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Loving Transsexuality as a Transsexual

    Loving My Transsexuality 
Never having to follow the man code ever again…being able to show non sexual affection to a friend without being seen as gay. The huge amount of hugs. Being able to speak with others on an emotional level. The cloths , cloths , cloths , cloths…did I happen to mention cloths…lol..Being able to finally express myself any way I desire. No longer having to worry about how i walk, talk , move , body language..finally its who I am.

The female libido. I absolutely HATED having a male libido. I’m so happy with how it is for me now, I haven’t lost interest in sexuality, but it’s a much different experience. There’s so much more adventure and imagination to it now. I wish I could get my hands on some good romance novels, because I think I could really appreciate them. My sister had a bunch when I was younger, and I actually thumbed through one that I wish I could find now, but I don’t remember the author or title.

If being a male I could wear cute pjs after shower, use fresh soap and aromatic candles, sleep with plushies, tackle hug my friends without them feel weirded, solve problems with a smile, sing with my voice which I love without freaking people, wear my hair long and style it as I want, like everything I like from my chococat cushions to cooking for my brother or chatting casually with my boyfriend, express emotions, be happy when I want to be happy, cry when I feel sad, let out a squee when something supercute appears… if I could look like me and not like a hairy bear, and wouldn’t have to play those ‘one more than you’ games guys usually play… maybe I wouldn’t have a problem being a male. But I think the person I just described would be what we normally call female.

The thing I think about most is being able to have friends that I can relate to.

I think the two thing I like most is being able to get all dolled up with the nails done, and get a beautiful dress and nice heels and hopefully one day to become that girl that walks into a room and people stop what they re doing just to look at you, I don't know if that superficial but I think that be special. Second is the friend ships that girls have with each other, unlike the kind that guys have where they call each other names and make fun of eachother for entertainment.

For me its expressing yourself however you want and the clothes soo much cuter and more comfortable.

I love being told by a man that I’m pretty.  And although its only been once so far, I love the feeling I got (all the way down to my toes) when a man kissed me.

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