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Ever get caught with your nipples showing? Transgender

By: Plastic TS

My nipples were showing like
this young lady's!
I ended up having to do some painting around the house and found that I needed some supplies to do the job and clean up, etc. Normally I will go to a real hardware store because, even though I am not very good at such "manly" things, the fellas there can usually give me enough free advice that I can get a job done.

But I had to go into Wal-Mart today for some other things and thought I would see if they had some of the items I needed. I'm over in the paint section and this pretty blond store employee asks me if she can help me find something. This young lady -- looked to be a college student -- was gorgeous and she had a really really really really really nice ass!

I told her what I was looking for and we're finding the items. The entire time I noticed that she was looking at my chest. I was wearing a tank top and short shorts. (I figure that's why she probably thought I needed help in the first place, because I looked pretty helpless!) And she had such a nice ass!

 One moment when she turned away, I noticed that my nipples were showing big time! I do have boobies, but my nipples were protruding like pencil erasers! I don't know what happened. I guess since I do not really get hard down below anymore, I was showing arousal for this young lady by getting hard up above! Did I mention what a really nice ass she had!
She turned back around and while she talked to me she kept looking at my boobies. She was so sweet -- Mmmm, I wish I could  have played with her beautiful bummy -- but it was so obvious that she was eyeing me up!

 I was not embarrassed or anything. I just thought it was funny seeing her looking at me continuously! Have you ever had such a moment where maybe your nipples showed or something else like that?

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