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A Good Sissy

By: Sissy Dude
Angel, you have the progression perfectly from fooling around wearing panties as a 'normal guy' to becoming the total sissy, who craves cock that I am now.

I started hanging out at a cd friendly bar in the city in which I then lived. I was still new so would wear panties, bra, woman's slacks and blouse with an androgynous sweater.

Matt came up to the bar and sat next to me, and bought me a drink. I was very nervous, but he was nice. After a while he placed his hand on my back and felt my bra, he smiled and said that maybe we should go some where to be alone. I said ok

We got into his car and drove to a secluded spot and he told me to take off my sweater, unbutton my blouse,and pull down my pants so he could see my bra and panties.After I did so he had me unzip his pants and I got to kiss and suck his beautiful,big cock. He came in my mouth in short order. I was so hot I knew I had to figure out a way to get him to fck me.

My girlish trick was to ask him over for dinner that weekend I am a great cook (I'd make some guy a great wife) He agreed and told me to dress well for dinner

He showed up. I was in my laciest bra and panties, silk blouse, miniskirt, had my longish hair done a little more blond and had full make up.

Cocktails, and dinner were great and we were on the couch after dinner. When he kissed me and I put my hand on his cock. He smiled and said "Let me show you how slutty girls like you get fcked" I almost fainted He led me to the bedroom pushed my skiry up around my waist and pulled my panties off. He pushed me to my knees i had his pants off and his cock hard

When he drove his cock nto my well-lubed hole I moaned and knew this is what I wantd for the rest of my life. He came inside while I moaned and screamed like a bitch in heat. It was wonderful Later that night he put me on my back and got to have my smooth legs way up in the air when he did me again

After that night I'd see him every once in a while when he was horny or maybe a little drunk, but I was always happy to be his slut anytime.

He made me understand that I am an effeminate sissy, and love being that

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