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Girly girl pledges

Girly girl pledges.

Guest Post: Sissy Dude
I am training myself and hope I can impress someone with my true commitment.

This is my pledge from now on,,,, (more to be added)

1. Today I will remove all of my body hair  the only hair I will have will be on my head. From this day forward I will be baby girly smooth which includes my clitty and pussy. Just as a sexy, sassy girly girl would be. My only kink to truly express my sissy girly girl status is to shave my pubic hair into a very girly girl heart shape. I also intend to dye this baby pink. A little pink heart right above my clit to re-enforce my girly, sassy sissy status.

2. From this day forward I will only wear panties. I will wear as many shades of pink as possible to cover my baby soft clit and pussy. The panties will match my little baby pink heart and remind me that only super sassy girly girls look down and see this. 

3. From this day forward I will only ever cum as a girl. I will only be able to masturbate exactly like a girl. This means never stroking my penis ever again. Instead I will be able to use one finger (preferably my little finger) to slowly circle my clit above or beneath my very girly pink panties. In addition I will only be aloud to cum when I am penetrated with a cock shaped object. I can use any toys that a girl would to masturbate with like a vibrator or dildo and I can finger myself like a girl. The Key point is I must only ever from now on cum like a girl.

So this is exactly how I will be cumming from now on just like a proper girly girl. 

In addition when I masturbate I must make very girly girl sounds, I must sound and act like a girl on heat while I pleasure my little clitty and penetrate my sissy pussy. I must watch videos of girls masturbating often and emulate them in all ways possible. IN NO WAY EVER IS MY PENIS TO BE STROKED LIKE A BOY EVER AGAIN. I must build very slowly to orgasm just like a girl and at the moment of cumming cry out just as a girl would. I must sound like the following clips, extremely girly girl.

Eventually the only way I will be able to cum is exactly like a girl through penetration. I will ride any cock to orgasm with my hands on my baby smooth bottom spreading my pussy to take that cock deeper and deeper until I cry out in a sassy girly girl female orgasm spreading deep from pussy making me shudder and pant with no control. Completely consumed by my girly desires. This is my ultimate goal to be only be permitted to cum this way. I hope a mistress can help me some day.
Sissy Dude

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