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What I like most as a Transsexual


Seriously, People talk to me now and I talk to them. As a woman I am not seen as a threat. 

The freedom to feel freely. The freedom to love freely. The freedom to emote freely.

Oh, yeah, the clothes … the accessories … the fragrances … the spa treatments … the sunbathing … the girl talk … the sandals … the shopping … the dining …. well, YOU KNOW!!! Uhhh, feelin’ good, lookin’ good, smellin’ good … hee hee!

To me, womanhood indicates less competition amongst peers. I see less of the “urinating contests” among women than I do men. Also, I feel that allowing for more personal vanity is more in line with my own identity, rather than the limited avenues for expression I find men allow themselves(generally speaking, that is). 

I’d rather be a part of a group of sisters that fuss at each other but still love each other(and aren’t afraid to say it like it is), than be part of any “brotherhood” where the guiding philosophy seems to be “Every man for himself, unless it’s to my advantage(and ONLY my advantage, not yours) to help you”. Yes, that’s stereotyping. 

Yes, that’s not how all men are. I understand that. On the other hand, why do women complain about men if there aren’t things about them that exasperate… well, anyone else, for that matter? Something at the core of masculinity is at odds with who I am so much, that I simply CANNOT move in men’s circle’s anymore. I tried, I honestly did. The end result for me is that, in the immortal words of my dear Lizzie here, “Girl world beats the hell outta guy world!” Why? Because it’s just not where I belong, and I never will understand why anyone would allow themselves to be caught in that kind of circus of competitiveness.

Bleah. I like glamour. And if it doesn’t make life better for me in some way, don’t bother me with it.

I really appreciate that I can express my emotions, good or bad, and ask for support when I need it. I also like a lot, getting and giving hugs to women, men whatever. I like being able to say “oh, that’s sooo cute”. 

I like that I can enjoy the full spectrum of color. I like that I can dress according to how I feel with few boundaries. I like flowers. I like taking care of myself. I like taking care of others. All without worrying what someone else might think.

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