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Cheering for cheerleaders!

I have always wanted to be a cheerleader! Starting when I was about 12 going to my senior high schools games. I thought those those senior high girls, who would have been 16 to 18 years, were just so gorgeous and they looked so mature compared to me and the girls in my grade!

I envied them so much! Their short skirts and pretty sweaters with the school logo. The way everyone was watching them and the attention they got, especially from the cute boys. I would always go to the games and sit in front of the cheerleaders, watching their every move and not really much of the football game. I was not really into football, as you probably know. I will watch games today, my home teams anyway, but more like a female would be watching.

Besides the cheerleaders my high school had a nationally-renowned dance team. And these girls were even hotter than the cheerleaders. Most of them were leggy girls and the highlight of their routine was when they joined arms and kicked like the Rockettes.

When I made it to the senior high school, many of these cheerleaders and dancers were my friends, some very close friends. Of course, they would not date me because I was a sissy but they did spend a lot of time with me as I am sure I have written about before and I really valued that.

But I envied girls like this so much. It was depressing to be missing out on being like that. Or just being a pretty girl in general, of course.

Anyway, I found these photos of these very cute ladyboy cheerleaders that I just really enjoy! Wouldn't you just love to be them!

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