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Homosexual #transgender? #Transsexual description of a #sissy

This really interesting post caught my eye today because it really sounds like me and I am sure most of us sissy T-girls:
Transsexual description sounds just like me

From transsexual author Kay Brown: her description of a “homosexual transsexual”:
“The prototypical feminine androphilic (“homosexual”) transsexual was called a “sissy” by her peers growing up.  She avoided rough & tumble activities.  Her primary social circle consisted of one or two girls.  She actively participated in girls games and imaginary play.  Her parents were embarrassed by her femininity, and may or may not have sought professional help in trying to discourage her behavior.  
As a young teen, she became interested in girls fashion and make-up, often exploring how she might look as a girl by dressing up and experimenting with make-up.  This did not, of course, involve erotic cross-dressing.

This sissy is just how I was
as a teen! But hey, according
to transsexual author
Kay Brown, we were
great baby sitters!

She had  crushes on boys at school.  Her peers thought she might be homosexual.  She was hassled, perhaps even bullied, by homophobic boys, but otherwise was reasonably popular in her chosen circle.  She was considered very neat and well dressed in boy’s clothes.  She sought out opportunities to interact with small children and infants, taking on babysitting jobs.  
As she approached adulthood, looking at her own nature, her potential future, both romantic and economic, made a rational decision to transition to living as a girl so as to grow up to be a woman socially.  Her family may or may not have disowned her in late adolescence.  As she is naturally feminine and passes quite well, she found that she was socially and romantically more successful as a woman.  She actively dated men while pre-op, but assiduously avoided direct contact with her penis, finding that emotionally uncomfortable.  

Being young and lacking capital, she lived several years as a woman, taking feminizing hormones, before having SRS to improve her sex life, replacing genitalia that she didn’t use with those that she did.  She may or may not have found a husband and adopted children.”

The beginning of this statement was especially true with me! I was called a sissy by my peers. I avoided rough and tumble activities in favor of feminine activities. My father did not like that I was a sissy, but my mother loved me the way I was.
With two older sisters, I became interested in girls fashion and makeup and of course I dressed up in my mother's things and those of my one sister.

 I had crushes on boys at school. My peers bullied me for probably being gay. But I was popular among the girls, other sissies, other races and nationalities, just about any other group that was not the white boys.

And as far as baby sitting, I had to laugh because that definitely was me! I was drawn to infants and children because I became very maternal and neighborhood people sought me out to be their baby sitter. I got just as many babysitting jobs as the neighborhood girls did!

I must look her up to read more of her stuff!
How do you compare with what she wrote?


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