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#Transgender #sissy #transsexual: Telling a guy "I love you!"

I've been spending a lot of time doing this and not much time on the computer!
I'm still here! I thought maybe one or two people might be wondering! It's just that in the summertime I do not spend a lot of time in the house on the computer. I like to lay out by my pool or on a float like above and there is also endless time spent gardening, watering flowers, and taking care of the yard and house. Not to mention that I also like to go summer festivals when I can. Thus I am not in the house much unless it storms!

Anyway, something popped into my head -- as usual -- and I was thinking, I never really told a guy "I love you." I wanted to several times, but I never did.
Now, in junior and senior high school and in college I would tell guys "I really love your cock" or "I really love sucking your cock." If it was a guy I spent a little more time with, I would say "I really love being with you." But never just "I love you." You probably know what I mean when I say that there is a difference.

I'm not really sure why that is. I loved being with those guys, but I think there was that taboo-ness of being in the gay lifestyle when I was a teen that scared me. Maybe I did not know how gay I was because I was also friends with girls and very confused about it all. There was a time when I wanted to be with girls, but I wanted to be a girl. Then I wanted to be with guys and be their girl. You know how that worked if you are reading this!

 And boys, even sissies, did not go around telling guys "I love you" unless you really knew what the response was going to be. You could get beat up over something like that!
There was this one boy though that I knew all through school. And I have mentioned him in a post probably long ago. I met him in 7th grade when we were around 13. That's about the same time I really realized how much I wanted to be a girl and how attracted I was to boys. And also how I was infatuated by adult men as well!

But I developed the biggest crush on this boy. When I would see him at school I would just melt. Just like a silly schoolgirl. And we also ended up in many of the same classes for the six years of junior and senior high school because we were both in the college prep course.
That would include our phys ed classes, so for those six years I would get to see him naked in the shower and locker room at school. He was just so athletic and beautiful! I just wanted to eat him up!
I dreamed of being with my teen crush like this so
I could tell him "I love you!"

I would dream of us together naked in bed, holding and caressing and kissing him, me sucking his beautiful cock until I gave him great pleasure, and then just cuddling naked with him again and kissing him and caressing him all night long. And I would be telling him "I love you" over and over and over! I had that dream so many times! Oh, and imagine how I felt when I would see him in school the very next day!
He played sports and so I would sit with the girls and the other sissies in the cheering section and watch him play. I was always so envious when I saw him talking to a cheerleader or some other real girl. I mean, I wanted to be his girlfriend! So I hated it when he was with other girls!

 I don't know if you ever went through something like that, but it was hard. We were actually very good friends, but it was limited at school. He was always very nice to me, which somehow made things harder. There was that line that would never be crossed and I was too scared to even try.

So, like the other sissies, I would give guys blowjobs and I really "loved" them and doing that for them, but even with my teen crush I never once told a guy that "I love you."
OK, what about you? Do you have a story to tell like this?

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