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Loving My Transsexual Life

I love the way I look in the morning when my makeup is fresh and my skin is soft and smooth. I love being able to have a conversation with almost any woman anywhere and feel like I fit right in, even if its talk about periods and hot flashes.  I love being free to show any emotion I please, anywhere I please. I love belonging to the “woman’s club.” And yes, I love shopping.

Oh my god yes! Shopping! I love shopping, even if it’s just for groceries. I don’t know if that’s exclusively a woman thing though.

I can add to the man thing you mentioned. If I were single, of course, I’ve always kind of wanted to be picked up and carried by a big strong man, …Or even just being playful and being carried piggyback, but in a romantic playful sort of way.

Before transition I really envied the interaction between girls. I always felt an outsider when amongst a group of them. They just treated me differently than they do each other. Once I went full-time I totally fell right into that. Now i think I kind of take it for granted. Then before surgery, I just really wanted my underwear to fit:)

Openness with feelings, and being involved with litttle gossip and conversation that I never was able to do as a male. A new ease in talking to people. OH YEAH, my second GREAT adolescence that's going the right way!!

For me i think of of the biggest things is that I that girl i see in the mirror SO much better than that ugly guy that used to be there (I wonder if her just got transferred to another mirror…). and I like the fact that I can now be social. I used to be so uncomfortable in social situations, but now I can follow my girly instincts and have a good time.

now as far as everything else …

Spandex in clothes is great

having to iron not so much

having a purse with all you stuff and not having to worry about leaving stuff in pockets is a win

but not having a pocket for those times you really need one, not good

Shoes Shoes Shoes!!!

now if they would just come in my size…

not being expected to keep up with sports.. so great

you know there really isn’t any down side to that one…

The clothes are more fun, the designs, the colors, the textures, etc but I think what I yearn for the most about being a girl is to be treated like one. I want to be a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a mother. 

I want to be able to be in a group of girls and be one of them because I identify alot more with them than I do with guys. I usually feel awkward in a group of guys somehow, like uncomfortable, when they start talking ‘guy talk’. But put me in a group of girls and I instantly click.

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