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#Transgender: Shaving your girlie spot! #transsexual #tgirl

Shaving your girlie spot!

I worked on my girlie V too!
This was me today in the picture at right! Well, I wish I was more like that anyway!

When I tuck, this is what you see!
I shave everything from the neck down except for my little V-shaped girlie patch of pubic hair above my sissy clitty! Do you like to do the same? Sometimes I will take it all off! The feeling of doing that after you have not done it for a while is so girlie! But most of the time I let it grow out to a girlie V!

If you do the same thing as I do, you know what I mean! I don't find shaving to be a chore because it is just one of the things to be more girlie. Like buying panties and other clothes. Like putting on makeup.  It's just something that you do because real girls do it too!

But being tiny and limp like many of us are -- having what we like to call affectionately a "sissy clitty" -- it is quite natural to shave like a girl because we are so much closer to being girls than to being men. Don't you agree? I mean if I let my body hair grow out it would be so out of character for me.

It would not match my inner self. It is just not going to happen. My inner self tells me that I have to present myself as girlie even though I will never be one of the lucky ones who may have their gender reassignment surgery.

But getting back on topic, shaving my body like a girl and shaving my sissy pubie area like a girl is something that at least makes me a little more like a girl and I take great delight in it. What about you?

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