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Weight Loss: Exercise and Diet: Transsexual, Transgender, transwoman, and tgirl

I started crossdressing and going out as a girl when I was in college in 1982. However, in the mid 1990’s? I pretty much gave up on my dream of ever going further, quit actively cross dressing and gained a lot of weight.

Could there ever be a more dramatic change of appearance than the “before and after” picture I just included? That change took years of hard work to produce. The first big project? Losing lots of weight and building a tighter body much more suitable to a girl platform.

No feminization surgery will have a bigger impact on creating a more feminine presentation than losing weight and tightening your body from exercise. It tightens you jaw line, neck and creates the ideal basis for more improvements.

I included detailed tips in this regard in my exercise and diet tips but I suspect you’ll find better information from your own experiences, a personal trainer or on the web. It takes months - even years of dedicated effort to lose weight in a healthy manner and create a feminine platform of your dreams. I did that - thus, I know you can, as well. 
Exercise and a healthy diet is crucial to looking decent as a transsexual woman. Also, you’ll tend to need this skill more than once in your transition journey.

Most of us get lazier about it after we go full-time. A couple of years after completing GRS or an orchie? Your metabolism slows down substantially once all the testosterone is gone. It’s the you truly appreciate how much harder women have it than men when it comes to weight control.

Ever noticed how some trans-women get heavier after final surgery? Yep - happens to lots of us. Very similar to young girls first going to college: the ‘ole freshman 10 and sophomore spread!

Only way to beat it? Get back to exercise and proper diet. Thus, learning and perfecting this skill is 
crucial to your female journey. 

Lots of post-operative transsexual women gain 10, 20 30…or more pounds a few years after final surgery. I packed on 20 lb. before I went back at exercise and diet to cut it back to ten extra.


I was actually excited when for the first time in my life my ass was too big for a skirt that I fit into the season before. My born-woman female roommate laughed - saying I was the first girl she knew that was pleased her ass got fatter. No part of transition 
creates a female ass or hips - but you will eventually store more fat there a few years post-operative - and that’s special! 

If you ever watched an episode of Extreme Makeover - where people dramatically improved their appearance through a myriad of body and styling changes, you couldn’t help but take note that the most compelling changes occurred not from surgeries but from weight loss and improved fitness.

Lots of transsexual women lose touch with this crucial aspect of their femininity following transition. Once post-operative for several years following an orchiectomy or vaginaoplasty, many transsexual women gain a lot of weight by not maintaining a fitness regimen and improving their diet to offset the lack of testosterone in their systems. Additionally, lots of us face issues with depression during or after transition since this process rarely goes as well as planned - resulting in more sedimentary habits.

Regular Exercise Will Change Your Life

Love, Angel Bea

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