind me I looked back to see her removing her skirt. What I saw stunned me into silence. 

She had a cock. Not just some tiny little thing, no she was at least 10 inches. 

"Now you know my secret. Will you let me fuck you in the ass? Not that you can stop me of course, but I promise ill start slowly. And I’ll give you the best blowjob of your life after." 

I was still so shocked that all I could do was nod. I felt the tip at my ass she slowly pushed it in. "ahhhhh!" I screamed, but she didn’t slow down, in fact, I think she sped up. I cried out for her to slow down, but she just went harder every time I said something. 

Pretty soon she was going all out, fucking like there was no tomorrow. I was almost in tears from the pain. Finally she pulled out; I breathed a sigh of relief until I looked up and saw her aiming her rock hard cock at my face. I opened my mouth to yell at het but she just stuck her dick in my mouth. She groaned as she came
The End!.