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The Pleasures of Cock,

The Pleasures of cock, taking it just like a girl.

I was thinking to myself the other night as I lay back and spread my very soft n cute girl legs (about to take yet another delicious cock inside me) wow I soooo love this.

I so love being a girl in every scenario. Especially when it means being super cute for you man and making his cock twitch. He wants you and that makes you feel good.

Getting all dressed up, super cute for my man.

The whole preparation of being a cute sissy ultimately leads to penetration. Its a pure natural progression. Even if you definitely never imagine it. Curiosity gets the better of you. After all, as your explore more and more of you feminine side, quite understandably you want to go further and further into the whole realm of being a woman.

Girls get penetrated and they genuinely love it. To complete the feeling of true femininity you have to experience this sensation, you need to feel what it may be like to experience everything as a girl.

It becomes addictive. Soon you are shaving extra smooth everyday because the feeling of being fucked while totally silky smooth just feels mind shattering. You dress up more and more in super cute "take me to bed" outfits. Lingerie, cute dresses, stockings, you acquire every article that a proper little temptress should own.

Fantasies begin to take over, it begins slowly but you take it like a girl in every position, dress for sex and before you know, actually start to get turned on by cock. You enhance the scenario even more with expensive nail polish, pretty painted extensions on your hands. Sometimes I paint my fingernails with very cute patterns.

Perfume, strappy shoes, in my case super cute tattoos! It all goes to make that sensation of being the girl in the bedroom to new levels. All the while without you really knowing or understanding it, cock becomes addictive and pleasurable. It feels good inside you, it drives feelings you never knew could exist.

So I guess I am probably at this stage, not really sure how I got here, but its been a super fun journey. I guess it must be over 17 months since I have cum even remotely like a guy! Now its purely penetration and now and again, slight rubbing of my clit. But everytime I cum it's always with a cock inside me, either real of fake. Do I miss being a guy? I can honestly say that I have never looked back.

It goes further and further towards complete woman hood! I am on a course of hormones now. I will not go into specifics but I do have medical supervision. I can not wait to feel and see the effects. It will take a few months but I will see changes slowly but surely.

I want gorgeous breasts, the classic hour glass shape, wide hips, narrow waist. Slender arms, slender legs. Take on a body to die for. Hmmm, guess I am dreaming a little bit. But I am getting closer to that dream.

I want to be kept by a man and satisfied by a man as I take care of his cock for him everyday. Always being as cute, girly and submissive as can be.

Succeed as a Transsexual Woman

Transsexual Millionaires: How to Succeed as a Transsexual Woman

A transsexual millionaire. Sounds more like the definition for an oxymoron - versus reality, doesn’t it?

It shouldn’t.

Transsexuals are nothing more than an “oppressed” minority. That means we often face immediate challenges of discrimination and prejudice – before the value of our skills is considered in the workplace.
Transsexual Millionairees
Guess what? 

This situation – isn’t unique. Countless other Americans face the same challenge in their quest towards financial independence.

I’m one of the few transsexual women who bagged a million dollar payday after transition. I hope to witness lots more trans-women joining this club in the near future. 


I share my secrets.

Rules for Transsexual Business Success

Along with my own experiences, I interviewed a range of successful self-made millionaires – from equally challenging minority backgrounds.

Following is a summation of common characteristics of financially-liquid minorities:

Your first business? It’s your own checkbook

Successful minorities consistently mention they never achieved success until they learned to optimally manage their existing income – however small - and still manage to save money each month. Mad Money guru Jim Cramer is famous for sharing how he still saved money each week - even when he lived out of his car - when he first started his career. 

The Internet is awash with helpful hints in this regard. It requires discipline.

Corporate America is usually a “dead end” 

Traditional avenues for success are often filled with people of highly “traditional” values. Regardless what’s printed in the employee “rule book” – you’ll likely face an “invisible ceiling” – limiting your potential income.

If you really want to bag a two-comma net worth? You’ll need to strike out on your own.

Embrace your minority status 

Alternative gender expression is sometimes a transsexual’s first taste of what “discrimination” – really feels like. Bitterness, in this regard? It results in failure. 

Highly successful minorities embrace the fact they face discrimination – and build companies in industries where this issue won’t hinder their income growth opportunities.

Franchised businesses are often a good haven 

Established franchises offer a proven business model to prospective franchises. However, to minorities? They often provide a much more valuable “service”. How? They instantly create an “All American Image” – and thus alleviate certain prejudice.

The more established a particular brand is in the marketplace – the more a franchisor usually charges in “up front” fees and ongoing royalty expenses. However, such recognizable brands tend to cause consumers to more easily overlook “minority” ownership.

Focus on businesses with consistently high “exit” values 

What’s the first rule in evaluating a new business opportunity? Most commonly, beginning entrepreneurs inquire as to how much they’ll make each month or how much it costs to “get in”. Minorities that proved most successful were more devoted to: how much they would receive when they “got out”.

Certain businesses – like retail clothing stores and boutique restaurants – are notoriously impossible to eventually “sell-out”, for any price higher than the final liquidation value of the inventory and fixtures. However, other businesses like convenience stores, franchised hotels / restaurants, and dry cleaners – often can be sold for an established multiple of sales and earnings.

Another reason exit-value is of heightened importance to minorities is that many started their first business with very modest start-up capital and used the increased value of their initial enterprise – to fund the development of another even more lucrative company.

The big difference? 

That dress shop you always wanted to open might eventually be “sold out” – and net you about $80,000 at the end of your journey through a “going out of business” sale . That “dry cleaner” you could have started? It could line your bank account with an additional $800,000 – when you sell.

Clearly – a highly liquid exit opportunity – means big value.

Exercise caution regarding your own great idea 

You might have the perfect idea for a new business – you might not. The downside of this type of pursuit is that any new idea – often involves inordinate amounts of personal contact - in order to fully explain and sell the novel concept - just to get it going. Banks, customers and investors rarely buy into “new ideas” from minorities for this and other reasons. 

Successful minorities tend to start businesses where their “great idea” – is a willingness to work harder than competitors.

Be wise about starting a business using your “existing” skills 

Some skills developed in your former male role might easily transfer to rapid wealth accumulation - as a minority. However, if you operated in a primarily white collar, upscale field? Let’s face it – discrimination is more likely. 

Consider leveraging this accumulated business in a parallel, alternative field.

Learn on somebody else’s dime 

Not sure if you could serve hamburgers – and still serve up a smile? The best way to find out? Go and work at an established business in the industry sector you find appealing. 

The sort of work you’ll do as an owner is no different than that of an hourly wage earner: you’ll still drop fries and serve burgers. 

The most successful minorities consistently “worked the business” for someone else and learned the secrets to success before risking their own capital. In some instances? Their former employer helped finance their new venture.

Get ready to get your hands dirty 

Millionaire owners of small businesses didn’t start by hiring others to mop floors and iron clothes. They began each day performing these “dirty” tasks themselves. Successful entrepreneurs do every task they're hourly wager earners perform. 

Only difference? 

They usually do it better.

You have to want “more” 

Successful minorities consistently wanted “more” from life. They refused to accept the face value of the cards they were dealt at the onset. 

A burning desire is the mother of financial independence.

The Future of Transsexual Millionaires

A net worth in excess of $1 million doesn’t make one person better than the next. A million dollars doesn’t buy personal happiness. Succinctly stated, increased financial liquidity buys freedom – to enjoy life more fully.

Likewise, a large number of financially successful people arising from a particular minority group can cause their brethren to become more accepted amongst traditional society. Right or wrong? Traditionalists tend to respect financial success.

Finally, financially successful people are essential to the advancement of every minority group – through adequate funding for specialized interests in education, research and community visibility.

Will we see a host of wealthy transsexuals in the decades ahead? The “Minority Millionaire’s Rulebook” says it requires hard work, smart business analysis, a positive mental attitude, and financial discipline.

However, most importantly – it requires a burning desire to change your life, coupled with a willingness to risk everything – for the accomplishment of your dream.

Can you name a transsexual woman that’s not already an expert in that criterion?

Me either.

Move over Wall Street - the Tranny’s are coming!

Loving Transsexuality as a Transsexual

    Loving My Transsexuality 
Never having to follow the man code ever again…being able to show non sexual affection to a friend without being seen as gay. The huge amount of hugs. Being able to speak with others on an emotional level. The cloths , cloths , cloths , cloths…did I happen to mention cloths…lol..Being able to finally express myself any way I desire. No longer having to worry about how i walk, talk , move , body language..finally its who I am.

The female libido. I absolutely HATED having a male libido. I’m so happy with how it is for me now, I haven’t lost interest in sexuality, but it’s a much different experience. There’s so much more adventure and imagination to it now. I wish I could get my hands on some good romance novels, because I think I could really appreciate them. My sister had a bunch when I was younger, and I actually thumbed through one that I wish I could find now, but I don’t remember the author or title.

If being a male I could wear cute pjs after shower, use fresh soap and aromatic candles, sleep with plushies, tackle hug my friends without them feel weirded, solve problems with a smile, sing with my voice which I love without freaking people, wear my hair long and style it as I want, like everything I like from my chococat cushions to cooking for my brother or chatting casually with my boyfriend, express emotions, be happy when I want to be happy, cry when I feel sad, let out a squee when something supercute appears… if I could look like me and not like a hairy bear, and wouldn’t have to play those ‘one more than you’ games guys usually play… maybe I wouldn’t have a problem being a male. But I think the person I just described would be what we normally call female.

The thing I think about most is being able to have friends that I can relate to.

I think the two thing I like most is being able to get all dolled up with the nails done, and get a beautiful dress and nice heels and hopefully one day to become that girl that walks into a room and people stop what they re doing just to look at you, I don't know if that superficial but I think that be special. Second is the friend ships that girls have with each other, unlike the kind that guys have where they call each other names and make fun of eachother for entertainment.

For me its expressing yourself however you want and the clothes soo much cuter and more comfortable.

I love being told by a man that I’m pretty.  And although its only been once so far, I love the feeling I got (all the way down to my toes) when a man kissed me.

Women: Getting With Girls Like Us. Lesbian

Getting With Girls Like Us: A Radical Guide to Dating Trans* Women for Cis Women

Fetishizing Trans Women
Again I’d like to think this goes without saying, but sadly I see it happen plenty. Look, I get that drawing the boundary between healthy, affectionate sexual curiosity and fetishization might not always be an exact science (and it might be a little different with different women). Personally I think I’m pretty relaxed and I can work with you as long as it doesn’t all reduce down to one thing (*cough*). However, if you’re on a date with a trans woman and your thoughts about her body are constantly distracting you from the conversation, just stop yourself and think: what if I was interacting with a guy and he kept having these kinds of thoughts about my body instead of listening to what I was saying? Would I feel comfortable around him?

Don’t reduce us to our genitals
Obviously this follows pretty strongly from the don’t-fetishize-us thing. A big part of this is what should be a pretty obvious hard rule: don’t put us on the spot with questions about our genitals.

Personally, I happen to be pretty open about this stuff (you might even notice a subtle dick joke appears in the previous sentence), but even if you know something about my body from reading one of my articles, that doesn’t make it cool to randomly bring my junk into the conversation if you meet me in real life.

Just the same, if you meet a trans woman who is a sex worker or if you’ve seen pornography in which a trans woman appears, that doesn’t give you some special right to ask her questions about her body anymore than it would if you met a cis woman who was involved in sex work.

Then there is the other side of the coin: some cis women might have an issue or feel uncertain about hooking up with a woman who has different genitalia than her own. First of all, you should never feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to do or that you’re even unsure about. If you aren’t comfortable or you just aren’t into it, say no.

That having been said, if genitalia is the one and only reason for not being into someone, I do think it is worth thinking through that. Responding to one of the claims that some have made, I would emphatically state that nobody’s physical body is a representation of patriarchy. Such a statement is not only somewhat cruel to inflict on someone who herself is oppressed by patriarchy, it is also pretty defeatist from a feminist perspective (if we were really to buy into the idea that penises are the source of patriarchy, rather than socially constructed male privilege, aren’t we pretty much saying that patriarchy is a permanent fixture of human society? Eek).

Talk With Us
Beyond all these more detailed considerations, another key point is simply communication. Of course there are a myriad of situations that could arise that I’ve never even thought of, but if two people really care about developing a positive friendship or intimate relationship (whether for one evening or a committed partnership) then they will be willing to sit down together and talk through these things.

I have written previously about some of the alienation I have experienced as a trans woman dating in the queer women’s community. Now, I want to emphasize here again that no one is obligated to touch a woman’s penis if they aren’t into that. However it’s also important to emphasize:

1) Not every trans woman has a penis.
2) No general means exist to distinguish trans women from cis women.

The implications of these two points together are that statements such as “I am attracted to cis women but not trans women” simply do not make sense and are rooted in social prejudice.

Hooking Up
Awesome! Glad we made it this far. I would say, “now comes the fun part,” but actually the whole process of getting to know one another should be fun. And the fact is that respecting your potential partner and vice versa is really sexy, and it’s actually not that hard… err, difficult, to do.

At this point, again, the key is communication. There are trans women who like being touched in certain places or in certain ways, but not in others, just as a similar statement applies for many cis women. Those boundaries must be respected throughout by everyone involved. The key is to keep the channels of communication open throughout, and to rely on active consent as the model for sexual intimacy at every moment.

Underlining all of this of course is the opportunity for new experiences of friendship, solidarity and more.

Home Remedies For Yeast Infection Treatment

1. Oral antifungal
Oral antifungal served its purpose well in a lot of yeast infection cases. It has proven to decrease the rate of recurring infections by 90% according to a study conducted by the Wayne State University School of Medicine. 43% of the cases were cured completely with consumption of oral anti-fungal.
yogurt – how to get rid of a yeast infection?
2. Probiotics/ Yogurt For Yeast Infection
Yogurt  contains healthy bacteria. When consumed daily, though not scientifically proven, many women swear by it that it helps balance the level of yeast production in vagina and thus cure infection gradually. It was also proven that placing probiotic tablet directly in the vagina once a night for the first week has shown a drop in the infection by 87%.

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil For Yeast Infection Treament
3. Coconut oil
Coconut oil is well known for its antifungal and anti-inflammation properties and is pretty effective in killing any sort of bacteria, including that of a yeast infection. Apply coconut oil directly on the infected area twice a day. You may also mix with a few drops of cinnamon oil for better results.

Garlic For Yeast Infection Treatment
4. Garlic
Due to its natural antibiotic and antifungal properties, garlic is a solution for a wide array of skin conditions, from eczema, to hives and yeast infection. All you have to do is to crush a clove or two of garlic and dilute with few drops of coconut oil. Then apply this on the infected area and rinse off after 30 minutes.  Another method is to consume orally garlic everyday.

apple cider vinegar for yeast infection
apple cider vinegar for yeast infection treatment
5. Apple cider vinegar
ACV is at it again! Like I always tell you, there’s almost nothing ACV can’t cure. For this condition, white vinegar can serve the purpose as well. The mild acidity content of apple cider vinegar helps in killing bacteria and provide instant relief to itchiness. Mix equal parts of ACV and water, then apply it onto the infected area. It may sting a little at first, but provides relief the next minute. You may rinse off after some time.  Another method is to add ½ cup of vinegar to your bath and soak you body in it for 30 minutes or so.

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil (yeast infection remedies)
6. Tea tree oil for Yeast Infection
We must remind you that no scientific studies have managed to prove its efficiency yet. However, it has been claimed to bring relief to the itch immediately when applied. We suggest that you dilute it with some coconut oil first before apply on the infected area. You may leave it overnight.

Boric Acid
Boric Acid (best yeast infection treatment)
7. Boric acid
Boric acid does play a promising role when it comes to fighting vaginal yeast infection. It has a mild antiseptic and antifungal property but however is not suitable to be used by pregnant women. All you have to do is to dilute some boric acid with water, and then apply on the infected area. Leave it on for two to three minutes before rinsing off.

Cranberry juice
Cranberry juice (how to treat yeast infection?)
8. Cranberry juice
Cranberry juice helps maintain the pH of urine and kill the bacteria found in urinary tract, intestines and even your mouth. The antiseptic substance found in cranberry juice also prevents the overgrowth of fungi, and thus cures yeast infection gradually. Drink a glass of unsweetened cranberry juice daily foe the best results. Do not take sweetened one as yeast thrives on sugar, thus might worsen the infection.

oregano oil
oregano oil (home remedy for yeast infection treatment)
9. Oregano oil
Oregano oil contains similar properties as tea tree oil and needs to be diluted before application. To dilute, you may use virgin olive oil, or coconut oil. You may also take the oregano oil capsules on daily basis for best results.

Olive leaves extract
Olive leaves extract (how to cure a yeast infection)
10. Olive leaves extract
Olive leaves are packed with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antioxidant properties that can help fight bacteria overall. It also aids in restoring of the healthy bacteria in your body and thus prevent further infection. To make an olive leaf extract at home, chop finely some fresh olive leaves and put them in a jar with a lid. Then pour in some vodka until the leaves are completely covered, close the lid tightly and leave it in a dark place for about four weeks.  Later, strain this liquid into another storage jar. You may apply this extract twice daily for best results.

11. Calendula
Apparently this is also one of the most effective home remedies for yeast infectionthat many women swore by. Crush two to three calendula leaves and apply it directly on the infected area. Leave it on until it dries, then you may rinse off. Another way is to take the calendula tea.

The power of Transsexual

Most of people seem to understand that Transsexual have a magical ability to have their sausage and eat it too. Well ,I would like to validate this perception. Most frequently transsexual have become the iconic of sex symbol and the ultimate pornographic symbol.

TS seems to please them very well with breast and good understanding what the man really wanted

It can be seen very often from a mainstream porn video on the Internet about TS-with -man or TS-with-woman or group scene.

There is no surprise that TS can offer more options of excitement than others. 

Let’s picture this -TS has a feminine appearance, the entire body of TS look like a woman and what is more TS has a manhood entertainment complex. So those of you who enjoy having sexual intercourse with woman TS seems to please them very well with breast and good understanding what the man really wanted in bed. For other that prefer having sex with man, it ‘s no doubt that TS is have a man best part! Therefore, it’s fair to say that TS has everything that you possibly thinking of when it come to sex.

TS is the one who will try anything, who is comfortable enough with her sexuality to act on her erotic desires.

Media Depicts Transsexuals in Lipstick and Heels. Transgender, Tgirl

Skirt Chasers: Why the Media Depicts the Trans Revolution in Lipstick and Heels

AS A TRANSSEXUAL WOMAN, I am often confronted by people who insist that I am not, nor can I ever be, a “real woman.” One of the more common lines of reasoning goes something like this: There’s more to being a woman than simply putting on a dress. I couldn’t agree more. That’s why it’s so frustrating that people often seem confused because, although I have transitioned to female and live as a woman, I rarely wear makeup or dress in an overly feminine manner.

Despite the reality that there are as many types of trans women as there are women in general, most people believe that all trans women are on a quest to make ourselves as pretty, pink, and passive as possible. While there are certainly some trans women who buy into mainstream dogma about beauty and femininity, others are outspoken feminists and activists fighting against all gender stereotypes. But you’d never know it by looking at the popular media, which tends to assume that all transsexuals are male-to-female, and that all trans women want to achieve stereotypical femininity.

The existence of transsexuals—who transition from one sex to the other and often live completely unnoticed as the sex “opposite” to the one we were assigned at birth—has the potential to challenge the conventional assumption that gender differences arise from our chromosomes and genitals in a simple, straightforward manner.

We can wreak havoc on such taken-for-granted concepts as woman and man, homosexual and heterosexual. These terms lose their cut-and-dried meaning when a person’s assigned sex and lived sex are not the same. 

But because we are a threat to the categories that enable traditional and oppositional sexism, the images and experiences of trans people are presented in the media in a way that reaffirms, rather than challenges, gender stereotypes.

Small #Penis Punishment

Logan Vaughn is used to girls falling all over him with his big muscles and pretty boy blond hair.

Logan is in for a shocking reality when his good looks don't change a damn thing for Mistress Lorelei Lee and instead she treats him like the piece of muscle meat she sees him as. 
Logan is tied in rope bondage, and whipped repeatedly then caned on his feet until he must beg for mercy! Funny how these muscle boys break under pressure. Another funny thing is how most of these pretty boy muscle men act all macho yet when it comes to their cock it's nothing more than a mouse!
 How on earth is that supposed to please a Divine lady like Mistress Lee? Logan gets fucked deep in his ass and made to think he is going to fuck and cum Mistress Lorelei yet she just denies him in the end, barely allowed to even smell her pussy as she gets off and left with a penis pump painfully on his hard denied cock!

#Transgender #sissy #transsexual: Telling a guy "I love you!"

I've been spending a lot of time doing this and not much time on the computer!
I'm still here! I thought maybe one or two people might be wondering! It's just that in the summertime I do not spend a lot of time in the house on the computer. I like to lay out by my pool or on a float like above and there is also endless time spent gardening, watering flowers, and taking care of the yard and house. Not to mention that I also like to go summer festivals when I can. Thus I am not in the house much unless it storms!

Anyway, something popped into my head -- as usual -- and I was thinking, I never really told a guy "I love you." I wanted to several times, but I never did.
Now, in junior and senior high school and in college I would tell guys "I really love your cock" or "I really love sucking your cock." If it was a guy I spent a little more time with, I would say "I really love being with you." But never just "I love you." You probably know what I mean when I say that there is a difference.

I'm not really sure why that is. I loved being with those guys, but I think there was that taboo-ness of being in the gay lifestyle when I was a teen that scared me. Maybe I did not know how gay I was because I was also friends with girls and very confused about it all. There was a time when I wanted to be with girls, but I wanted to be a girl. Then I wanted to be with guys and be their girl. You know how that worked if you are reading this!

 And boys, even sissies, did not go around telling guys "I love you" unless you really knew what the response was going to be. You could get beat up over something like that!
There was this one boy though that I knew all through school. And I have mentioned him in a post probably long ago. I met him in 7th grade when we were around 13. That's about the same time I really realized how much I wanted to be a girl and how attracted I was to boys. And also how I was infatuated by adult men as well!

But I developed the biggest crush on this boy. When I would see him at school I would just melt. Just like a silly schoolgirl. And we also ended up in many of the same classes for the six years of junior and senior high school because we were both in the college prep course.
That would include our phys ed classes, so for those six years I would get to see him naked in the shower and locker room at school. He was just so athletic and beautiful! I just wanted to eat him up!
I dreamed of being with my teen crush like this so
I could tell him "I love you!"

I would dream of us together naked in bed, holding and caressing and kissing him, me sucking his beautiful cock until I gave him great pleasure, and then just cuddling naked with him again and kissing him and caressing him all night long. And I would be telling him "I love you" over and over and over! I had that dream so many times! Oh, and imagine how I felt when I would see him in school the very next day!
He played sports and so I would sit with the girls and the other sissies in the cheering section and watch him play. I was always so envious when I saw him talking to a cheerleader or some other real girl. I mean, I wanted to be his girlfriend! So I hated it when he was with other girls!

 I don't know if you ever went through something like that, but it was hard. We were actually very good friends, but it was limited at school. He was always very nice to me, which somehow made things harder. There was that line that would never be crossed and I was too scared to even try.

So, like the other sissies, I would give guys blowjobs and I really "loved" them and doing that for them, but even with my teen crush I never once told a guy that "I love you."
OK, what about you? Do you have a story to tell like this?