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#Transgender: Connect with People Like You #feminine

Connect with Other People Like You

It is often an immense struggle to find ourselves beautiful in a world that tells us we’re everything but.

I rarely, if ever, saw my feminity as something cute or charming. It wasn’t until I met my first feminine boyfriend that things began to change.

I was able to find him attractive because I was head over heels for him. And being head over heels for him meant that I loved his femininity as much as every other part of him.

It suddenly hit me one day that all the things I loved about him were things I could love about myself, but had never thought to.

Meeting other feminine gay men and transgendered has allowed me to become the most fully realized version of myself – a person who wears their femininity with pride, a person who recognizes how strong they are for growing up in a “glass closet,” and a person who is open to new people and new experiences – not just those approved by a homonormative queer society.

Dropping “attraction” as an excuse to push feminine men away forced me to interact with not only new people, but also myself. I was challenged to see myself in people who acted like me, people who had faced many of the same unique challenges I had.

I was forced to think of people as people, instead of as caricatures.

When you do that, you find not only the humanity in others, but also the humanity in yourself.

#Gay and #Tranny: Give Yourself Time – Lots and Lots of Time

Give Yourself Time – Lots and Lots of Time

I want to speak directly to you, the reader, and tell you that I won’t judge you if you don’t leave this article with a burning passion for feminine gay men hotter than one thousand suns, because that wasn’t the purpose of this story.

I found beauty in my reflection, beauty in the prominent switch in my hips when I walk, and beauty in my high-pitched voice. And let me tell you, it feels absolutely, out of this world amazing.

Learning to love myself allowed me in turn to love other people – especially others who resembled me.

All it took for me to make this change was to open my mind and my heart and to be critical of the world around me.

It’s beyond difficult to step outside of society’s standards for sexuality and gender expression, but it’s also beyond worth it.

You don’t have to be a queen like RuPaul or a princess like me to embrace male femininity. Do you to the fullest and if people can’t get with it, they can get lost.

#Transwoman: #Feminine Body Language Secrets – Part 2

Wow, last week’s blog post on feminine body language struck a nerve. Thanks for all the great comments and extra suggestions, girls!

There are 4 critical elements of body language:

  •     Posture
  •     Gestures
  •     Facial expressions
  •     Eye contact

Remember, body language counts for over 50% of what you are communicating, so this is a huge part of your feminine image.

Here are DO’s and DON’Ts of mastering the other 3 elements of body language (plus some pics of me doing a little modeling for ya.):

1. Gestures

Women tend to be more expressive with their gestures than men. Next time you’re out, notice how women use their hands and bodies to express ideas when they talk.

    DO use your hands to emphasize what you are saying, but don’t overdo it. Check out GG’s for the correct balance.
    DON’T make jerky or clumsy movements. Slowing down your gestures makes you look confident and in control. Keep your elbows in and practice slow, smooth movements.
    DON’T fidget. Avoid nervous movements like twirling your hair, shaking your leg, or peeling the labels off your beer bottles.

DON’T fidget nervously or twirl your hair    DO practice slow, smooth movements with elbows in

2. Facial expressions

The expressions you make say as much as the words that come out of your mouth. If you’re feeling nervous, it’s easy for this to be reflected on your face. On the other hand, pleasant facial expressions put people at ease and help you blend in and get the respect and acceptance you deserve.

    DON’T wear a stoic expression. What feels “neutral” to you may come across as grumpy to others.
    DO put on a pleasant face. Keep the corners of your mouth turned slightly up at all times.
    DO greet clerks, waiters, and people you meet with a smile – even if they’re strangers. Everybody loves a smile.

DON’T look stoic    DO smile!

3. Eye contact

Eye contact is a major way to gauge a person’s personality. People who don’t make eye contact appear insecure or as if they are hiding something. People who look you in the eye appear confident and sincere.

    DON’T avoid people’s eyes. You know that confidence is half the battle to passing – so look people in the eye and show them that you’re a confident women.
    DO make eye contact and hold it for a second or two. (But not too long unless you want people to think you are trying to seduce or intimidate them!)

So what do you think? What are YOUR secrets for feminine gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me your comments below!


Angel Bea

#Tranny: Mistakes that Make You Less #Ladylike #transgender #sissy

5 Mistakes that Make You Less Ladylike 


What do you think of when you hear the word “ladylike?”
Beauty, poise, and class? Or outdated ideas of femininity?
To me, being ladylike means being classy, gracious, and elegant. No matter what your idea of femininity might be, I’m sure we can agree that those are great traits to have.
So what should you do to present yourself as a lady? I think the best way to answer that is to talk about what NOT to do…
Here are 5 common mistakes that make you less ladylike:

Mistake #1: Showing too much skin


Being ladylike definitely doesn’t mean being a buttoned-up prude. However, good taste goes a long way when presenting yourself as a woman.
It can be tricky to know how much is too much, so here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Show off one part of your body and keep the rest covered. A little mystery is sexy, so show off your legs, breasts, or back – just not all at once.
  • Flaunt the right amount of cleavage. A good rule of thumb is to reveal 20%-40% of your bust. This gives you sex appeal, while keeping it classy.
  • Try the finger length test. To determine the proper skirt length, stand up straight and put your arms to your side. If your fingertips fall past the hem of your skirt, it’s too short.

Mistake #2: Not minding your manners


Good manners and etiquette are dying arts in today’s world. Saying “please” and “thank you” are simple ways to elevate your ladylike status.
The rules of etiquette can be a bit more confusing. Here are a couple great articles from the oh-so-ladylike Lauren Conrad on etiquette matters you might face on an outing:

Mistake #3: Being sloppy with your grooming


Grooming can make or break your feminine image. In fact, studies show that grooming has more of an impact on your attractiveness than the physical features you were born with.
Are your grooming habits up to par?

Mistake #4: Losing control


One of the most important qualities of a lady (and of any respectable human being) is self control – especially when you’re out in public.
In other words, no diva acts, angry outbursts, or public displays of drunkenness. It seems obvious, but if celebrity tabloids are any indication, it’s not.

Mistake #5: Poor posture or body language


Finally, don’t forget that your posture and body language communicate more about you than anything you say. Here are some major no-nos:
  • Slouching
  • Biting your nails or playing with your hair
  • Not making eye contact
  • Crossing your arms
Do you aspire to be ladylike?

So what do you think of the term “ladylike,” anyway? Do you find it outdated and offensive towards women? Or a feminine quality worth aspiring to?
As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!
Angel Bea

#Tranny #Feminine your Body Language-Part 1

Feminine Body Language Secrets Revealed

Hello, lovelies! This week’s hot topic is: BODY LANGUAGE. Body language counts for over 50% of what you are communicating, so this is a huge part of your feminine image.

Body language consists of:

    Facial expressions
    Eye contact

I’m going to talk about posture in Part 1 of my “Feminine Body Language Secrets” series.

Here are the 3 biggest differences between the way men and women hold their bodies:

1. Open vs. closed


The #1 posture rule you need to remember is that women take up less space than men. This might seem obvious, but I’m amazed at many girls forget to keep their legs together and their elbows in. (Genetic girls, too!)

Open body positions are associated with the display of power. Besides making you look more passive and feminine, a closed body position makes you appear physically smaller.

2. Straight vs. curved


Sexy women are all about the curves, including the way they hold their bodies.

Next time you’re standing in line somewhere, notice how many women put their weight onto one leg, thrusting their hip out. This creates an S-shaped curve in the body. Notice how men tend to stand with their weight evenly spread over both feet.

You can create this S-curve with your body when you are sitting, too. Either cross your legs or put your weight onto one hip.

3. Weight forward vs. weight neutral

Have you ever noticed how many men lean forward at the shoulders – particularly if they are trying to establish their dominance? Contrast this to women, who tend to keep their shoulders back and their weight neutral.

Keeping your weight evenly balanced can be tricky in heels, so you need to be especially careful not to lean forward when you are standing or walking. (You shouldn’t lean back either – so get out those stilettos and practice, practice, practice!)

I’ll discuss gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact in my next blog post. But in the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! What other subtle body language differences have you noticed between men and women?


Angel Bea

#Tranny Chasing

Tranny hunting: Bar manners

You've been chatting awhile. You like her. She seems fun - and interested in you. What next? Take it easy. A lot of guys get a little excited during their first round with an attractive trans-girl. One thing most are dying to do? Put their hands on our legs - and move up to that different panty fit. My suggestion? Keep your hands off - until it's clear she wouldn't mind them being there.

Many of us have nice, long, and smooth legs. For this reason, many guys who sit next to us bars get obsessed with touching them. All fine and dandy, but unless I touched we touched yours first? We don't exactly like it. I know you might get all hot and bothered with the "t-girl paradox" - but it can really get irritating. Your hand on her thigh might be a big thrill for you. However, unless she’s sincerely attracted to you? It doesn't do a thing for her.

In my old clubbing days as a part-time trans girl? I was groped, probed, and pawed more times than I care to remember. I got felt up, at least 20 times in a very crowded bar by both men and women - any Saturday night I was out. I got used to it. They might have gotten their cheap thrills, but nobody got past first base with such an approach.

I was always very fairly friendly in the club environment. In general, I liked people. Thus, somebody had to get completely out of line in order to piss me off. However, most gals, had a much shorter fuse. 

Get too forward? You will likely find yourself outside the confines of the bar in a hurry. Most clubs, that are accepting of trans-girls also look out for them to a degree. The girls are part of the show - the atmosphere. At every club I used to attend? They did a great job of not letting anyone cause trans-girls trouble. I had more than one person canned, because they didn't seem to understand "no" - really does means no.

I personally never went to such bars to try and connect with men or women. I went to have fun, enjoy my time as a woman and socialize with friends. My fun didn’t usually include leaving with strangers. Rarely did as a guy - certainly didn’t as a woman.

The bottom line?

Newcomers will very rarely leave with an attractive trans-girl their first time out, unless they’re paying for the pleasure. They must invest some time.

#Sraight men dating a #ladyboy?

Why would a straight men date a ladyboy?

My penis say “YES” but my brain say “NO”. To all men, ask yourself, have you ever across this situation? Most probably out of 10, 5 will answer  yes. Is ladyboy the new “IT” girl in town? When you date with ladyboy,are you gay or weird? The obvious answer is epic NO. Let me explain to you in the simplest words, why men who date transsexuals are not gay.

        1) Every man has their own appetite when it comes to sexuality and emotional. Many straight men are not as straight as they say they are. In contrast that doesn't mean they are gay or bisexual. Just because public LOVE to label people with straight, gay or bisexual doesn't mean everyone fits into those categories. There is no right or wrong neither there is no written agreement mention if you are male and you wearing pink obviously you will fit in to the gay category. It is all assumption. Everyone lives under assumption. In the transgender dating world those terms never match up to the reality.

         2) Just to let everyone know, transgenderism has nothing to do with any man or woman sexual orientation.

       3) Men will seek out ladyboys for dating and long term relationship because they feel that ladyboys are actually more feminine than genetic women. And this really explain why there is an issue that they debate it on live television mentioned about, Transgender women is a threat for biological born women. The facts is, that is right.MORE feminine!

         4) Transsexuals who were born in a male body, but have female brain chemistry that really attract those straight man. Usually it is not a common thing for anyone who wins someone heart with their personalities, the personalities that is come from the inside. You are about to have this relationship with that person soul and personalities. 

Your face, your body, your hair is all something that I label as extra credits. Lots of time I scream from the top of my lung when saw ugly girl that walk hand by hand with tall gorgeous man. I’m wondering why her? Why not me? I mean like, the effort that I put on heave make up on me, wearing something sexy doesn’t reach the standard of that ugly woman. Then I asked myself, does that man really love her for her face and body? That just stops my words inside my mind. However, it must be known that nobody should be judged brutally epic on their appearance as there are many complicated circumstances from the public.

Everyone has a right to date whoever they want to without any judgment from the public. While some men who date transsexuals may be bisexual, those men who are gay would not be in the slightest interested in dating someone who is NOT actually a man, but a transsexual who embodies everything that is beautiful in a woman.
Men should not approach transsexuals with the expectation that they will always have another penis in the relationship. Trans-sexuality is not a sexual fetish. That is not to say that being transgender is a "bad" thing or mental illness, it simply is a fact of life which has not yet been fully understand by most countries.

Those men who are not afraid to say they prefer to date transsexuals and do not worry about what the public will think about him really deserve my standing ovation. There is a quote by Regina Ibrahim, “Jantan yang sanggup pegang tangan transgender woman in public is what I call Macho Man”. This quote keep on playing inside my head and obviously I use that quote as my principle to search for THE ONE.

For public people, the real person is someone who is not afraid of their sexuality or gender. For them it is all about the ability to treat others around them with full respect. I would like to say to all the men: put away all your assumptions and stereotypes, and keep your mind open and liberal.

 Dating a transsexual woman does not make your either gay or bisexual, unless you OBVIOUSLY searching for someone with a penis between the legs. Once again a reminder to everyone, please be aware that the greatest sacrifice is made by those who are transgendered and have to struggle with all the mental and psychology abuse from the public. Human beings will always care of each other. Breath under the same air and smile under the same earth.