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Transsexual Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath and be patient

Hormones are incredible, but they take time to work their magic. You’re not going to notice results overnight. I remember when I first started HRT, I couldn’t wait for the weeks and months to go by.

I looked forward to each new dose because it meant that I was one step closer to feeling comfortable in my own body. I fantasized about ways to fast-forward the next couple of years so that I could finally start enjoying life as my true self. But in constantly looking to the future, I often neglected all the amazing and wonderful things happening around me. I found it hard to simply be in the moment.
My girlfriend and I have recently started practicing mindfulness meditation, and it’s been a really useful tool to help me stay present. 

I’d recommend it to anyone looking to slow time down and experience life in the moment. A little anticipation can be a good thing, but our life will pass us by if we’re only focused on what lies ahead.

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