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Transsexual Raine Day

Taylor Arnold says;

Handbags are definitely a must have for any woman. I keep makeup, tissues, my current color nail polish, a travel hairbrush, my ID, band-aids… and candy.

Always carry candy. The right handbag paired with the right outfit, and the right shoes… ( omg the shoes) can do so much for you. When my girlfriend and I go shopping, she puts her purse in the cart, but I feel the need to carry mine.

It affirms my femininity, and oddly enough, alters my walk because with it bouncing on my hip, it reminds me to sway and swoosh. 

I cant stress enough how perception from behind is. If you are seen from behind swishing your hips, and walking with confidence, you will be seen as “Woman” and it will boost your confidence. Good luck ladies, and remember, you are special. 

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