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Femininity Guide For Trans Women

Trans Women
Trans Women are unapologetically fashion conscious; they have an insatiable desire to look more feminine. Just like cisgender women, they always want to look younger and prettier. If you visit any Transgender Dating Site, you will be surprised and awed by the number of feminine beauties looking for love. However, after the sex reassignment surgery, many transgender women find themselves at the end of their wits on how to look more feminine. It is important for transsexual women to understand that clothes, cosmetics, and accessories are not the only aspects of femininity, as femininity encompasses more than physical appearance. If you are a transsexual woman and you are struggling with your femininity, this article offers you an insightful guide to help you express your womanliness to the fullest.

Understand Femininity

Unfortunately, even though transsexual women have a womanly gender inclination, they were not brought up as women. As a result, when they are “reborn” after the sex reassignment surgery, they can face some challenges as they learn to embrace their femininity. The first step towards embracing femaleness should be having a firm grasp on what it means to be female. This involves reading and researching about femininity and, if needed, hiring a femininity coach.

Being female is as much mental as it is physical. The way you think, therefore, is the cornerstone of being feminine. If you think you are sexy, then you should walk and talk as though you are the goddess of femininity. Understanding that femaleness is both a state of mind and a physical state is a key factor in unlocking your feminine nature.

Your Voice and Movement

Some of the main areas that transgender woman should concentrate on improving are how they move and talk. First, it is important to analyze your current movements and identify any areas that are overtly manly and abrupt. A woman is supposed to be gentle in her movements; she should be polished, graceful, and decorous.

 All of these traits should be readily apparent to everyone the moment you walk into a room. How you sit down and carry yourself should be in line with your feminine side. When seated, for example, your legs should never be apart; they should be neatly closed together and tucked under you.

If you have a course, deep voice, it is important that you train it to be more feminine. Several sources can help you develop a feminine voice, including magazines and YouTube videos. Practice makes perfect; hence, ensure that you practice daily. If possible, practice with a friend who is willing to offer you honest, constructive feedback. The more you talk and move like a woman, the more your confidence will soar in your new body.


Trans Women

Just like the old song says, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” To be more feminine, you need to know how to smile like a woman. A smile not only brightens up your face, but it also makes you look friendlier and more welcoming, traits both associated with femininity and womanly charm.

Carry a Handbag

Many transgender women avoid carrying a handbag because they do not know what to put inside it. Purses and bags are both practical and important for daily life as well as a fashion accessory for women. Some must-have products to pack in your handbag include the following: deodorant, a compact mirror, hand sanitizer, some lip products, cash, a notebook, and a pen.

9 #Superfoods for the #Transgender #Transsexual to Rejuvenate Body, Mind and Spirit

Gurls when the goal is rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit, the method should be smaller, more frequent snacks and meals.  This will help keep energy levels on an even keel, and regulate your blood sugar levels to avoid spikes and dips. 

When you choose the right combination of foods, your body gets the much-needed boost it needs to sustain itself properly, even through those slumps later in the day. So dump those high sugar junk foods and reach for the following foods and get that boost you need.

Any fresh fruit, especially with skins or seeds like peaches, apples, pears, oranges, and strawberries, is a great source of vitamins and fiber. In the summer you can choose a peach and get plenty of dietary fiber, niacin (vitamin B3), potassium, beta carotene and vitamin A, plus high amounts of vitamin C. Niacin is important for providing energy for cell tissue growth. Along with regulating fluid balance, potassium helps maintain the electrical stability of the cells of your heart and nervous system and is important for cell and muscle growth. Vitamin B12 plays a role in red blood cell formation, nerve function, and metabolizing protein and fat.

Dried Apricots and Almonds combination provides a high amount of vitamin A, iron protein and dietary fiber. Both foods are low in cholesterol and sodium, and apricots are a great source of potassium, which is important in regulating your body's fluid balance. The vitamin A in apricots contributes to healthy vision, bone growth, and reproduction, and helps fight infection.

Raisins are a healthy, low-fat, low-cholesterol, and low-sodium snack with significant amounts of potassium, phosphorus, copper, and iron, and when mixed with low-fat yogurt, you also get riboflavin (vitamin B2) and vitamin B12, as well as a high amount of calcium, which is needed not only for strong bones and teeth but also plays a key role in the normal functioning of the heart and other muscles.

Baby carrots and sesame sticks are a tasty treat that will provide significant amounts of beta carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6, iron, potassium, copper, and fiber. Beta carotene helps protect against diseases like heart disease and some cancers. 
Vitamin A is important for healthy skin, for better night vision, and to fight infection and respiratory ailments. Folate, or vitamin B9, is essential to human life, helping to form red blood cells and break down proteins, and playing a key role in cell growth and division.

Peanut butter

 on some whole grain crackers is an excellent source of protein, iron, niacin, and fiber. Peanut butter on celery is a classic snack, has great staying power, and the celery is stuffed with numerous vitamins, minerals, and is high in fiber.  Low-fat string cheese is a good quick source of protein and calcium. They come in easy-to-carry individual servings and you can add a piece of fresh fruit for extra fiber.

A wonderful sissy Tgirl worthy of Envy!

A sissy T-girl worthy of our envy!
I found this photo of this awesomely pretty sissy and I had some thoughts about it.

My sister had dresses like this and I would borrow them and dress up in my bedroom. Also, I would take them to my sissy friend's house when we "played house." I supplied my sister's short dresses and my sissy friend supplied her mother's lingerie for our sissy playtime!

You know, I was dressed like this one time when my mother opened the door to bring my clean laundry to my room and she saw me! I don't think my bedroom door had a lock on it because you'd think I would have locked the door. But I cannot remember for sure.

But my mother did not say anything to me about seeing me dressed in my sister's dress. Oh, I had been shaving my legs as well! Of course, she knew what a sissy I was so it was certainly no shock to her. I always loved my mother so much for accepting my sissyness and not making any fuss about it!

As a younger teen, I did not have long hair like the sissy girl in the photo, nor access to a wig. This pretty girl must certainly be going out in public like this! And I really envy her for that! 

One regret that the great majority of us have is that we could not or cannot live our lives as the sissy T-girls that we are. There are all sorts of reasons that we have to lead secret lives. I would have given anything to be able to dress like the sissy girl in the photo and just go about living my everyday life like that!

I never understood why it is pretty much OK for girls to be tomboys. Look at all the girls playing sports nowadays. Some of them are tough-looking gals! But it was never OK for boys to be sissies and be feminine-looking! That always really sucked!

Small-cock humiliation!

I resemble this girl down below and
well, she is a lot prettier though!
Guest Blogger Jill James

I have read various blogs and websites that talk about sissies being humiliated for their tiny penises -- our "sissy clitties" as we even call then ourselves!

And why do I read those blogs and sites? Well, that is me they are talking about, of course! Is that you too?

Now, my wife, when talking among friends, or even at social gatherings where she just met another woman, will talk about how tiny my clitty is. But that does not make me sad. It is a fact of my life.  Sometimes she does it to humiliate me, but as you know that can be exciting if you are submissive like we are.

But on the other hand, my wife will also talk about how I have such a talented tongue -- even if I do say so myself! She brags about how wonderful I am to her and how I put her orgasms first and foremost. She talks about how I do all the housework and cook for her.

And you know what: She actually sometimes has these other women feeling really envious. Because their husbands may worry about getting off and rolling over and going to sleep. While sissy wives like us worry about our female partners getting off -- several times -- until THEY wish to drift off to sleep.

So, anyway, my wife has no concern about my sissy clitty. She thinks it is cute, but she ignores it. It is my tongue that she loves! What about you?

Homosexual #transgender? #Transsexual description of a #sissy

This really interesting post caught my eye today because it really sounds like me and I am sure most of us sissy T-girls:
Transsexual description sounds just like me

From transsexual author Kay Brown: her description of a “homosexual transsexual”:
“The prototypical feminine androphilic (“homosexual”) transsexual was called a “sissy” by her peers growing up.  She avoided rough & tumble activities.  Her primary social circle consisted of one or two girls.  She actively participated in girls games and imaginary play.  Her parents were embarrassed by her femininity, and may or may not have sought professional help in trying to discourage her behavior.  
As a young teen, she became interested in girls fashion and make-up, often exploring how she might look as a girl by dressing up and experimenting with make-up.  This did not, of course, involve erotic cross-dressing.

This sissy is just how I was
as a teen! But hey, according
to transsexual author
Kay Brown, we were
great baby sitters!

She had  crushes on boys at school.  Her peers thought she might be homosexual.  She was hassled, perhaps even bullied, by homophobic boys, but otherwise was reasonably popular in her chosen circle.  She was considered very neat and well dressed in boy’s clothes.  She sought out opportunities to interact with small children and infants, taking on babysitting jobs.  
As she approached adulthood, looking at her own nature, her potential future, both romantic and economic, made a rational decision to transition to living as a girl so as to grow up to be a woman socially.  Her family may or may not have disowned her in late adolescence.  As she is naturally feminine and passes quite well, she found that she was socially and romantically more successful as a woman.  She actively dated men while pre-op, but assiduously avoided direct contact with her penis, finding that emotionally uncomfortable.  

Being young and lacking capital, she lived several years as a woman, taking feminizing hormones, before having SRS to improve her sex life, replacing genitalia that she didn’t use with those that she did.  She may or may not have found a husband and adopted children.”

The beginning of this statement was especially true with me! I was called a sissy by my peers. I avoided rough and tumble activities in favor of feminine activities. My father did not like that I was a sissy, but my mother loved me the way I was.
With two older sisters, I became interested in girls fashion and makeup and of course I dressed up in my mother's things and those of my one sister.

 I had crushes on boys at school. My peers bullied me for probably being gay. But I was popular among the girls, other sissies, other races and nationalities, just about any other group that was not the white boys.

And as far as baby sitting, I had to laugh because that definitely was me! I was drawn to infants and children because I became very maternal and neighborhood people sought me out to be their baby sitter. I got just as many babysitting jobs as the neighborhood girls did!

I must look her up to read more of her stuff!
How do you compare with what she wrote?


Real #Transwoman. #transgender #tgirl #transsexual

Having a tiny penis!

This is just my opinion, but I find the idea of a sissy T-girl with a big cock to be a bit of a contradiction. What do you think?

I mean, I see pictures and videos of girls that are popularly known as "shemales" fucking not only real girls, but also guys! They do this because they have such big cocks!

I guess I just don't understand. To me, a T-girl should be a sissy, should be submissive, should always GIVE oral pleasure to men and women, and should be the one being fucked -- either with a real man's cock or a dominant woman's strap-on -- not the other way around!

To me, T-girls like Tayla here are perfect. Look at those breasts and the rest of her body and she is pretty and she is just so close to being a real girl because of her little penis or "sissy clitty."

She would make a wonderful wife for a dominant real woman! Or a man's wife too! T-girls, in my humble opinion, should aspire to be a wife, whether to a man or a woman. They should be submissive to their partner in every way.

I guess I just don't get the idea of a T-girl taking the dominant position. It just does not make sense to me. What do you think?

Teen #Tranny memories of men. #transsexual #tgirl #transgender

When I was growing up a sissy, my family had access to a pool at a park owned by my dad's company. I would love going out there at every opportunity for reasons that I will explain.

When I reached junior high age, 13 or 14, I began to have feelings not only for boys my age but for men who were much older. So we would go out to this pool and I would linger in the changing room so I could get a glimpse of the men in the shower and when they were changing in and out of their trunks.

 Most of these men were rugged steelworkers, although office workers for the plant could use the pool as well. But it was the rugged men who caught my eye and made me tingle. Now, the reason I am posting that picture at right of the model Dave Dekker, is because there was a man there who looked a lot like that. Big muscles! Big cock!

As I said, I would linger in the shower or changing room just to get a good look at that man. And, of course, I tried very hard not to get caught while eying him up. Then I would go home and while lying in bed at night I would fantasize about being held in those strong arms, just like Dave's arms. The man would hold me and kiss me. And he would tell me how he was going to make me his girlfriend.

 Now, I have to admit that at that time I had no thoughts or desires about taking a man's cock in my ass, but I had already started sucking the much smaller cocks of boys my age. So I certainly fantasized about sucking that man's big manly cock and licking his big hairy balls. In my dreams, I would pleasure him with my lips and tongue until he was groaning and then convulsing with an incredible orgasm. And after I ate his cum, he would hold me in his strong arms again and brush my cheek and tell me what a good sissy girl I was.

So I had this fantasy almost constantly and like I said I never missed an opportunity to get out to that pool and perhaps get a glimpse of this man naked -- or any hunky mane for that matter -- in the changing room.

 Did anyone else go through this, you know, having a crush on or fantasies about some hunky muscular man when you were a young sissy?

Lovely #ladyboy girlfriends! #Asian #boipussy

Being one of these beautiful ladyboy girlfriends would be the next best thing if you  can't be a real girl and be a real lesbian!

Oh my, you can't even tell that they are feminine sissies and not real girls! I bet both are candidates to have their little sissy clitties removed in favor of pussies! Would only be the right thing to do!

And I just adore their matching short dresses! So feminine and sweet! The way sissies should all be dressing! It is just so nice be live in an all-feminine world, don't you agree!

#Transgender: Wipe your little #sissy #clitty #tranny! #transgender

 Don't forget to wipe your little sissy clitty!

Don't forget to wipe your little sissy clitty!
After I sit down to tinkle like a girl and I always take a little bit of toilet tissue to wipe any droplets from my little sissy clitty!

I know this is a really silly thing to mention, but it just another sissy thing that I do, like shaving my body, doing my nails, using a feminine pad, putting on makeup, buying a new garter belt, etc.

But then again, you don't want a wet spot in your nice satiny panties, do you? Of course not! And sissies who have a dripping problem after wiping really should be using a panty liner!

Men will shake their petey at the urinal, but then again we sissies don't use urinals, or a least should not be using urinals! Sitting down and peeing like a girl as we should be doing, we can't really shake much, so that necessitates a girlie wipe!

#Transgender #transsexual #transwoman #tgirl Don't you hate peeing at a urinal!

Don't you hate standing up
at a urinal to pee? So un-girlie!
As a sissy T-girl I find it so disgusting to have to stand at a urinal to pee! Don't you?

I like to have a nice and clean-smelling toilet so I can sit down and pee like a girl! Now, I do get that at home of course and I can use a unisex bathroom at work that is mostly acceptable, but a lot of times when you are out or traveling the bathrooms are pretty disgusting. So you end up not using the toilet and standing at a urinal. Don't you just hate that!

What gets me is that some big-name restaurants have smelly bathrooms. And rest stops aren't so great either because they can just be so busy.

I always have to chuckle because I like to go to state parks and the bathrooms are always cleaner than the restaurants I visit!

I am always on the lookout for a unisex bathroom in places that also have separate men's and women's facilities. 

But standing up at a urinal with men! I just hate it!

#Transgender #transsexual #Tranny That wonderful smooth #sissy feeling!

You know how wonderful it is to shave your legs and everything else to be a smooth sissy, right!

(Of course you do; that's why you are reading this!)

This morning when I shaved I used a new blade, which always makes the feeling extra special. But my skin was very dry and I found myself scratching at my shins! So I made sure to apply some sweet-smelling moisturizing cream and that made me feel so very sissy wonderful. Add to that my perfume that I used on top!

A lot of times I forget about moisturizing, but my skin is just so dry from being in that indoor heat so much. 
So it did help a lot and my legs felt so baby-bum smooth from using the new blade and cream. I know that is one of the simple pleasures of being a sissy girl but it gives you such a wonderful feeling!

#Transgender: Upset that we cannot be pretty in public! #transsexual #femulate #sissy

Doesn't it really suck that we cannot dress like this in public! Whenever I see real girls like this out in public and I think how I cannot be out there just like them, well I just hate the world!

I mean, I have dresses like these, which I described in a recent post, that I wear around the house. Maybe sneak out late at night occasionally with them on. But to walk down a public street during the day like these pretty girls, well, most of us just cannot do it. And it is just not fair!

I envy those girls so much! Just like them, I want to show off my smooth legs and pretty clothes, but society will not let me. And just why the heck not!

Who else is mad about this?

#Transgender: Shaving your girlie spot! #transsexual #tgirl

Shaving your girlie spot!

I worked on my girlie V too!
This was me today in the picture at right! Well, I wish I was more like that anyway!

When I tuck, this is what you see!
I shave everything from the neck down except for my little V-shaped girlie patch of pubic hair above my sissy clitty! Do you like to do the same? Sometimes I will take it all off! The feeling of doing that after you have not done it for a while is so girlie! But most of the time I let it grow out to a girlie V!

If you do the same thing as I do, you know what I mean! I don't find shaving to be a chore because it is just one of the things to be more girlie. Like buying panties and other clothes. Like putting on makeup.  It's just something that you do because real girls do it too!

But being tiny and limp like many of us are -- having what we like to call affectionately a "sissy clitty" -- it is quite natural to shave like a girl because we are so much closer to being girls than to being men. Don't you agree? I mean if I let my body hair grow out it would be so out of character for me.

It would not match my inner self. It is just not going to happen. My inner self tells me that I have to present myself as girlie even though I will never be one of the lucky ones who may have their gender reassignment surgery.

But getting back on topic, shaving my body like a girl and shaving my sissy pubie area like a girl is something that at least makes me a little more like a girl and I take great delight in it. What about you?

#Transgender, #Transsexual becoming complete #sissy #tgirl.

Losing those dreaded erections!

The way it should be: Only the
real man with the erection,
but never the sissy or t-girl!
The other day I thought about when I was playing house with my sissy friend and other boys coming around for bj sessions when I was a teen.

And later that day I had to laugh to myself because the memory popped into my head how my sissy friend and I would get these little boners -- we called them boners at that age! -- while the boys we were pleasuring had beautiful nice-sized ones (at least until we took care of them).

What made me laugh was the thought of the two sissies with little boners pleasuring these boys and these little boners would eventually shrink up and go away while the act was taking place until they were back to their sissy state at the time the real boys were cumming in the sissies' mouths!

It brought back a pleasant memory because we sissies lost our boners while we were pleasuring the real boys probably subconsciously because we knew that sissies were not supposed to get boners if they had little sissy clitties like we had.

Since we were definitely leaning toward the girlie side, boners were really not something we were supposed to have.

That is what is great about female hormones and testosterone blockers. They will definitely take away those nasty dreaded erections for guys who wish they were girls!

So the questions would be: Do you hate getting erections (boners!)? Are you doing anything to rid yourself of those nasty things?

#Transsexual #boipussy: Cheerleaders #transgender #tgirl

Cheering for cheerleaders!

I have always wanted to be a cheerleader! Starting when I was about 12 going to my senior high schools games. I thought those those senior high girls, who would have been 16 to 18 years, were just so gorgeous and they looked so mature compared to me and the girls in my grade!

I envied them so much! Their short skirts and pretty sweaters with the school logo. The way everyone was watching them and the attention they got, especially from the cute boys. I would always go to the games and sit in front of the cheerleaders, watching their every move and not really much of the football game. I was not really into football, as you probably know. I will watch games today, my home teams anyway, but more like a female would be watching.

Besides the cheerleaders my high school had a nationally-renowned dance team. And these girls were even hotter than the cheerleaders. Most of them were leggy girls and the highlight of their routine was when they joined arms and kicked like the Rockettes.

When I made it to the senior high school, many of these cheerleaders and dancers were my friends, some very close friends. Of course, they would not date me because I was a sissy but they did spend a lot of time with me as I am sure I have written about before and I really valued that.

But I envied girls like this so much. It was depressing to be missing out on being like that. Or just being a pretty girl in general, of course.

Anyway, I found these photos of these very cute ladyboy cheerleaders that I just really enjoy! Wouldn't you just love to be them!

#Transgender Female to Male Transition. #sex

Sex Reassignment Surgery of Transgender Female to Male

Female to Male Transition
Like any transition, whether it be female to male or male to female, is a long process. After accepting oneself and letting their peers know about their feelings, it is a complete fact to say that their lives will not be the same. They will gain and lose support, from people who do not understand and people who do. After completing the social process, it is time to start the biological process, which is usually sex hormone therapy. This usually is the cause of increased body hair growth as well as facial hair growth (and loss of hair on temples. It also deepens your voice (may crack a while, and you can lose vocal range if you sing). It also thickens your skin which makes you more tolerant of cold. Testosterone may cause a small amount of growth if you haven’t finished puberty and still have some growth left in your body. Testosterone also stops your menstrual cycle, generally within 3 months (depending on your dose). 

Your sex drive will likely increase, as will your appetite. Then comes changing one’s name legally, which in itself is also a very long procedure. Many different documents have to be submitted, and this could take a very short or long amount of time, which all comes to worth in the end when a transgender finally gets to be themselves on the outside, already in the inside. Then comes having you gender changed legally. Each state/province/country has its own laws on what an individual needs to do to officially become another gender. Many require documentation from a psychologist or doctor confirming true gender.
Female to Male Transition
New York state requires an endocrinologist to confirm that a person has been on testosterone, as well as a surgeon to confirm that top surgery and a hysterectomy has been performed. 

People who go through this process, whichever it may be must remember to take their time, especially when they are young. They may feel that this all has to happen instantly. They must remember to be strong, be patient, and make sure they are making the right decisions. Talk to people you know and trust, visit support groups (in person or online), and talk to other transgender individuals. With time, it will all be worth it.

#Transgender FTM Passing. #femininity #transsexual #tgirl

A Trans male is someone who is transitioning from female to male. Often times it is also someone who was born biologically female, but identifies as male, usually because they are unable to transition, for various reasons.
female to male
Most Transgender Female to Male do eventually choose to transition, and will do so by going through HRT, or Hormone Replacement Therapy. They can go to a doctor to receive a prescription for what is usually biweekly injections, though there are other means of receiving the hormone, through methods like patches, gels, or several other ways.
In order to “pass” as male, some trans males will try to get the testosterone, as it will give them a generally more masculine appearance, and lower their voices. However, many FTM males are unable to start hormone therapy, and instead will find other ways to match a male appearance. 

Binding is one option, where one will bind their breasts to achieve the look of a flat chest. There are quite a lot of ways to do this, but many of them have been known to be very unsafe. One method is using Ace Bandages, but that has been very well known to cause many health problems, and most people will warn against this method. It is not safe, and can cause serious damage to the ribs and lungs.

The safest known way is to buy a medical chest binder, which can be found rather easily online, and in many different styles. Most, if not all trans men will bind their chests, unless they are able to receive “top” surgery, which is usually a surgery to remove most of the breast tissue from the chest.
Another thing trans men will do in order to pass is packing, where they will put something in their pants to mimic the appearance of the bulge left by male genitalia. Packers are sold online in many places, and often look alike to the male genitalia. A much simpler, cheaper method of packing is to use a rolled up sock and place it properly.

Slightly oversize shirts and loose pants are usually the key to having a masculine appearance, though some trans man are able to take on a masculine appearance without the use of large t-shirts. Buying male clothes alone can help more than one would think they could, and it’s a rather easy thing to achieve, seeing as male clothing is usually much cheaper than woman’s clothing.
Much of appearing male depends on your mannerisms and things that one really wouldn’t think to focus on. Men tend to have a different walk than most women, and focusing on the gait while walking can often give a person a more “masculine” way of walking.

One thing to focus on as well is appearance while sitting. Men tend to take up as much space as they can while sitting, while women do the opposite. Generally just trying to take up as much space as possible while sitting will bring a more masculine appearance, from spreading the legs, to doing something as simple as leaning back more.
Trans men are known to be of many sexualities, though a large amount of them are Pansexual, which is an attraction to someone regardless of their gender identity.
Quite a few trans men are known to date heterosexual women, while some will date gay men. It all depends mostly on the trans man themselves, and the people that are interested in dating them.

Quite a few well known trans men include:

Chaz Bono, the son of Cher, who has written a book on his experiences as a trans man. The movie Becoming Chaz came out in 2011, which was also a movie about his transition.
chaz bono
Brandon Teena, who was a young trans man that was murdered in 1993. A movie was made about him, the 1999 film Boys Dont Cry.
And Buck Angel, whom is a film-maker, speaker, and advocate. He stars in a documentary about his life, as well.
Buck Angel
Many movies have been made about or starring trans men, including those listed above, as well as the 2002 film Just Call Me Kade, the 2006 movie Boy I Am, and the 2015 movie About Ray.
Many of the movies being created focus on the problems facing transgender youth, which has been an increasing concern in recent years.