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A wonderful sissy Tgirl worthy of Envy!

A sissy T-girl worthy of our envy!
I found this photo of this awesomely pretty sissy and I had some thoughts about it.

My sister had dresses like this and I would borrow them and dress up in my bedroom. Also, I would take them to my sissy friend's house when we "played house." I supplied my sister's short dresses and my sissy friend supplied her mother's lingerie for our sissy playtime!

You know, I was dressed like this one time when my mother opened the door to bring my clean laundry to my room and she saw me! I don't think my bedroom door had a lock on it because you'd think I would have locked the door. But I cannot remember for sure.

But my mother did not say anything to me about seeing me dressed in my sister's dress. Oh, I had been shaving my legs as well! Of course, she knew what a sissy I was so it was certainly no shock to her. I always loved my mother so much for accepting my sissyness and not making any fuss about it!

As a younger teen, I did not have long hair like the sissy girl in the photo, nor access to a wig. This pretty girl must certainly be going out in public like this! And I really envy her for that! 

One regret that the great majority of us have is that we could not or cannot live our lives as the sissy T-girls that we are. There are all sorts of reasons that we have to lead secret lives. I would have given anything to be able to dress like the sissy girl in the photo and just go about living my everyday life like that!

I never understood why it is pretty much OK for girls to be tomboys. Look at all the girls playing sports nowadays. Some of them are tough-looking gals! But it was never OK for boys to be sissies and be feminine-looking! That always really sucked!

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