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#Transgender: Unleashing The #Woman Within. #Transsexual

Feminization Hypnosis 

Being a woman probably is one of the best things in the world. Many expert psychologists would tell you that every human being has a feminine side – and men are no exception. There are a lot of things that encompass a woman – sensitivity, felicity, kindness, and a whole lot more. And when it comes to the physical aspect, women have softer skin, better contours, and a high-pitched voice, among others. 

There are a lot of people who wanted to be in a woman’s shoes. In fact, the reality is that there are men who are more than willing to become women. Men who dress up in miniskirts and wear high-heeled shoes are a living proof of this. Some men are really enjoy it and love to put on some lipstick on and live under layers of make-up. There are a growing number of men who would go to the extremes of injecting female hormones and undergo several surgeries just to gain some level of femininity in them. 

But aside from hormonal injection and surgery, there is a breakthrough in the entire feminization process – feminization hypnosis. 

First, let us understand the process of feminization. Feminization corresponds to the method of undergoing a certain procedure of bringing out the feminine side of an individual. People who would benefit best from this process are the transgender, transvestite, and transsexual. Once the effects feminization shows, it can give them a more feminine outlook, not only in an emotional level, in one’s physical movements as well. 

When the process of feminization is incorporated with the techniques of hypnosis, one would be assured of a certain feeling of feminine empowerment within them. Hypnosis has been a recognized tool in improving, and even altering, the life of an individual for the better. Hence, if used in the process of feminization, it can effectively incorporate feminine characteristics into any person. 

During hypnosis, you enter an altered state of consciousness where you can effectively control that particular part of your mind you do not often use – the subconscious mind. A person under hypnosis is made to come in a state of utter comfort. And at that stage, the hypnotist can effortlessly guide the person in making certain changes in their lives. 

A case of feminization hypnosis can effectively dictate the subconscious mind into stimulating the feminine side of a person. Thus, with just a few sessions, you would see improvements on your movements, voice, and even in your emotional state. 

The technique of feminization hypnosis follows the idea that whatever your mind can conceive, your body can achieve. So if you want to unleash the woman inside you, feminization hypnosis might just be the key to your total femininity.

The Essential #Transgender Dating Tips, #sissy #transsexual

Whether you are transsexual, bisexual or bi-curious, finding that perfect date can be a daunting task, especially if you are stepping out for the first time. How should you dress? Where should you go? What should you say or not to say? One thing is for sure, remember to be yourself and be relaxed. Below are a series of gay dating tips aimed at helping you make that date a real success.

1. Location, location, location! Choosing a meeting place is extremely important. Agree to meet at a place that is neutral, not too far from your dwellings and be familiar with the area. You would want to also choose a place that is not too noisy or rowdy, more like a quiet bar where you can both communicate and be heard effectively.

2. Concentrate my dear! Dating can always be extremely tense and nerve racking, especially if you are the quiet or shy type. One point to remember is to listen carefully to what your date has to say, this will enable you to relate and connect more easily.

3. A little bit of give and take: Share the conversation, ask as many questions as you like, feel free to talk about yourself, but also be courteous and listen to what the other person has to say.

4. What was in the past is better left in the past: Do not dwell in the past and absolutely refrain from mentioning your past relationships and negative experiences. Remember, every first date is a new beginning and should be treated like one. So, feel confident and be optimistic, stick to the present and the future. Show your date that his time is now and that you have no left over baggage.

5. Radiate: Show your inner glow and be positive. There is nothing like a positive and optimistic person. It shows a good level of confidence, which is definitely attractive in many people’s eyes. Bury your negative thoughts and think positive.

6. To hump or not to hump? It has been proven time and time again that one night stands or “hi how are you, let’s have sex” encounters do not last the test of time or more than 24 hours for that matter. If that is what you are seeking, fine, but just play it SAFE, otherwise you may want to concentrate further on the conversation and leave sex for another time. This will show that you are genuinely interested in your date and wish to take matters further.

7. Easy come, easy go: There is no need to rush the situation. Take your time, give yourself and the other person time to breath and discover how you truly feel about each other. It is not advisable to become too serious too quickly at an early stage in the dating process. This might easily scare off the other person who may not feel ready for a relationship or commitment. 

8. Honesty shall set you free: There is no point in beating around the bush. Be true to yourself and your feelings towards this person. If you feel you are not getting the attention you deserve, let yourself be heard. If your interest is not reciprocated, direct your attention on somebody that will appreciated it. Like wise, if you grow dissatisfied or lose interest in the person, let it be known. 

9. R.E.S.P.E.C.T: One of the most important gay dating tips is to treat the other person with the same level of respect as you feel you deserve. There is no point in wasting time and playing games, return their phone calls and speak to them. If you are not interested, have the decency of letting the person know rather than taking them on a roller coaster ride of uncertainty.

Meeting someone new is never easy, let alone dating them. We hope these gay dating tips have given you a valuable insight into etiquettes involved with dating. We wish you the very best of luck and hope that you keep these gay dating tips in mind.

Transsexual, transwoman sissy: the need to pass in Public.

Guest: RR

Afraid you can’t pass in public?

Once you've been dressing or living as a woman for a long while, it's easy to forget there’s lots of wonderful people just starting to explore their female side. Such new girls usually don't yet know a pump from a mule when it comes to women's shoes. I didn't when I started.

The internet changed everything for all of us. If you can't learn enough on-line to at least look fairly femme? I'm afraid I'm going to ask you to turn in your panties. *Laugh* There's just too much good information and too many nice, helpful people for you 
not to at least achieve your basic female goal.

One problem? There's literally too much information. Thus, I tried to organize what I consider to be the very best sites and ideas on particular issues - with dressing for first timers and early stagers in mind.

I hope it helps you a little. 

getting organized

The first thing I'd suggest is set up a binder with tabs, (or files) for each of the information categories of interest to you - shopping, wigs, make up, etc. This will give you a place to keep good ideas for easy reference in the future.

One thing that helped me a great deal was printing web pages containing information I needed and storing them for later use. It's amazing how many little details you forget, when you actually start to try something new.

You'll find links throughout my home page to other sites with great ideas. I suggest you keep a set of bookmarks on sites related specifically to your female development. I still wish I could find some of the places I discovered early on, but failed to bookmark. 

think you could never look feminine?

Lots of new gals get slightly depressed when they begin their feminine journey. Why? Many feel they got to the party too late. They believe they're too old to start seriously pursuing this interest. Others look at photos of some knock-out-tranny and silently mutter - I could never look anything like her.

Guess what? You’re wrong! Almost every male on the planet can appear lovely as a woman with appropriate style & skills. When I first began dressing? My appearance would have frightened small children and most adults. Fortunately, I didn't put anybody through that misery...although my poor dog got plenty nervous with the results. *Grin*  

I regret having thrown away my earliest photo's, but trust me - I looked hideous! The pretty woman inside couldn't seem to find her way into the image staring back from my mirror.

The photos you see? They're not my worst. Rather, they were taken as a celebration for my having lost 15 pounds. Can you imagine what I looked liked with another couple of chins? *Smile*

At only 5'9, I tipped the scales at well over 200 pounds. My once athletic thighs turned flabby from years of shuffling papers. When it came to applying make-up? I didn't even know what foundation & blush were - let alone how to use them. 

I only knew one thing: I had a burning desire to express a female side of my persona.

Renee's adventure began slowly with the acquisition of select silky coverings from Victoria's Secret and other appealing lingerie . Before long, a wig was added to her arsenal. As time passed, additional accessories kept finding their way into her secret stash.  

My new persona would don these dainty items every month or so relishing their softness. I'd usually become sexually excited by this process. However, the further I went? The more I just felt contentment & joy.I shall always recall the first time I shaved that forest from her chest and midriff. What a mess! *Laugh* I had to use a powerful drain cleaner to unclog the pipes.

Guess what else happened? The drain cleaning mixture ate right through the PVC pipes...resulting in an expensive visit by a plumber. To add insult to injury? My chest broke out in a rash and itched for days.

What a blonde moment that was.

don't be blonde

If you had a chance to start your life over as a child...knowing what you know now - ever considered what you'd differently?  

If your like most of us, you'd probably focus on enjoying the process of growing up a bit more, wouldn't you?

Guess what? You're about to get that second chance.

You're starting on a lovely journey towards finding happiness with all of you. There's a myriad of pleasurable and divine sites along this way. Take the time to relish each phase of your development.

Let me clue you in on an important secret to transgender happiness. No matter how hard you try...and no matter how much you learn? You'll always find another t-girl prettier than yourself.

Know what else?

Who cares?

This is for your pleasure - 
not anyone else's. If you define yourself by others? You'll never be happy.

I can promise you this: beauty - comes from the inside not the exterior surface. Beauty is not something you's something you bring out. Many sisters get so caught up in trying to improve their appearance that they fail to enjoy the pleasure of becoming beautiful.

Enjoy this second childhood while it lasts. Make it a fun and healthy one - and you'll become a balanced and happy adult t-girl in the years ahead.

Try to hurry it, and you'll eventually have to deal with your childhood issues again - when things are a lot more complicated.

Sound familiar? It should.

Listen to 
your own advice...and have some fun!

Smiling often - is what life is really all about...

#Transsexual: Why Seek A Serious Relationship with a #transwoman?

As this website states an interest in promoting serious relationships between transoriented men and trans women, it is necessary that we attempt provide a reasonable argument in defense of long term relationships compared to living one’s life through a series of short term, primarily sexual encounters.

The first point is this; that sexual satisfaction is but the basest of human satisfactions and that from a relationship a great many other satisfactions can emerge. Feelings of appreciation, trust, sharing experiences to name a few, but most importantly, the forming of a deep intellectual and emotional connection.

When a member of a happy couple passes, the remaining partner does not cry for the lost sexual satisfaction, what connected them and made them happiest together was a connection far more substantial than the superficiality of sexual relations. I believe, that a life which offers at it’s most intimate moments, merely sexual joy, is a relatively empty world in terms of emotional satisfaction.

Point two; that a happy relationship is the cornerstone of a life’s experience, and that what helps to ensure that cornerstone, as a loving and satisfying one, is finding a partner that truly fits with the needs you want to satisfy. To live in denial of seeking what truly attracts you, and by not allowing such a relationship to be built with considerable effort, is to deny oneself the opportunity to live a life in a truly happy relationship.

Point three; I believe that for a man, the heart is drawn to where the eyes see beauty. If one isn’t in awe of their partner’s beauty, then the emotional connection is not likely to be strong. So one must follow their attraction, if they are to feel passionate love. This may appear to be superficial, but keep in mind that tastes vary considerably. A man doesn’t need to find the world’s most attractive person to be intensely attracted, they just need to find the type of person that reflects beautifully in their mind. It’s no secret that heterosexual men, while they might gasp at the beauty of girls in the magazines, can and often do go gaga over girls who by comparison, in the eyes of most, appear relatively plain. It’s that capacity to adore, that enables a man to progress in stages of relationship satisfaction, providing that couple finds compatibility and that they have the character required to build a strong and happy relationship.

Anyone who says love is easy is either a fool or a god. When love finds us, we better be prepared for a tough ride, but it’s the best ride in town.

#Transgender: 3 Words to Describe Yourself?

Want to know the #1 secret to creating an alluring feminine image?
No, it’s not spending a bunch of money on breast forms, makeup, and clothes…
The secret lies in deciding WHAT you want your image to communicate!
A great way to do this is to choose 3 words that describe your ideal femme self.
For example, is she:
  • Sassy, sexy, and unexpected?
  • Bold, brainy, and beautiful?
  • Mysterious, stylish, and elegant?
If people are misjudging you, it’s probably because there’s a disconnect between your inner self and your outer image.
Knowing who you are (or who you want to be) is the secret to creating an image that reflects the TRUE you. This reflection includes the way you look, act, and communicate.

For example, if your femme self is classy, intelligent, and sensuous, you’ll know to “just say no” to that crotch length miniskirt!
Why only 3 words?
Because it forces you to focus on the essence of your feminine image. Any more than that and the message gets diluted.
So which 3 words describe your femme self?
Please share them with us below!

#Transgender #Shemales #Trannies in the Clubs

Once a tranny has completed the transition from male to female, they work very hard to fool heterosexual men into believing they are the real mccoy. They distance themselves from their past lives to better assimilate into the heterosexual world. Even it it means deliberately avoiding other trannies and cutting themselves off from the gay community so their cover won’t be blown.

Over the past decade or so, these trannies have successfully infiltrated the heterosexual Atlanta nightclub scene.
Trust that most of the club photographers know who the trannies are in the clubs. It has become something of an inside joke to pair up known trannies with thugs and then post the pictures online — or email the pictures to me.
So in an effort to raise awareness about this ongoing deception — and to spare straight brothas the humiliation of staring at themselves online hugged up with a woman whose gonads hang as low as theirs.

 I am posting this Straight Male’s Guide To Recognizing Trannies in the Clubs.

1. Big Feet – The average American male’s shoes size is 10-12 in mens. In female shoe size that translates to size 12 or 13. Some stores don’t carry female shoes in those sizes, so some trannies get their heels custom made. So beware if the shawty you’re macking in the club has unusually large feet.

2. Adam’s apple — I would have placed the adam’s apple at the top of this list, but for the fact that some trannies have had the surgery to trim theirs down to the point where it’s virtually undetectable. Still, the adam’s apple remains the litmus test for trannies.

3. No hips – The average female’s pelvis is wider than a male’s. Nature made this possible so that babies could pass through the birth canal without getting stuck. Therefore, the average male’s pelvis is narrower which gives males a more pronounced straight up and down shape.
4. Wide shoulders — Even the most feminine tranny has shoulders that are set wider apart than a female’s. That is because the average male has larger heart and lungs than females. So if you meet a female in the club whose shoulders are as wide as yours, scroll back up to #1.
5. Too much makeup — This one is a no-brainer (no pun intended).

6. Prominent brow — The average male’s brow is thicker and more prominent than a female’s. The ridge area between the eyebrows (above the nose) should be flat if she’s a natural born female. If the female you’re crushing on in the club has even a slightly raised brow, scroll back up to #1.
7. Long Ring Finger on right hand — On an average female, the right ring finger is shorter than/or the same length as the right index finger (second finger).
8. Flat chest/Implants — Trannies are either flat chested (small breasts) or they have breast implants. The ones with implants are rare because implants are not covered by insurance and the procedure can be expensive. If you’re not sure, ask her to show you her breasts. Most females in a club will comply with your request because no female wants to be confused for a tranny.

9. Longer Canine Teeth — I made this one #9 because most trannies have already been to the dentist to have their canine teeth shaved down. But on average, most males have longer canine teeth than females.
10. Limited Eye contact — When holding conversations, men tend to look away more rather than make eye contact.

#Transsexual, #Transgender: Women in love Transgendered Man

Women who first fell in love with a Men who was actually transgender

I love him - thus I accept her

There’s a large number of transsexual women still married or in a committed union with a woman they first knew and loved “as a man” - who in turn stayed with them during transition and beyond.
For many of these women? There’s actually
no attraction to a lesbian union. In fact? That’s the most challenging initial aspect of staying in the union. However, most discover lots of additional obstacles after their man starts changing in earnest: inappropriate fashion, hormonal outbursts, the desire to flex her female sexuality - it’s a very long journey.

However, those couples I know that survived it and stayed together? They’re the most sound marriages I’ve
ever witnessed: trans or otherwise!

#Gay: Want to Date a #Transgender? #Transsexual

What if you think the girl you’re dating might be transgender?

It’s a brave new world: gay marriage is legal and transgender women are everywhere. This latter circumstance creates new issues for some straight guys. What do you do - if you suspect a girl you recently met and started dating might be transgender?
This occurs quite often. Commonly? It begins from social interaction at a popular tavern - since most full-time transsexual women rarely frequent gay bars.You probably already encountered lots of transsexual women

In order to survive and succeed in their new life, transgender women work tirelessly to become near flawless in their feminine presentation. Some transgender women face huge obstacles in this regard: they start out extra tall or with noticeably oversized male features. In those examples? Strangers usually quickly surmise she used to be a man. However, for trans-women without suchinitial handicaps? You would never know without further or constant scrutiny. Thus, most people don’t realize how often they already encountered transsexual women - particularly in larger metropolitan cities. 

What makes you think she might be transgender?

What causes a guy to think his new object of desire
might be trans? There’s only one tell-tale feature: an Adam’s Apple - but transgender women can get this surgically crushed and removed. There’s often noticeable differences: larger hands, larger feet, a deeper voice, more masculine mannerisms, etc. Such variations don’t necessarily mean she’s transgender - more than one of my lady friends was wrongly accused of just that because of her more masculine platform.She’ll most likely “just walk away”

Meeting a TS woman

If a TS woman met and likedyou at crowded nightclub? She was probably immediately looking for signs you already realized she was transsexual. However, it’s unlikely she’ll disclose this in a bar for fear you might outher to other patrons in a derogatory manner.

Most often?

If you met and chatted with a transsexual at a bar and she 
wasn’t confident you “knew”? She’d rarely provide you further contact information because she just doesn’t want the potential hassle. She’ll usually just “walk away”. However, sometimes? If the connection you shared seemed extraordinary? She might take that chance.

Even more commonly?

You saw and talked with her 
before during a previous visit to this new favorite watering hole. When you saw her again? You did your best to further develop the budding relationship: perhaps offering lunch or dinner. Most transgender women will try to tell you before a solo date or shortly thereafter. However, some post-operative transsexual women who lived in their preferred gender for decades rarely feel the need to disclose that information quickly.How do you get her to open up?

Offering her ideal windows during a first phone conversation makes it easier. “Tell me more about yourself…where are you from originally - what was your childhood like? 
Don’t say things like: “Is there something you need to tell me?” She’s a mature adult who endured a mind-bogglingly difficult journey. You’re not the first guy whom she had to share this - please give her a chance to do it herway.Don’t call her “he”

If she discloses that she’s transgender and it’s not something your comfortable with in your dating life? Whatever you do - 
please don’t subsequently refer to her as he - when you encounter her again. The transgender equivalent of the N-word is the “mean he” - where somebody uses this masculine pronoun as a weapon to publicly out or demean a transgender person.

It’s one of the cruelest things you can say: thus, 
please don’t!
What’s a gay dude that looks like a chick doing in here hitting on us straight guys?
Some guys who unwittingly connect with a transsexual woman - however briefly - are offended. In their eyes? She’s somehow trying to trick them. Alas, usually all she did was show up at a fun social atmosphere in the same look and gender she’s lived and worked for ten years and simply returned a friendly comment with a commensurate polite gesture. She’s not there to pull anything over on anybody: she’s just living her life.

Some uninformed people view transsexual women as the “the gayest form - of gay male.” Nothing could be 
further from the truth. Transsexuality occurs from an issue with one’s gender identity - it’s got nothing to do with sexual orientation or homosexuality. In fact, most transsexual women were and continue to only be attracted to women. Also, gay men are never attracted to transgender women regardless of what she has “down below”.

the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation? Simply stated:Sexual orientation is about who you want to go to bed with,Gender identity is about who you want to go to bedas.

Thus, once she’s transitioned: 
and if she likes men? She’s considered “straight” - in trans-world. If he prefers women? She’s now lesbian: duh!

Please don’t make a scene!
If you’re absolutely convinced - perhaps after a good friend told you she’s trans - and you’re troubled by this information? Don’t expect her to be honest in a bar filled with drunk patrons.

Why not just move on to another lady? There’s nothing gained by confronting her with negative commentary. Thankfully, most guys are naturally classy enough 
not to do that. However, some men just can’t hold their tongues against any perceived slight.

Following is an actual letter from an insurance adjustor living in Marietta, GA named “Paul”. Would you guess from this personal introduction that he would subsequently 
say mean-spirited things?Paul’s MySpace Personal Profile Summary

I'm a responsible homeowner with a good job and lots of good friends. I play drums and sing in a couple bands. I'm divorced as of about 4 years now. I kept the house and my dogs. My life is about as good right now as it's ever been. I’m a musician at heart, but have a day job to pay the bills. I love my dogs, golf, playing drums and singing in my band(s), biking, water activities, and just hanging out and doing nothing but chatting over some wine and snacks, or sitting on the porch watching the birds and the squirrels quarreling. I'm honest, up-front, sweet and trustworthy.

Paul sounds like a really nice guy, no?

Following…is “Paul’s” letter to me...
after I accepted his friendship request on Facebook

Sorry, I had to delete you from my friends list. I know I know... I sent you the friend request...I’m an idiot.

You got me , I’ll admit it.. you got me.. I have to give you credit. You're quite convincing...

I guess I should read through people's profiles before clicking on "add friend" instead of just clicking at every pretty face I see, just because they look good in their photo. Not that I have a real issue with homosexuality, transsexuals, sex with animals, necrophilia’s, etc... other than it all kind of gives me the heeby jeebies...... Hell the way I see it, as long as it doesn't directly effect my life in some adverse way... more power to you.. pursue your life in whichever direction that brings you happiness..... but... you knew there was a but...I’m actually on here trying to meet straight women, and if they are browsing through my friends and they look at your profile and see that you're really a gay guy that actually was so gay that he wanted to literally become a female, so he grew boobs, long hair and shaved his legs, and possibly had his penis surgically turned inward to somewhat resemble a vagina, ...I'm pretty sure they will run as fast as they can in the opposite direction. Hell I can put on a little make up and a wig, and people could mistake me for a woman too. That's not a real big trick. I want to see you actually give birth....then I'll be impressed.......

Sorry for that dig, but it's easier to tease you , since you're really a guy after all.

Too bad there's no surgery or drug to make your feet

Good luck and congratulations on having the balls to go through with it to the end!!!!

No pun intended.

That was fun, no? 
Knowing that seemingly “normal” guys like “Paul” consider it acceptable to say things likethat after simply discovering I’m transsexual? Do you think I’m not cautious with straight guys in bars? Every full-time transsexual woman has a bigot like “Paul” amongst her past encounters. Sadly? Such guys are everywhere.

Curious but Don’t want to date a #transsexual #transgender

What if you don’t want to date a transsexual  
With the proliferation of transsexual pornography,a lot of guys are at least curious about exploring a sexual encounter with an attractive transgender woman. Believe me: she knows this from her lifelong experiences. However, those same journey’s also taught her that few straight guys will develop a meaningful relationship that includes association with his friends and family with a TS woman unlesshe has more than just sexual fascination. Thus, few transsexual women will go further - unless they think you’re hotter than melted butter.

Be sure - before you kick her to the curb
Some straight guys discover a transsexual girlfriend is far better than expected.

There’s more than one straight guy that now regrets letting go of his relationship with a transsexual female. “She was the most fun and amazing woman I ever dated. However, at that time - I wigged out over what my friends would think. I broke it off but after returning to dating typical women realized I
missed her. Tried reestablishing our relationship but she already found someone else. Thus, I tried looking on some trans-dating sites and soon realized how rare a girl like ‘Mary’ was. I never had that sort of chemistry with another woman in my life.” 

Realize: very passable and beautiful transsexual women that also prefer men? They’re rare - since most transsexuals fancy women.

If you subsequently change your mind? You probably won’t find another like her!

My husband watches #shemale porn: Is he #gay?

Concerned after having discovered your man is watching shemale porn? Don’t feel bad: lots of women face the same circumstance and anxiety.

The good news?

not gay. Shemale porn is exclusively a turn-on for straight males - gay men neverwatch or get aroused by such imagery - it’s not their thing.Why does he watch it? What does it mean?

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers.

Read on... 

He’s Not Alone!

First off? He’s not alone. Erotic imagery of transsexuals is the hottest category in all of adult entertainment. According to a recent article by Seth Rosen of The Examiner: “Nearly 190 million heterosexual men are attracted to transsexual women and actively seek romantic contact with or sexually explicit images of them annually.

According to the latest Internet statistics, interest in ‘transsexual’ topics has risen more than 5,000 percent in the past five years, and interest in ‘transsexual dating’ has surged more than 400 percent. In the past 90 days alone, combined traffic from the top 10 adult sites and top 10 dating sites catering exclusively to trans-loving males has risen 350 percent. While some crossover invariably exists, heterosexual male visitors to these 20 websites now top 188 million annually. And this figure doesn’t include traffic counts from the additional 300+ transsexual sites already in existence.”

Okay, I agree: just because 189,999,999otherstraight men are watching the stuff? Doesn’t make it right for your man to do it.

What turns him 
on about shemale porn?

What a straight guy actually see’s - when he watches shemale porn

When a heterosexual male watches shemale porn, what he actually see’s - is a beautiful woman - a lovely face, all the curves, long, beautiful hair -with a penis that’s somehow been “attached”. Hedoesn’t see a transsexual: a person born male who struggled with gender identity and worked tirelessly to correct nature’s mistake.

Again: he 
sees a woman - with an attached penis. In fact, his related fantasy could very well be youin those same pornographic images with that penis attached.

Weird, huh?

Alas, what’s
 not bizarre about men’s sexual fantasies? 

Straight men don’t hate penises: they love their own

How could he find 
a penis sexually appealing?Stop and think about it: doesn’t he seem to adore his own? Heterosexual men don’t hate penises. In fact, according to the new book: A Billion Wicked Thoughts, by neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam - which analyzed more than a billion web searches - straight men are as aroused by penises as homosexuals.Here’s the deal…

Straight men 
love a woman’s curves, her soft skin, her hair, her breasts, her melodic voice, and her lips - all uniquely female. They findnothing sexually appealing about a man’s body, chest hair and a deep voice - those are gay men’s turn-ons.

But a penis?

That’s a different story. Orgas said: “Heterosexual men searched for penises almost as often as they search for vaginas and out of the top 35,000 most popular adult sites, roughly 1000 were devoted to large penises. Heterosexual men are very interested in looking at penises, especially large penises."

Who knew?

Guess what? There’s another group of women more concerned about shemale porn than you!

Think shemale porn causes 
you issues? No offense, but it has a far more negative impact onreal transsexual women. Try and imagine if every guy you ever met only knew about women from watching pornography and from that? He surmised what women felt, wanted and liked.That - is exactly what transsexual women now face when we date men. What they want, need and expect is derived from fantasies created through shemale erotica. As you might expect, there’s a monumental disconnect between real transsexual women vs. the characters created for pornography.

Wait: isn’t a shemale actually a transsexual woman?

Sort of - but there’s a big difference. The term “shemale” was invented by the porn industry to help market erotic imagery of pre-operative transsexual women. However, the lifestyles and sexual interests represented in these movies are often polar to a real transsexual’s leanings.

Are the intimate desires of straight women featured in pornographic movies just like your own sexual habits and desires?

Of course not.

Your husband’s not gay


Your man’s 
not gay and the world isn’t ending - anytime soon.

You now understand attraction to shemale erotica is a straight guy phenomenon. You realize gay men 
don’t watch shemale porn and they’re not remotely attracted to transsexual women. You even realize straight guys like penises.

What now?

One Last “Secret” Lesson

one final secret lesson to share. You may already know this but, if not? You can take this to the bank.
You get this secret insight from a person whosenow a woman - but used to be a straight male.That guy on the left side of my combined photo?He - was once me!

Thus, I know almost everything a straight guy thinks and desires but I
 also know what its like to be the woman with that same guy. Yeah, I know - sounds weird: you should try having lived my path.

The Big Secret: All straight men are sexual perverts


Sorry if this statement comes as a surprise or disappointment. However, every straight guy has some sort of sexual perversion that does it for him. Learning this? It’s what most newly minted transsexual women just finishing transition find most challenging when they start dating men.

All women - transsexual or otherwise - have a hard time letting go of the fantasy - there’s sexy, good guys out there 
without such twists. Alas, there’s lots of good guys - but all have some sort of sexual kink. If you think a particular guy you know doesn’t have such a bent? You just don’t know him well enough! Remember…I was once in those private locker rooms and shower stalls: Iknow what straight guys secretly think!

It simply goes with the turf of 
that much testosterone being crammed into one human body.

Now what?

Now would be an excellent time to better understand and enjoy your man’s sexuality.

Straight men struggle being open regarding secret desires and fantasies. They could be the straightest and most masculine guy on the planet - 
but if they share a secret fantasy that wasn’tmasculine? Women often chastise them. Guys learn this at a very early age: like during second or third grade! Thus, first off? Open your mind: don’t become threatened by a fantasy.

Based upon my own personal sexual experiences? I noticed that men who enjoy tranny porn often harbor one of three hidden desires, including…

His Three Possible Secret Fantasies

The desire to be penetrated - a lot of straight guys desire to be penetrated anally by the woman they adore: it’s an extremely common desire. If you’re not aware? The entrance to the anus has the exact number of nerve endings as the tip of a penis or clitoris. Carefully explored? It can be a source for lots of sexual satisfaction. 

Crossdressing - Lots of men secretly harbor a dream of “dressing as a woman”. That does’tmean they want to become women or leave the house as such, it means they’re turned on by women so much they need to connect even further. Lots of men turned on by transsexuals? They’re excited - because they secretly dream oflooking like them. 

BDSM - Almost everyone’s now read 50 shades of Gray. The eroticism associated with giving up control is intensely sexual. Some guys aroused by shemale porn harbor a strong fetish for BDSM. Explored safely and sanely? It can be lots of fun! 

If your own man’s secret leaning isn’t on this list?
It’s something - you would do better if he opens up and shares.

Good Luck!

Hope this information helped you understand some of the realities behind transsexuality. For those of us stuck 
living with this affliction? A more informed public is our best friend.

Also, hope it helps you and your man find an even closer love connection.