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#Transgender: The Reality of Being a #Transsexual, #Tgirl

From one of my readers from
By Cindy

I am often asked what I would do differently if I had the choice to do it all over again. This is a powerful question and its one I have pondered many times. Looking back I made so many mistakes and it has cost me so much in terms of heartache. I wish I would’ve done so much differently.
When I first came out I wasn’t very passable. My makeup was horrible, my breasts were silicone forms, and I was very odd looking for a West Texas girl. I dressed as any other, and my mannerisms were feminine enough, but my features were not well hidden. The awkwardness of my appearance was only further enhanced with the fact I was wearing high color shirts. I wasn’t able to show any cleavage because my breasts were forms. My voice was feminine, my mannerisms were feminine, but it was not a secret what I was.

When I came out I was harassed, debased, humiliated, and made fun of by my coworkers who made a habit of calling me by my birth name and also sir. To make matters worse, management was only not supportive as they said they would be, but they apart of it. Ultimately, when I was threatened by a coworker and I physically confronted him my employment was terminated. This would be an issue over and over again.

I applied to jobs time and time again. Because it took me some time to get my makeup down and also because I was wearing long sleeve shirts with high collars in the summer time, I was unable to find a job. When I was hired and subsequently discovered, I was terminated because of the other employee’e uneasiness with my situation.

There I was, unable to revert to being a man and unable to find gainful employment as a woman. I have been fulltime for almost two years now and still I have been unable to even start my HRT regiment. I am only passable now because I have taken the stand of, “I don’t care anymore what you think” and my confidence and makeup skills compensate for any doubts. I am no closer to now to the end of my transformation then I was two years ago. I shower with my eyes closed, I shave in the shower, and I apply my foundation in total darkness. I don’t open my eyes until it’s at least applied. I hate my body; it isn’t mine, and trying to fix the issue is proving all too difficult.

So, my advice to anyone considering becoming a fulltime transsexual woman is this; take your time, get your ducks in a row, and be prepared to find new employment. Save your money, get going good on HRT, and most of all get good with the application of your, “war paint”. Be prepared; don’t make the mistakes I did. If I would’ve stayed, “in the closet” only another six months, I would have had my breast augmentation and the money for my SRS. (I was 3 weeks away from my breast surgery when I was fired and one paycheck). Be sure you are passable, and be prepared for a long and difficult road.

I am almost 33 years old and there is little hope I will ever have my surgeries in time to be young enough to ever enjoy all the benefits of being a woman in our society. Please, be prepared!

#Transgender Post-op ability to climax? #tranny #sissy #transsexual

Transgender Post-op ability to climax

I have heard so many tales with this.

From people who wish they had not had this done to people suggesting they are writhing in pleasure to those that are writhing in agony A lot of transpeople also maybe dishonest about their ability to climax, as the true picture may make them appear less of a woman or even a turnoff to a partner sexwise - and we get into that familiar world of 'faking it'. 
And may even feel foolish saying it to their surgeon - "you idiot what have you done!" 

What is this new orgasm? - how do you even know you have had one? The clitoris is created using the top of the glans and relocating it - very few men can get an orgasm by prodding that before the op, it needs violent rubbing. So is the orgasm in the mind? Most men will say they know exactly where it is and it aint there ;) How do post op trans women masturbate? 

This new anatomy is often numb painful, sore, itchy, dilation is a chore rather than a pleasure, the prostate shrinks so there can be some myths about that delivering anything. There are then the stories of people suggesting nothing actually happens for months and months (even years) then all of a sudden wow! What is the truth? What is your story? Be honest! A lot depends on your ability to orgasm as a male of course (in the case of the MTF here), but using that as your benchmark, is this really an orgasm now or an itch you cannot scratch :(? Especially considering the drop in libido hormones cause. 

What is the true face of the transsexual climax?

#Transwoman #Tgirl: The early days. #Transsexual #transgender

Just a little story

I started dressing when I was 5 or 6. I used to wear my moms panty hose and heels. I just love the feel of the silkyness of the hose against my skin..And loved the way walking in high heels felt. My mom suspected something when she went to put on a pair of heels and there were none in her closet.

She found them all under my bed..."Stupid kid" LOL. I continued to wear her clothes,gradually expanding to her panties,bras and dresses. I just loved the way wearing womens clothes made me feel..When I went to visit and stayover my grandparents Id sneak into my grandmothers rooms and go thru their stuff.

My dads mother had this amazing bodyshaper I just loved.

It had shoulder straps and came down to an opened crotch with garter straps....I would have it and thi high stockings on the entire time I was there. I just loved looking at myself in the mirror.....As I got older and started going over friends houses I started looking thru their moms stuff...

There was nothing like finding sexy panties and lingerie...Id always try something on....And once I got caught...But my friends father didnt let on he knew till awhile later when I went to see if my friend was home...Thats how I got introduced to the wonderful art of oral sex. 

But that's another story......KISSES

#Transgender: Washington DC #Transsexual Guide

About the city

New York City
There is not so many TS girls in Washigton DC, but you can still find enough of them in escort sites and on weekends in gay clubs.

Streets and Red Light District

K Street or Eastern Avenue are your best options to find transsexual prositute. Average cost for quick sex with a tranny street hooker is $50 to $100 and a blow job should never cost more than $50. Friday and Saturday nights are the best times to look tranny girls from the streets, but it's not very safe option. Many of them could be on drugs or trying to rob you.

Tranny Bars and Nightclubs

Open Friday and Saturday. Town Danceboutique is the largest gay danceclub in Washington, D.C. It is a combination of a cabaret performance space, a plush lounge, and a high energy danceclub. There are two floors, multiple rooms, an outside smoking area, an amazing video installation, state of the art LED lighting, and multiple dancefloors and seating areas. Your club experience at Town will consist of multiple performance oriented production.Extensive drag shows that feature big production numbers, comedy sketches and amazing outfits.Our own in house dance troupe performing multiple choreographed routines. You will definitely meet some transsexual ladies there on Fridays and Saturdays. Facebook:
Open every day from 4pm - 2am. DC’s premier gay bar & nightspot.Cobalt has been setting the standard for years. Still wildly popular today, the "place to be seen" keeps it fresh and innovative with an unparalleled lineup of the city’s most eclectic DJs, electric parties, and a staff that has all the class without the attitude. Facebook:

Transsexual Escort Sites

Below are listed most popular sites in Washigton DC where you can find transsexual escorts:
  • Washigton DC - Good section of transsexuals in Washigton DC
  • - Popular classified ads site. However around 40-50% of advertisers there use fake photos.

Transgender Dating Sites

Tgirl Forums

Here are some tranny forums that are popular in Washington DC:

#Transgender: Your Greatest #Transsexual #Tgril #transwoman Achievement?

Transgender Achievement

If you’re reading this right now, then I’m guessing you work very hard at perfecting your feminine image.

There’s a lot to think about, isn’t there?

Clothes, hair, makeup, voice, movements …

And that’s not even counting serious life changes like hormones or surgery.

The problem is that when you focus on everything that still needs improving, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come already.

Well, today I want you to put all that improvement stuff on hold. Forget about what you still need to do and celebrate what you’ve already achieved.

Seriously, girlfriend – you are AWESOME!

So I would love to know …
What has been your greatest achievement on your feminine journey so far?

It could be a big accomplishment like completing GRS (gender reassignment surgery), coming out to your family, or stepping out in public as a woman for the first time …

Or it could be a smaller victory like buying your first lipstick or choosing your feminine name.

Even if you’re a total newbie, there’s a lot to celebrate: You’re here on this site and acknowledging your true self! You are so much further along than those who try to repress their feminine sides. (We all know that doesn’t work.)

So let’s hear it! What is your greatest transgender or cross dressing achievement?

Please share it with us in the comments below!

#Tgirl: 3 Feminizing Foods (Plus 2 to Avoid)

Feminizing Foods (Plus 2 to Avoid)

Did you know that the food you eat can make you more or LESS of a woman?

It’s true!

Amazingly, over 300 different foods contain phytoestrogens (plant estrogens). These foods probably won’t feminize you on their own, but they CAN give you an extra boost if you use herbs for breast enlargement or are on hormone therapy.

Here are 3 feminizing foods to incorporate into your diet:

1. Flax seeds

Flax seeds contain more phytoestrogens than any other food, so it’s a great idea to eat them daily. Try sprinkling ground flax seeds on cereal, yogurt, fruit and salads. (Note: They need to be ground so you can digest them and get the phytoestrogenic effect.)

2. Soy

Soy is another high-phytoestrogen food. There are tons of soy foods available, so it’s easy to work them into your diet. Try: tofu, soy beans, soy milk, soy yogurt, soy powder, soy burgers, etc.

3. Fruits and veggies

There are also lots of fruits and vegetables that contain phytoestrogens. High-phytoestrogen fruits include: dried prunes, peaches, raspberries and strawberries. High-phytoestrogen veggies include: alfalfa sprouts, Winter squash, green beans, collard greens, broccoli and cabbage.

Best of all, these foods also encourage weight loss. (Remember: the heavier you are, the harder it is to create a feminine body shape.)

It’s just as important to AVOID anti-feminizing foods. Here are 2 foods that increase testosterone and have a masculinizing effect:

1. Simple carbs

Simple carbs, like sugar or white bread, increase your insulin level. Since increased insulin is related to testosterone production, it’s important not to overeat these foods.

2. High zinc foods

Zinc is another substance that boosts testosterone levels. That means you should avoid high-zinc foods like oysters, beef, pork, turkey, chicken liver, pumpkin seeds if you’re on a feminizing program.


angel bea

#Transgender: Passing in Public #Crossdresser #transsexual #tgirl #transwoman #tranny

I don’t think I’ve ever been fully a man. But maybe an inbetweener that likes to be both in a non sexual manner. I recently watched “the Danish girl” and I was shortly reminded how thrilling it was one time when nobody truly thought I was what I was. 

I dressed casually but pretty. With my skinny appearance, makeup, high heels and a coat to cover my dress that also dimmed down my otherwise masculine features.
I usually avoid the possibility of having to walk alone as most of us know it can be pretty dangerous around the wrong alleys. this time though I had no choice and had to get home by myself via the subway stations, I thought to myself I could very well be stabbed at any given moment. 

I put on my rather large sunglasses and somehow I wasn’t even noticed. That was singularily the best experience I’ve had in my entire life, considering that no matter how I dressed at other times I’d have children ask me if I was a boy or a girl, never really felt like I fit in with a gender.

 But it was nice to actually feel normal, even for a moment.
If I can pass, so can you. That’s what I believe now xD

#Transsexual: Daily Living

For me, it is even more thrill to go out in public as a man in dress (heels, nylons, makeup …:)).

Not that I do not like to pass fully. However, as you rightly point it out it is not very easy and possible all the time.
Besides, many GGs do not look nice or feminine due to their deportment, temperament, mood, upraising. A crossdresser (me!) should be much more pleasant appearance if well tempered and well aligned even if obviously being a male. At least to a normal, balanced person.

My limited experience proves what you say that most people do not care or make fuss. Basically, the only relatively consistent group of people who react in a negative and sometimes unpleasant way are teenage girls.

As a rule, as if having a “TG radar” they would “look through” me regardless how good am I in that moment in passing as a woman. They usually whisper and point their fingers or throw glances, giggle, sometimes frown. I was lucky that this was the worst that happened to me, but still is never pleasant. I always have a feeling they might become aggressive if I stay around for too long.

And I still haven’t developed my reaction towards them that would make me feel secure and safe. So far, I just ignore them, show them that I noticed them but pretend there is nothing to notice and try to go on my business. But I do not feel at ease nor do I look forward to such encounters.

#Transsexual: The Gift of being #Transgendered

I am always been taken back by girls who profess being tg is like having a curse. I believe being transgendered is perhaps the most precious gift you will receive in the course of your life. I've always had trouble accepting gifts. It took me a while to embrace this one. I hope you're smarter than I was. 

The most obvious reason is the fact you'll be in a position to experience the sensuality of both sexes.  You'll enjoy the intensity and eroticism most easily apprehended by your male side, and the sensitivity and real passion that only a woman can understand. That combination is very special. 

One benefit that is often overlooked, is how it tends to make us non-prejudicial. I never felt I was judgmental before embracing my transgenderism. I can assure you, I am not now. Learning to appreciate people are born with traits different from our own - which they cannot change even if they so desired - can be a whole new beginning for many individuals. It makes life so much more fun. 

Another benefit? The ability to appreciate even the simplest of feminine frustrations is heightened immensely. We finally comprehend why you can't wear the same dress, in front of the same crowd - more than once! 

I could go on and on. Each of us appreciates this gift in different ways. However, it is very important to recognize your transgenderism as a gift - if you are going to enjoy it. 

Ah, the hassles that come with the gift of being transgender

#Transgender: Your #Femininity Is Powerful

Recognize That Your Femininity Is Powerful

I believe people can be envious of feminine gay men, because we stand strong, loud and proud, in a world that has historically, and continues to, try to silence people like us.

People see our shamelessness and bravery, and instead of learning from this power they attempt to soak it in ill-conceived theories about what our gender expression says about our morality, worth, and humanity.

Regardless of what they say, remember that we are three-dimensional human beings with a heart, brain, and soul like theirs.

It’s more than just envy and jealousy, however.

Anti-femme sentiments and misogyny play are the dominant precursors of anti-feminine gay male behaviors.

As you probably know, society doesn’t respect women. Society simultaneously loves the heteronormative value that dictates that femininity is for women. So because society doesn't respect women, it doesn't respect femininity.

On the other hand, society respects men and what it assumes as male related things like “masculinity.” Society wants men that “act like men.”

Because men are limited to a usually very toxic performance of masculinity as the default gender expression, they are prevented from exploring a full range of expressions – which is where the non-unpacked jealousy of feminine gay men comes from.

Regardless of what they say, your femininity is liberation and your femininity is powerful.

You do what men are told not to, and what so many wish they could.

Going against the grain, and standing out from the group, is what separates the leaders from the followers.

#Transsexual: I love him - thus I accept her #Transgender

Women who first fell in love with a man who was actually transgender


I love him - thus I accept her

There’s a large number of transsexual women still married or in a committed union with a woman they first knew and loved “as a man” - who in turn stayed with them during transition and beyond.

For many of these women? There’s actually no attraction to a lesbian union. In fact? That’s the most challenging initial aspect of staying in the union. 

However, most discover lots of additional obstacles after their man starts changing in earnest: inappropriate fashion, hormonal outbursts, the desire to flex her female sexuality - it’s a very long journey.

However, those couples I know that survived it and stayed together? They’re the most sound marriages I’ve ever witnessed: trans or otherwise!

Transwoman: Enhance your Femininity W/video

Enjoy this video of crossdressers spending time outside in public.

The thrill of crossdressing and being able to pass as a girl in public for crossdressers is huge. Passing as a girl in public for crossdressers can be quite a challenge but with the help of makeup, proper clothing and styling as well as proper body gestures & movements, crossdressers can experience the outside world as they want.

If you are a crossdresser and you plan to go outside, make sure you are prepared for it and that your looks is feminine and cute. 

Don't over do anything that may lead to exposing of your identity.


#Transwoman Keep your head up